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Proof of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth coming to Wii U, 3DS

I know some of you didn't believe the press release last night, as you thought it was part of an April Fools' Day joke. I'm happy to show you now that the story was indeed the real deal and the games are heading our way.

Nintendo Direct (April 1st) - live-streams, blog

EU Nintendo Direct here (viewable on Twitch, not embedded due to autoplay

We'll be doing our usual live-blog below, so keep refreshing the page for more info!

- MewTwo hits Smash Bros. on April 28th.

- more Mii costumes coming to Smash Bros. Wii U/3ds, first round due out April 15th

- Lucas is coming to Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, due out in June

- Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot lets Nintendo know what characters you want to see become the next new fighter. Not every request is possible.

- Lucas and Mewtwo amiibo coming in the future

- amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Hits hits Wii U eShop as free download this Spring. Let's you play small portions of select VC games by tapping amiibo to the GamePad.

- Mario Maker lets you upload your created stages for others to enjoy. Due out this September.
- Yoshi's Woolly World has classic mode and mellow mode. Classic mode offers up a challenge. Mellow mode gives you winged Yoshi. This gives less of a challenge. Change modes on the fly.

- Yarn Yoshi amiibo comes in green, pink and blue. Game due out this Fall.

- Splatoon due out May 29th, amiibo coming

- DS, N64 games coming to Wii U Virtual Console. Rumble Pak supported.

- Mutant Mudds Super Challenge features cross-buy and a discount price if you purchased Mutant Mudds in the past
- Don't Starve: Giant Edition comes with a second copy for a friend

- SMT X Fire Emblem is still in the works, new trailer shown
- Fatal Frame V is coming to the states and EU later this year
- BOXBOY!! due out April 2nd
- Pokemon Rumble World is a 3DS title with over 700 Pokemon. Travel via hot air balloon. Get Pokediamonds via purchase, playing and streetpass. Due out April 8th.

Nintendo Direct (April 1st) - running times

The Final Bosman - Not Hyped for Delays

IGN - Is this the worst Star Wars game ever?

Style Savvy 3 - new details on various jobs, mini-room customization mode

- mini-room customization mode
- design a room and show it off to your friends
- Store Manager job will require you to help customers out with different clothing/styles
- about 19,000 items to choose from
- choose from different clothes, bags, and accessories
- give customers piercings
- see your own Mii or that of your friends show up to visit the store
- Beautician's job is a hair-stylist that can pick from over 1,300 different hair combinations
- as a Makeup Artist, customers will hand you photos and memos for what style they want
- Designer job lets you make your own items using various styles
- create your own emblems to brand the items
- Model job involves picking hairstyles and poses to come up with the best possible pictures
- 1,700 total miniature goods when designing your own room
- rooms show up in enlarged sizes to have photo sessions with your characters
- customers may also ask to borrow them after checking them out at the store
- upload your customized mini-rooms to share them with friends and strangers on the Interne
- pleased customers will occasionally buy tickets to your fashion show event
- the better fashion show you put on, the more customers you'll pull in
- connect to the Miiverse to host or participate in themed photo contests
- connect locally to visit different places with friends and take pictures


13AM Games discuss Runbow's goal of being the 'biggest couch-multiplayer experience', why they chose Wii U

A portion of a Siliconera interview with 13AM Games...

S: Your boast is that Runbow is the “biggest couch-multiplayer experience” on Wii U. Why aim for that?

13: We love multiplayer games, and we always have since we were kids. One of the things that we love to do as a company is get together and play games as a group. We find that it’s best when we are on a couch with a TV yelling at each other, trying to swat controllers out of each others hands. . . It’s the kind of fun that makes us all feel like kids again.

But most multiplayer games are either two or four player, so when you have more than four friends together, someone has to sit out and just watch. Why can’t they play, too? Why can’t everyone join in on the fun? Why should anyone have to sit out? With Runbow, we wanted to use all the Wii U controllers available to achieve this. There’s nine of us in the company, and we managed to fit nine players into Runbow, so when we QA we actually use every member of our team.

S: While the Wii is renown for being played by groups, the Wii U isn’t as much – would you agree? If so, why do you think that is?

13: Well, in my experience there are three kings of local multiplayer: Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Mario Party. Whenever I go to a party and there is a game machine out, it’s Nintendo, and at some point in the night, one of those three games comes out. I think the Wii U is still a really strong platform for multiplayer games. Part of the reason is because the Wii before it was also strong for multiplayer. When I bought my Wii U, I already had four Wii remotes, four nunchucks, and three classic controllers. I could already play a full game of Nintendo Land without having to go out and buy four shiny new Wii U controllers for 60 bucks a pop. I think that the cost of controllers can be a real barrier for entry.

Also on the eShop there are a lot of cool developers playing with the gamepad and different ways to do multiplayer. Games like Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party, which doesn’t even use the TV(!) and Sportsball where a fifth player can use the gamepad to give a live commentary on the match. These kinds of games are taking advantage of the GamePad in unique ways and we want to be part of this community of developers doing cool things with local multiplayer.

Full interview here

The Great Ace Attorney - info round-up from today's Famitsu feature

- Baroque/Barock is a legendary English prosecutor said to never let a defendant escape
- he’s returning to court after 5 years
- Baroque/Barock is known as “The Death God of the Old Bailey”
- Baroque/Barock's original name was "“Prosecutor Rivaal”
- he has a different font for “objection” to convey his “English” background
- Jury Battle: Each of the jury members have their own ideas about the case
- you can get the not guilty verdict by finding the contradictions in their ideas
- Ryuunosuke can walk around during the trial as he’s thinking
- the last argument is where you have your last chance to convince the jury
- if all jury members decide on guilty, then it’s over
- as long as a majority votes not guilty after the closing argument, you win
- multiple endings were considered, but done away with
- during trials, you can question multiple witnesses at once and yell “HANG ON!”
- special attention was paid to camerawork, a sense of space and eye movements
- first case is called “The Adventure of the Grand Travelers”
- the prosecutor is Taketsuchi Auchi, Payne’s ancestor
- the first case's waiter witness is named Satoru Hosonaga
- also appearing is a mysterious, elaborately-dressed woman
- special DLC episode focused on Ryuunosuke and Asougi will be available 7/9 to 7/19 for free
- this episode is called “Randst Magazine Special Edition”
- Randst Magazine comes from Strand Magazine, where the original Holmes stories were published
- limited edition will include a 48-page artbook and 10-track CD


Japan - A look at this week's 3DS themes (April 1st, 2015)

Direct link here

GrubberGamer's Game Deals: eShop Card Sale (04-01-2015)

eShop Pre-Paid Card Sale

Best Buy is currently offering 10% off all Nintendo eShop pre-paid cards, including multi-card packs and the new 'Photos With Mario' AR card bundles. Free shipping included! While not the greatest of discounts, it's always a good thing when the exchange rate is in your favor.

Hit the jump for all of the latest deals and discounts, including Sonic Rush for $6.42, 25% off select amiibo, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. for $34.15, and Ben 10 Omniverse 2 for only $10,000.54! Plus, the latest pre-order offers and bonuses, including the up and coming Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Double D Edition with 2-disc CD soundtrack - thanks for reading!

Read the rest of the story...

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