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Pokemon X/Y for $20 at Toys R' Us was a flyer misprint

UPDATE - Turns out Toys R' Us will honor the mistake as long as you show them the ad! Thanks to NonnerJonner for the heads up!

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06 Dec 2013 14:04

Obviously, but price matching it might still be possible. Too bad this wasn't in the Canadian flyer. :/
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06 Dec 2013 14:08

I just got Y for the discount price after a lengthy discussion with customer service. If you're still looking to get the game it's worth a shot.
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07 Dec 2013 11:39

I think they have to by law.
If they screw up and they have customers coming in to buy discounted items that they showed off (ads,internet,etc) then they are obligated to sell those at a discount.

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