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Posted: 11/17/2014 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements

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Nintendo Minute - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and amiibo Game Play

Mario Kart 8 - footage/impressions of all DLC tracks

Direct link here

DKC Mix't Ape '94 - A Donkey Kong Country 20th anniversary arrangement album

Thanks to Stemage for the heads up!

Nintendo talks amiibo, Activision/Disney respond, Pachter bashes




“You have this third player entering the market, with a huge stable of characters that are iconic. They may actually grow the category by targeting a slightly older consumer." - Liam Callahan, a games industry analyst at NPD

“When you have strong competitors, you have simple strategy: Don’t focus on them. Our focus is on innovation.” - Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive of Activision Publishing

“The key differentiator with Disney Infinity is the ability to leverage the Disney vault. It’s a treasure trove of intellectual property, including legacy I.P. like Peter Pan or Tinker Bell, Aladdin or Jasmine and contemporary hits like Monsters University and the great content from Marvel.” - John Vignocchi, an executive producer at Disney Interactive Studios

“We are not a ‘me too’ company. We’ve been thoughtful; we wanted to make sure we had differentiation.” - Cindy Gordon, vice president for corporate affairs at Nintendo of America

“It’s a great idea, but it’s limited to Wii U owners. (Wii U is) already an anachronism. Their strategy is looking in the rearview mirror to see what got them there.” - Michael Pachter


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - GamesRadar review

A portion of a GamesRadar review...

+Addictive exploration mechanics
+Fun interactions between familiar Persona characters
+Lighthearted narrative that keeps you guessing

-Difficulty spikes early on
-Not easily accessible to casual players
-Over-egged jokes can grate

Full GamesRadar review here

USGamer - 5 Amazing DS Games You Probably Didn't Play

Direct link here

The Big Shuffle coming to Wii U

- 4-player
- horde-mode game
- set in a futuristic city with a 1920’s feel
- a rogue robot has turned the robot population against the humans
- play as one of four classes of a special task force
- protect the city from the hordes of robots
- classes include The Striker, The Engineer, The Sniper, and The Captain
- dev work started near the end of July
- game is being developed by a team of 4
- created using the Unity engine


Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori - 3 more clips

Smash Bros. Wii U - Two more Rayman characters get trophies

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

EU PR - Pick the perfect present with Nintendo Gift Finder

Choosing the right Nintendo game or system has never been easier with our new Gift Finder! Using filters such as game category, player age, and number of players, you can get great ideas for titles and platforms tailored just for you, your family and your friends. Select a suggested game to see a short description, a clear age rating and other useful information. If you’re set on a purchase, you can visit the Nintendo Official UK Store directly from the page, too.

Nintendo Gift Finder is accessible anywhere, whether you’re on your sofa or out and about. Create a wish list, then add games and systems to it, moving them up and down the list to prioritise them, and save your list as a PDF for printing. The Gift Finder also lets you easily share your list via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or you can opt to send it as a link via email.

So whether you’re putting together a list of games you really want or looking for that perfect gaming gift for a friend or family member, don’t delay – Nintendo happiness is just a click away with our one-stop Gift Finder!


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