Final Fantasy Explorers - more job, character details


- use guns as their main weapon
- long-ranged damage-dealers
- attacks are considered physical
- additional status ailments along with abilities that buff themselves up
- rapidly shoot down enemies or drop heavy artillery-like attacks

Red Mage:

- jack-of-all-trades
- swordsmanship and magic
- Chainspell ability that allows for rapid spellcasting
- special characteristic that makes their power increase the more they use up their AP

Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2):

- special attack called Great Whirl
- some non-elemental attacks as well

Tidus (Final Fantasy X):

- can use The Blitz Ace from Final Fantasy X
- this is part of a Crystal Drive attack

Bartz (Final Fantasy V):

- equips the Brave Blade and Chicken Knife to rush down enemies
- this is part of his Spellblade Rapid Fire ability


Fatal Frame: Nuregarasu no Miko - review

A portion of a Kotaku review...

Fatal Frame V is a solid addition to the Fatal Frame series. It has a good little survival horror story and more than a few good scares spread throughout. It also tries a lot of new things with the wetness system and using the GamePad as a camera; and while these additions don’t always succeed, they are noble efforts nonetheless.

Full review here

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Demo Title Screen Music

Direct link here

Satoru Okada on how he got hired at Nintendo, creating for kids and adults, sales goals

Coming from a Shooting Gameside interview with former Nintendo handheld dev, Satoru Okada...

Okada: The first thing I made using a computer was the Game and Watch series. After that handheld gaming consoles became the main focus of my work at Nintendo. Speaking of being particular, you know, I didn’t originally apply to Nintendo with any special ambitions or designs. Originally my friend was supposed to have taken the company’s entrance test, but due to circumstances he couldn’t make it out. In his place I was chosen to take the test. When I say “in his place”, though, I don’t mean that I was a mere susbtitute; I was given the chance as part of a job-search program at my school. I knew if I took it lightly that it would damage the reputation of my school, and I couldn’t allow that. Still, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I ended up being late to that test, but thanks to the kindness of the test administrator, I was allowed to take it anyway.

Nintendo’s entrance exam had a section where you had to actually engineer something. You were given a design and had to make a model of it using small metal pieces. Since I had spent so much time in Junior High doing those electrical engineering projects, it was an easy task for me. As a result, rumour got around at Nintendo that “someone good at soldering has joined!” It seemed I was the first person to join Nintendo with any electrical engineering abilities, a fact which would turn out to be a huge investment in my future.

SG: In your career you’ve made many devices for children, but what has been your attitude as an engineer throughout this work?

Okada: When I made things for children, I didn’t try to make it from the perspective of a child. Instead, I made something that we adults at Nintendo would enjoy ourselves.

SG: In your case Okada, were you aware of a kind of self-management at work?

Okada: Especially after I took on a managerial role, I became very aware of the need to make profits each year. We have to earn our own wages. Developing games isn’t simply about making what you want to make; you also need to be sensible about what will be profitable for the company. And to make Nintendo run, at a minimum we’re talking about selling millions of units. If you can’t do that with something new, it’s better to release a follow-up to an existing product.

I also think that rather than making everyone work long hours and wringing the life out of your employees, results should be emphasized, and those who achieve should be rewarded with a higher salary.


Fantasy Life - review

A portion of a NWR review...

You can become a Paladin and focus on fighting enemies, or you can take up an artisanal trade and focus on making the best armor. You can complete the main story, or sit back and make every meal you can as a Cook. Fantasy Life is an elegant, malleable experience that is one of the most compelling 3DS games I’ve played in a long time.

Full review here

Happy 16th birthday, Game Boy Color!

I definitely owned and loved my Game Boy Color, but I can barely remember the day I got it. I was already in high school, and I can remember playing it while in school, but I can't remember actually purchasing it! Man, I wish I could go back and relive that moment!

Just Dance 2015 - first day Wii U update file size revealed

Nintendo America sending out Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo codes right now

The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin - a few details

- due out in Japan on February 11th for 5,690 yen
- features voices from the TV anime
- Pig’s Hat Tavern will act as a base for players
- this is where you can take on quests and upgrade characters
- collect a variety of items and materials to create power-up items and costumes


Link amiibo to be compatible with Hyrule Warriors

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