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20 Dec 2013 20:53

EXCELLENT commercial!

seriously where was this a year ago? "Just look for the U on the box!"

really distinguishes this as a new console, great job nintendo! better late than never
No Avatar
20 Dec 2013 21:06

Very good! But missing the Wii TV features & could be organized better.
Great direction to go in.
User avatar
20 Dec 2013 21:29

This is much better then the original commercial.
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20 Dec 2013 21:51

Mykelti wrote:Very good! But missing the Wii TV features & could be organized better.
Great direction to go in.

honestly, i don't know the popular opinion with that but Nintendo TVii has been a mess for me lol - i'm glad they stayed away from it -- its nice that they touched on streaming but it wouldve been nice to mention more than just youtube by name (unless i missed it) -- they shouldve said "Netflix" and "Hulu Plus"
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21 Dec 2013 10:00

They should have had something like this back at launch. However, my only gripe would be, considering they published them, they should have at least shown brief clips of Lego City and Wonderful 101.
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21 Dec 2013 10:36

Why do they always have to say "It's an entirely new console" in a potentially slightly confusing way?

"For Wii owners and...is an entirely new technology..."

Some casuals could still confuse that as meaning it's a new peripheral for Wii owners that uses new technology.

Also, who's seeing a two minute ad like this other than probably people who already own a Wii U already because they go online and check out such stuff?

This can't be a normal TV ad or whatever I assume.

Other than those issues however it's a pretty informative commercial that covers most of the important areas.
User avatar
21 Dec 2013 12:04

It's good that they finally laid it all out and actually addressed the concerns of confusion (if this is an actual commercial)...

...though I don't think this sort of advertising is nearly as effective as something more catchy or eye popping. It's all about the facts and content, and I imagine that doesn't work as well - which could be attributed to why they (or any hardware makers) don't do this right away. This seems more like something you'd research yourself after first becoming interested in it from some sort of catchy advertisement.

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