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Nintendo official website lists Inazuma Eleven listed for NA release in Q1 2014

Thanks to 3dshere for the heads up!


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04 Jan 2014 18:58

NO LEVEL-5. Don't bring your cheesy soccer series over. At least bring Time Travelers first.

But at least Unepic is soming this month.
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:00

And who will publish it? Level 5 or Nintendo?
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:02

Wonder what the chances are of Europe getting the Nintendo 3DS version are... I'd guess slim to none, but you never know.

It seems a bit strange, though. If LEVEL-5 IA were going to bring out an Inazuma Eleven game in North America, why not Inazuma Eleven 1・2・3 instead? It has Eleven 1, both Eleven 2 games, and all three Eleven 3 games, all of which will be out in Europe by the end of February after Team Ogre Attacks! launches.

I hope we get more details of this soon, because I'm very confused.
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:03

The US will likely recieve the Inazuma Eleven Trilogy, I can't see any reason for Level 5 to just put Inazuma Eleven 3 out there without any context to what happened previously.

Here's a shoddy quality trailer (was the first one I found):


EDIT: DAMMIT CIPHER >:I I just wrote that.
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:06

Intel wrote:EDIT: DAMMIT CIPHER >:I I just wrote that.

Great minds think alike :-)
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:15

I wanted to feel smart though :( Oh well.
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 19:37

I agree on Time Travelers. Where is it already?
No Avatar
04 Jan 2014 21:31

If I had to guess, with the larger focus on the Wii U they adding more games to make up for the smaller amount of first party 3ds titles this year.
User avatar
04 Jan 2014 23:27

I haven't played any of this series, is it good?
No Avatar
05 Jan 2014 00:20

mock turtle wrote:@TheDreamingHawk
I agree on Time Travelers. Where is it already?

Forget both those games. As much as I want Time Travellers, where's Fantasy Life?
User avatar
05 Jan 2014 00:40

World Cup is this year, seems about right to release it since it's becoming more popular over here.
User avatar
05 Jan 2014 17:52

Considering the fact that the U.S. doesn't have anywhere near the amount of soccer fervor seen in other countries, this seems destined to flop. On the other hand, Fantasy Life would surely break even and could potentially be a big hit. Sometimes their decisions don't seem to make much sense. Let's hope they have a strong marketing plan in place if they expect Inazuma Eleven to do well.

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