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10 Jan 2014 20:45

Best Buy RMC, not Newegg
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10 Jan 2014 21:33

XCWarrior wrote:Best Buy RMC, not Newegg

Could have been a weeeeee bit nicer about it. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


But thanks for correcting him, as I was going to do the same.
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10 Jan 2014 21:51

Did they announce a release date yet?
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10 Jan 2014 22:28

fireman_pep wrote:Did they announce a release date yet?

Nope, luckily I'm getting my MG fix right now thanks to hooking up my GCN and playing Toadstool Tour and being able to play Advance Tour.
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11 Jan 2014 00:25

I know I'll buy it regardless, but I'd be excitedly pre-ordering right now if they'd announce an Advance Tour-esque RPG mode.

That might have been my most-played GBA game.

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