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EoD - Waluigi time?

EoD - Mario where?

EoD - Which to buy?

Smash Direct wrap-up

EoD - Smash Direct!

GN Podcast #451

Project CARS - more footage

Direct link and more screens here

One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Fujitora revealed

Check out more screens

Super Smash Wars: Part 3

Direct link here

Nintendo Pocket Football Club - more footage

Direct link here

Chaos Seed (SNES) - fan-translation released

Check out details on the translation here

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy - Drill power-up, Miiverse info

The Denpa Men 3 - Battle details

Ubisoft blog update - Animating Watch_Dogs

To be fair, when it came to the animation in Watch Dogs, the game was in already in excellent shape before the delay. (For more details about what the team focused on, check out: Why Was Watch Dogs Delayed?.) That meant Animation Director Colin Graham and his team could use the additional time to not only help out elsewhere as needed, but also focus on those little details that mean so much.

Check out the full blog here

WayForward bringing Xtreme Sports to 3DS VC

Random Time! - Best Smelling Nintendo Worlds

Direct link here

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