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Flavored Cats coming to Wii U eShop

Flavoured Cats is highly inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D Land, with a very cute touch.

But don’t drool to much over it, a game as cute as this one, hides a pure evil story!
We try to aim on both, male and female Super Mario fans, all over the world, and should deliver a similar experience too!

Check out more screens here


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User avatar
06 Jan 2014 20:59

I really hate to be down on a game, and the Wii U needs games, but not only does this look incredibly dull, bland, and visually ugly, but - especially using the embedded screenshot as an example - how is anyone supposed to have a sense of depth? Plus the grammar errors in the text lead me to think that they really need better PR, too... :\
User avatar
06 Jan 2014 21:24

"A game like Mario 64" is an extremely tall order, even if the game is almost 20 years old. It'd be nice to have another game like it, but ... ehm .. ...good luck..?
No Avatar
06 Jan 2014 21:30

I like me some cat protags but this looks like one ugly game.

Plus I'm pretty sick of these bite-sized games that the eShop is beckoning.
User avatar
06 Jan 2014 22:21

I wonder if that cat is caramel "flavoured?"
No Avatar
06 Jan 2014 22:24

Looks reeeeally early...and if it's not early then...wow. I don't want to be harsh to the developers but it really looks like they could do with a fair bit more experience developing. :|
User avatar
06 Jan 2014 22:28

I'm a bit interested in the evil story they're talking about.
No Avatar
07 Jan 2014 00:01

I'm hoping for alot, but I'm expecting so little.
No Avatar
07 Jan 2014 00:22

Uh... this is... odd...?
User avatar
07 Jan 2014 00:22

Those screenshots make shovelware look polished.
User avatar
07 Jan 2014 01:21

Wow, this looks like crap. At least Ninjabread Man tried to look appealing...
User avatar
07 Jan 2014 01:55

Well, guys remember that this is still in development. We have no idea how early... but hopefully pretty early... maybe if they see the feedback they'll work on it a bit. It looks like their heart is in the right place, after all!
User avatar
07 Jan 2014 02:42

The more I look at that screenshot the more I'm convinced everything but the cat are early-development placeholders and that the final product won't look like that. Perhaps I'm being too generous with the benefit of the doubt, but I really think this is just a case of jumping the gun promotionally. While I'm at it I'll give more benefit of the doubt and say that's a sign that the studio believes in their game, and that we've got a book/cover situation going on here.

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