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Fangamer releases the 'Field Guide to Kanto'

There are many odd and fascinating creatures inhabiting the Kanto region. This field guide can help a traveler identify all of the creatures known to inhabit the region (as of a study performed in 1998, anyway) as well as providing valuable information about their habitats and temperament in order to help a traveler be prepared for the encounter.

The features of the Field Guide to Kanto include:

158 full-color pages
Colorful illustrations of all 151 creatures discovered during the 1998 survey
Descriptions of these creatures, including updated information discovered since the initial survey, such as
Elemental affinity
A full-color map of the Kanto region
The book is available in both hardback and paperback formats.

The hardback version has the following unique features:

Foil-embossed, sturdy cover
Dust jacket which doubles as a poster

Grab yours here


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30 Nov 2013 19:15

Love Kari Fry's art - will get this eventually!

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