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RUMOR - Leaked promo documents reveal LEGO The Hobbit for Wii U, 3DS

Looks pretty legit to me and certainly wouldn't be very surprising. No official word from Warner Bros. or TT Games at this time.


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22 Nov 2013 14:27

About as surprising news as a new COD, Assassins Creed or Madden scheduled for next year.
Anyway, Lego games while not revolutionary by any means, are always good co-op fun so no complaints there.
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22 Nov 2013 15:18

Please be true, please be true!!!

I had an absolute blast with LEGO LOTR, the best Lego game imo, so I absolutely want this on my U!

It would be even better if they could re-release Lego LOTR for the U. It was really weird that they didn't do it when it was first released, the timing would have been perfect. They probably didn't want to cannibalize Undercover sales.

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