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YouTube app now available for 3DS

Finally, something we've been promised for awhile now has become available! You can now grab the YouTube app for 3DS via the 3DS eShop. If you're wondering, the app takes up 113 blocks of space.


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29 Nov 2013 13:32

Not in US yet it appears.
User avatar
29 Nov 2013 13:36

Actually, it's not. At least not in North America.

Seems to only be some Euroopean places.

Someone in that topic says it's been on the NA one for a while, but that's bs.

Looks like they're using Europe as a test, because it sounds like it runs like crap.

What gets me is everyone whining that it's not 3D.

I'm just glad to have a portable Youtube. Not everyone has/wants a tablet or to pay monthly for access to stuff like that on a SmartPhone.
No Avatar
29 Nov 2013 16:48

Yeah its out in Europe's e-shop, and its terrible, I logged in and it doesn't want to show my subscriptions, loading in genreal takes ages, even in HQ video quality is crappy(pixelated and sometimes shutters), menus are slow, and you cant upload videos, and worst part, it crashed twice, and I barely used it more than ten minutes :lol: .

TBH its not worth downloading, unless you really want to watch youtube on 3ds in 2D, but I'll rather use my android phone.
User avatar
03 Dec 2013 02:53

I like the fact that the app doesn't allow YouTube's 3D videos to be shown in 3D.

Another sign of upcoming gimps for the 3DS to make it more "equal" to the 2DS.

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