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EoD - VB on 3DS VC

EoD - Game combos

Wooden Sen'sey rev

GN Podcast #467

Renegade Kid reveal!

EoD - Miiverse use

Shut the Box - file size revealed

Rogue Legacy has a shot at hitting Nintendo platforms

A portion of a Shacknews interview with Cellar Door Games' Teddy Lee

Shacknews: Are there plans to take Rogue Legacy to even more platforms, like ones from Microsoft and Nintendo?

Lee: We've been in talks with them, but we're a really small team, so our sights have just been set on the Sony version. We've also got a timed exclusivity period with them, so we've just been keeping our heads down. Currently, we're hard at work on bringing the game to Japan. This is a huge risk because Western games - especially indie Western games - usually bomb in Japan.

Full interview here

Video Postmortem: Chasing Aurora

Direct link here

IGN: Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Pinball - Trailer

Official Mega Man 'Rush' plush doll on the way

- coming from GE Animation
- due out towards the end of August
- priced at $29.99
- 4"L x 10"W x 9"H


Shovel Knight - A look at translation

Shovel Knight - Accolades trailer (with a double GN mention!)

Huge thanks to the Yacht Club crew for giving GN the nod two times over in this trailer!

Japan - Comparing 3DS sales in 2014 to 2013

- from January 2013 – July 2013 the 3DS sold 2.13 million units
- from January 2014 – July 2014 the 3DS has sold 1.24 million units
- 820,000 3DS portables were sold worldwide between April and June 2014
- this is down from sales of 1.4 million during the same period in 2013
- plans to sell 12 million Nintendo 3DS consoles between March 2014 and April 2015


Fangamer t-shirt - 'Bit Boy'

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth composers discuss the pressure of their project

The following comes from composers Atsushi Kitajoh and Toshiki Konishi...

“I don’t really feel much pressure when it comes to that. I believe that [Shoji] Meguro and I share similar parts when it comes to music direction, so it’s quite easy to arrange things in my own way. [Kenichi] Tsuchiya’s music and original tracks are so well-put together, so I feel like they give me a lot of free space to make arranged versions.” - Kitajoh
“I definitely feel some pressure! Of course, there’s Meguro’s music, and even when I arrange Mr. Kitajoh’s songs. They’re all made of elements that I don’t possess, so I feel a lot of pressure…

It’s hard to simply put the feeling of the Persona series into one big thing. However, this time, it was Meguro who told me, ‘Try to make songs that can bring out the essence of your very own Persona’. - Konishi
“To top it off, I had to be careful to be able to make it capture the mood of both Persona 3 and Persona 4, and that was pretty tough. At first, I thought about packing it full of rearranged tracks, but then I felt that we could have something that is more Persona Q-like if we went with new songs, which also wouldn’t favor either of the other games.” - Kitajoh
“As for myself… this time, I entrusted everything about the mood of Persona 3 and Persona 4 to Mr. Kitajoh. Besides making the songs, [Katsura] Hashino and [Daisuke] Kaneda repeatedly gave me the advice of ‘Persona is occult’. With such occult-like fear and feelings of disturbance [in mind,] I focused on the Persona series-like elements, but in my own way,” continues Konishi. “So, there might actually not be any songs that ‘followed the tracks of Persona 3 or Persona 4’.” - Konishi
“In the end, even if I copy Mr. Meguro’s songs, I end up making ‘my own style of Meguro’s song’.” - Kitajoh
“You might be saying that now, but after hearing your song, I thought ‘this is so Persona…’ and I was really surprised. Then I thought ‘now how can I fit in…?’” - Konishi

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