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NoE - Nintendo eShop sale: Games by Shin'en Multimedia

You can download new games, applications and other content to your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, directly from Nintendo eShop. New titles are added regularly, and sometimes there are special discounts to discover, too!

Take a look at the latest digital download deals and grab a bargain from Nintendo eShop for a limited time! Check below for more details on participating titles.

From 14:00 (UK time) on December 18th 2014 until 23:59 (UK time) on January 8th 2015, all of Shin’en Multimedia’s games are on sale on Nintendo eShop! From arcade shooters like Nano Assault Neo to 3D adventures such as Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai, there’s plenty to choose from whether you’re in the mood for fast-paced fun or a more relaxing time!

Art of Balance on Wii U, Shin’en Multimedia’s latest game, is also included in the sale, and from 14:00 (UK time) on December 18th a free demo is available to download from Nintendo eShop too*! In this tricky physics-based puzzler, carefully balance blocks to create a sturdy stack to conquer 200 challenges. The fun continues in various multiplayer modes, including split-screen competitive play, a unique five-play co-operative experience and online multiplayer for up to eight players!
If you want to find out about Art of Balance, check out our Nintendo eShop developer discussion with Shin’en Multimedia’s Martin Sauter to learn about the puzzle series’ transition to Wii U, the multiplayer modes and more!

On sale from 18/12/2014 14:00 (UK time) until 08/01/2015 23:59 (UK time):

Check out the sale details here

Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. 3DS make Amazon UK's 'Best of 2014' awards

Link, Link

Xeodrifter - review

A portion of a Joystiq review...

Could Xeodrifter could be a much longer, more complex game? Sure. As it is, however, Xeodrifter is a wonderful snack. It may not take much of your time, but the last thing it will do is waste it.

Full review here

IGN - Why Child of Light is a Game of the Year Nominee?

IGN - Crystal Blue Nintendo 2DS Unboxing

The Cat Mario Show - Ep. 2 (English)

Nintendo Minute - Game of the Year: Wii U

The Great Ace Attorney - a few more character, trial details

- Asougi Kazuma is a student of Imperial Capital Yuumei University and attorney
- Kazuma is a close friend of Ryuunosuke
- he hopes to improve the position of the defense attorney in Japan
- he plans to study in England to do that
- he helps Ryuunosuke out in the first trial
- the first trial is deemed 'a top secret trial' by the government
- possible to cross-examine two people at the same time
- Mustache man's man Uzukmar
- Autopsy report mentions someone dying at 2 PM
- the Cause of death: blood loss due to one gunshot, but the bullet didn't exit the body


Itagaki won't comment on Devil's Third going gold, would like to work with Nintendo again in the future

Coming from Itagaki's Facebook page...


Collectible Badge Center - list of available badges

Super Mario Bros.

Walking Super Mario
Fire Flower
Broken Block
Koopa Troopa
Warp Pipe
? Block
Fire Mario
Fire Balls
Power Star
Jumping Mario
Bullet Bill
Koopa Paratroopa (Red/Green)
Piranha Plant
Dying Luigi
1-UP Mushroom
Breaking Mario
Breaking Super Mario
Falling Spiny
SMB 1-1 Floor
Standing Mario
8 bit 3DS App replacements

Animal Crossing

Isabelle (Winter Clothing)
Green Leaf
Red Apple
Yellow House
Fossil (Dug up)
Fossil (examined)
Red Fish
Green Fish
Apple Basket
Pear Basket
Digby (Mii Plaza)
K.K. Slider (Music)
Tom Nook (eShop)
Reese (Mii Maker)
Blathers (Camera)
Isabelle (Activity Log) *Summer outfit
Rover (Download Play)
Cyrus (Settings)

Mario 3D Series

Mario Portrait
Luigi Portrait
Toad Portrait
? Block
Princess Peach Portrait
Goomba Portrait
Bowser Portrait
Piranha Plant Portrait
Koopa Paratroopa Portrait
Group (Mii Plaza)
Luigi Jumping (Music)
Princess Peach (eShop)
2 Mushrooms (Mii Maker)
Mario Leaning (Camera)
Yoshi Running (Activity Log)
Mario Ground Pound (Download Play)
Toad Waving (Settings)

Mario Kart

Crossing Line Lakitu
Mario (Kart)
Luigi (Kart)
Donkey Kong (Bike)
Bowser (Kart)
Wendy (Bike)
Morton (Kart)
Iggy (Bike)
Ludwig (Kart)
Roy (Kart)
Lemmy (Kart)
Green Shell
Koopa Troopa (Bike)
Shy Guy (Kart)
Lakitu (Kart)
Bullet Bill
Yoshi (Bike)
Waluigi (Bike)
Wario (Kart)
Toad (Kart)
Piranha Plant
Gold Mushroom


Pixel Famicom
Pixel Famicom Controller (X2)
Pixel Cartridge (X2)


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