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Bravely Second - 3DS themes footage

Direct link here

Story of Seasons producer says the title was developed exactly the same as a Harvest Moon game

A portion of a Game Informer interview with producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto...

GI: The Story of Seasons name change is unique to the West. Did that “fresh start” (for one region, at least) influence your approach to development at all? Or did you treat it like any other new Bokujō Monogatari title?

Hashimoto: We treated this title exactly like any other Bokujō game. There have been no huge changes or influences on our design process as a result of the overseas name change, but we were grateful as always for this opportunity to deliver a true Bokujō Monogatari experience to the fans once more. And one positive thing to come of this new beginning was our attempt to make this title easier to pick up and play so new players could better enjoy it, with the addition of two difficulties being one of the key elements toward that end.

Full interview here

Random Time! - Buy yourself a New - ̗̀ ____ ̖́- shirt!

I don't even need to explain this one to Nintendo fans. Show off why you're a new and improved person with this shirt! Should be MUCH easier to find than some amiibo or the Majora's Mask New 3DS XL.

Grab yours here


Xenoblade Chronicles X director talks HD development, customization and final words before launch

Coming from director Tetsuya Takahashi...

Working on an HD title:

An open world is a single phrase, but it wasn’t a simple thing to realize. As you know, it was our first HD title. The environment for development was drastically different compared to anything we had done before when it comes to distributing resources or formulating workloads. You can’t expect things to get done in a day and it finally took form as a result of many adjustments. There were many hardships, but it was worth the trouble as the gameplay turned out to be pleasant, even if I say so myself!

The game's biggest attraction:

Although I said just a while ago that we focused on hack-and-slash, generally speaking it is fun to slay strong monsters to obtain equipment and Doll customization parts. You can’t buy things like unseen weapons and armor or new Dolls in usual shops. If you slay super strong enemies named Overed or World Enemies, you may obtain materials which are used for unique super rare items which you can’t get by other means. Those parts are extremely strong. If you obtain those items, please show them off to other players in loosely connected online!

Final words before launch:

Xenoblade Chronicles X is releasing at last. It is the first HD title for Monolith Soft. Like the previous work Xenoblade Chronicles, it is a game that we used to ascertain “what we can achieve currently” and by carefully acquiring experience, it became a foundation that connects with the future of Monolith Soft. Please look forward to it.


The Great Ace Attorney - NicoNico stage show presentations

Micro Racers development cancelled

amiibo Touch and Play: Nintendo Classics Highlights releases in Australia on May 1st

Game Center CX special features Arino playing Super Mario Bros. via dance mat, Mario Maker

Direct link here

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - framerate test, GameCube comparison

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