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Xeodrifter diary #9

GN Podcast #476

Smash Bros. review!

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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Zen, Junpei and Story trailers

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BPlus working on two 3DS eShop games, due out by the year's end

Coming from Bernd Geiblinger of Bplus....

Bplus is currently developing two games - both will appear on Nintendo 3DS eShop 'til the end of 2014. Not an easy task, but the fun thing is, that my beloved pixel hero Kubi will make some kind of cameo appearance in both of them [=)]

PR email

Turtle Tale Wii U - NA/EU release date confirmed, cross-promotion for EU

The game will be launching in both America & Europe on October 9th. Pricing will be identical to the 3DS version - $2.99 / EUR 2.99. There is also a discount available in Europe: if you own the 3DS version on the same NNID, you can get 33% off, making it EUR 1.99. A similar deal for North America is trying to be worked out.

PR email

IGN Up at Noon - The New 3DS: Please Bring It to the States ASAP

RIVE - hands-on gameplay details

- minimal platforming and puzzle-solving
- focuses on shoooting
- your robot begins damaged
- start off with the ability to double jump and shoot
- left stick for movement and right stick for aiming
- all other abilities are assigned to shoulder buttons
- left trigger (ZL) is for jumping
- double jump applies in the air and off walls
- right shoulder button is used for limited-ammo secondary weapons
- this includes EMP bombs or homing missiles
- find capsules that unlock hacks to manipulate a variety of objects or enemy bots
- examples: hack a door, a medical bot, a 'kamikaze' enemy
- hacking the kamikaze enemy gives the temporary ability to fly
- hack with the left shoulder button
- intro level has a dark section in which your aiming trajectory becomes a torch
- there's also a lava-filled landscape
- to tackle the first boss, you have to double-jump on top of him and shoot into his shield gap
- pulsing music will change depending on areas you are in


Skylanders Trap Team - review

A portion of a Joystiq review...

You and your kids will still have plenty of fun with Trap Team, but it's weaker than last year's Swap Force, and its costly locked content sets an unfortunate precedent for future sequels. Broccoli Guy deserves better.

Full review here

Skylanders Trap Team - 3DS version details

- story focuses on Hugo, assistant to Eon
- on a trip to the Eternal Archives, Hugo accidentally reads a book titled "The Most Boring Book Ever"
- this book actually keeps the evil Dream Sheep contained
- Hugo accidentally lets the Dream Sheep out of the book
- Dream Sheep use magic to put all of Skylands into a deep slumber
- the Skylanders must gather three legendary magical bells and wake the world
- Eternal Archives serve as the game's hub, with doors leading to each adventure zone
- there are also collection and villain storage rooms
- includes double jumping an sprinting
- time trial stars to collect
- only requires Skylanders to be scanned into the game once
- Skylanders scanned in are kept on the bottom screen, free to use whenever you want
- no trap crystals for the 3DS version
- you can still capture 14 unique villains
- poke, pet, blow on, or summon a villain
- villains perform screen-wide attacks
- after using a villain, you have to wait for a timer to end before using again


IGN - The Top 25 N64 Games as of the Year 2000

IGN - Skylanders Trap Team video review

Smash Bros. 3DS - Zelda, Metroid and third party trophies

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