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GN vids of 4/14

GN Podcast #504

Parents Play: SM64

EoD - Splatoon quiet

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 505 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET


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Looking Back: Link's Crossbow Training - part 2

Direct link here

Tilelicious: Delicious Tiles - first look

Direct link here

Mario Kart 8 Analysis - Big Blue DLC Track (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Direct link here

Guitar Hero Live - hands-on impressions, footage

Direct link here

Elliot Quest - another patch in the works

Amazon - GameCube controller adapter available for $30

Xenoblade Chronicles X - more soundtrack samples

Random Time! - Fans work on porting Snatcher to Virtual Boy

Direct link here

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - 3DS/card game commercial

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