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Random Time! - Man dressed as Mega Man tries to power up by...shocking his nipples

This is now the best thing I have ever posted on GN and forever will be.

Direct link here (thanks Brian!)

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No Avatar
24 Oct 2013 19:43

Wait, when he puts them on at first he says "It feels nice." O_o;
User avatar
24 Oct 2013 19:50

And i laugh at the person who warned a guy for talking about a game "tingling his nippl**"
User avatar
24 Oct 2013 21:10

I will never say that anyone's opinion is wrong, because that's our right as people...

...but THIS is the reason the internet was invented, and any thoughts otherwise are plain wrong.

This has made my day beyond my wildest expectations!
No Avatar
24 Oct 2013 22:57

So.............. did he power up?
No Avatar
26 Oct 2013 12:21


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