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Nintendo gets a new distributor in Poland

Did you know that Poland went an entire year without an official Nintendo distributor? That has finally changed, as Nintendo Poland has confirmed that ConQuest Entertainment will be taking over those duties. For those wondering, ConQuest is the same company that handles distribution in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Pawel for the heads up!


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04 Feb 2014 16:22

It's about time Nintendo started to focus on th rest of the world a bit more, instead of just Japan and then the US. If they really want to compete they need to put some real resources into Europe. I live in the UK where there is a reasonable presence but I'm the only person I know that likes Nintendo. I can't imagine there are many people that care in most of Europe because Nintendo doesn't care about them. If they want blue oceans how about all the countries that barely know they exist. There is more sales opertunities than just two regions.
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04 Feb 2014 16:44

Good news but it probably won't change anything. It's cheaper for us to buy games on amazon in UK and have them shipped here to Poland. But who knows maybe the prices will be lower now, though I wouldn't hold my breath for that.
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05 Feb 2014 01:08

They should try to distribute directly in Mexico. I mean, USA is right up there ...

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