GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 494


We are ALL over the place on this podcast. We talk plenty about Nintendo, but we also discuss all sorts of other stuff. I don't know what got into us this show! I know I had a blast recording. Hopefully you guys enjoy our tangents!

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VD-Dev details IronFall Invasion's control scheme on New 3DS

A portion of a NE interview with VD-Dev...

NE: We’ve heard that IronFall Invasion will take advantage of the New 3DS’ C stick. Will any features that are exclusive to the new system be offered?

VD: the game runs on New Nintendo 3DS, it has special settings in order to take advantage of the new C Stick and the new shoulder buttons. For example, when you play on an older 3DS model with the Circle Pad Pro, shooting will be assigned to the ZR button. But on the New 3DS, shooting will be automatically assigned to R as the button is more comfortable to use on this model. Also, loading on New 3DS will be faster thanks to the hardware.

Full interview here

Hyrule Warriors - another round of Tingle footage

Direct link here

Nintendo Quest Kickstarter update - NES game stretch goal hit

Now that we've hit $25,000, every person who's pledged more than $50 will get an NES Game based on Jay's Journey. It will be a fun adventure-type game, with a few RPG and action elements. We've got a lot of work to figure out exactly our limitations but we've teamed up with Joe from "The New 8-Bit Heroes" to make this a reality - IF we hit that goal. The Game's gonna take a bit to finish up, but we will get it to you in all it's plastic glory!

Kickstarter here (Thanks Jon!)

Smash Bros. Wii U Vs. Brawl - special B moves comparison

Direct link here

Super Mario World - ending theme cover

Direct link here

Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter update - release date pushed back

In our last update we mentioned it was likely we'd be moving the game's release later in 2015. Given the content that still needs to be added to the game and the extra-polish that it requires, our current target is to launch between the Last Quarter of 2015 and the First Quarter of 2016. As I'm sure you can imagine, predicting release dates when far out is highly sensitive to the butterfly effect: small tweaks can lead to big changes in the schedule. As we get further along, our confidence about hitting a narrower window should increase until we can pin it down to a specific date. Until then, these target launch dates reflect our current best estimate.
We came to these numbers after sitting down and carefully revising and re-planning our timelines and schedules, taking into account the new project goals and conditions generated after the campaign.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Hyrule Warriors - All Character Victory Animations

Direct link here (thanks Zephiel!)

Amazon - KELUX Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U

Grab yours here (thanks Juan!)

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 494 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET

Nicky Hill is on-hand for today's podcast. Mom Brain will be here as well. I'm sure Kirby is going to hop in on the action, too. Who else is going to be here and what will we be talking about? I have NO idea when it comes to people, but I'm guessing we'll be talking about Nintendo! I don't know...I just have a hunch.

We'll be recording live at 3:15 PM ET today, so make sure you head back to this post and check out the live-stream embed. You can also hit up the link to our chat and talk with us/fellow viewers LIVE! We always love interacting with you guys on the show. It makes the entire experience better!

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