Art of Balance Wii U patch hits NA, due out in EU soon

Final Fantasy Explorers - character details, job info


- comes equipped with her ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart gloves
- use her Final Heaven limit break against enemies


- restore HP and clear negative status effects with Great Gospel


- has Double Phase, an attack that blends both his light and dark sides


- has his Luminescence Quickening from Final Fantasy XII

Thief job

- ability to steal items from monsters
- a skill that reduces the amount of AP consumed while dashing so you can run longer
- Surprise Attack is a quick strike with a high critical rate
- Chaos Trip inflicts poison and burn statues that sap HP from a target

Chemist job

- when they use items, their effects are more potent
- can use an item like a potion without consuming it
- this skill has a long cooldown period
- designed to be support characters
- can also act as long range fighters when equipped with a gun


Nintendo UK online store selling 'Wii U Gamers Pack' (Smash, Kart and more)

The Wii U Gamers Pack includes the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Premium Pack, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U + Mario No.1 amiibo, a Wii U Pro Controller and an exclusive Mario Backpack.

Grab yours here


SteamWorld Heist - another screen, more info teased for tomorrow

Nintendo's Twitter account sharing Black Friday deals all next week

Fan-Art: LEGO Mario Kart creations

Check out more here

Y2K - voice recording session

Direct link here

Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals are coming

The Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals will bring you some great prices on great games from Thursday, November 27 at 9 am PT to Tuesday December 2 at 8:59 am PT. Save up to 30% on the following titles:

Nintendo 3DS:

Mario & Luigi™: Dream Team
Luigi’s Masion™: Dark Moon
Wario Land™ 2
Wario Land™ 3
Metroid™ II-Return of Samus™
Wii U:

The Wonderful 101™
Wii Party™ U
Mario & Luigi™: Superstar Saga
Wario Land™ 4
Metroid™ Fusion

Plus, don't forget to check out some of the other great titles on sale! Head to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and look under Price Drops to find out more about these great deals!


ZaciSa's Last Stand demo - file size

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Web Comic #2

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