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Tiny Galaxy - Developer explains the game, possible price point

This is part of a Wii's World interview with Arcane Pixel's Taylor Hajash...

WW: How would you describe your game, Tiny Galaxy? Who is the main character and what is his/her/its goal?

Taylor Hajash: I would describe Tiny Galaxy as a gravity based, atmospheric platformer. The main character, I haven't really given much thought into. It's really just a block with arms and legs haha. I'm not the best at animations so for me, the character was one of my first attempts at animating a walk cycle and just working on improving my animation skills.

After a few days of working on him, I put him into what I was working on, what would become Tiny Galaxy, to test things out and see how it ran. He sort of seemed to fit the world I was creating as well as break up the roundness. I have a game that is full of round planets, round rotating saws, and the square shaped character fit in the sense that he could stand out from the rest of the world. I'm not really ready to share anything on the story or plot just yet since it's still a work in progress and could change at any time. The player's goal will be to collect 3 objects (not sure what they'll be yet) in order to open up a warp gate/black hole to get to the next level.

WW: Do you have an idea of the release date or price point yet?

Taylor: As far as a release date, nothing is set in stone yet but I'm shooting for early 2015, hopefully towards the end of Feb, but nothing is solid yet. Pricing is a little tricky for me. I'm looking at somewhere between $7.99 and $9.99. It depends on how much quality content I can cram into the game while maintaining a relatively small download size. Once I get closer to release I'll probably play the field a little and see what people would think the game costs and should cost. But pricing really isn't my main concern, for me it's just making a good, fun game that people enjoy.

Tiny Galaxy coming to the Wii U eShop in early 2015

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Hyrule Warriors Twitter says title lacks online co-op play

While there is hinted at online functionality for Hyrule Warriors, the official Twitter mentions that the title does not feature online co-op.

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