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EoD - TV Vs. Pocket

EoD - Warriors cast

EoD - SS motion

GN Podcast #466

EoD - Zelda music

EoD - Fatal Frame

IGN - Smash Bros. Wii U, Bayonetta 2 footage

Master Reboot - first look

Direct link here

IGN Live from SDCC: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - video feature

Zelda Williams live-streaming right now for St. Jude's charity

Watch live video from ZeldaWilliams on www.twitch.tv
Donation details here

Nordic market figures 2010-2013 (hardware/software)

SW Volume by country (thousand units)


PS3 1,026
360 909
PC 736
WII 263
3DS 122
DS 81
WIU 67
PS4 37
PSV 16


PS3 986
360 389
PC 353
3DS 137
WII 125
DS 101
WIU 41
PS4 26
PSV 10


PS3 840
PC 492
360 234
WII 195
DS 93
3DS 58
PS4 20
WIU 16


PS3 882
360 347
PC 299
WII 117
3DS 55
DS 50
WIU 22
PS4 13
PSV 12

Full list of charts here

Timespinner - video preview

Direct link here

Wooden Sen'Sey - Gameplay Footage

Direct link here

Armillo - upcoming patch detailed

1) Frame Rate Glitch issues (these are audio asset loading stutters unfortunately)
2) Terror Bug in 3-1 (aka sometimes no Worm Boss in 3-1)
3) Bonus 2D levels scoring (some levels are impossible to get achievement Gold at the moment)
4) Progression to 100%. Items 2-3 and some level scoring prevent completionists from getting 100% on the game
5) Some optimizations that should help when running off external USB drives
6) 6-1 missing cube fix (shouldn’t have that missing icon at all – there is no hidden cube in this level
7) Improve colour and sharpness

Full details here (thanks Curbles!)

Inti-Creates talks Azure Striker Gunvolt release date, localization, voice work, music and more

- reconfirmed for Japan on August 20th
- North American release will come in the weeks that follow
- Euro release is in the process of being worked out
- American version of the game will only feature English text
- multilingual release is being considered for Europe
- in the NA version, voices will only play during the action portions
- this is a similar approach to what happend in the Mega Man Zero series
- most conversations are modeled on Japanese subculture
- the content of these conversations had to be modified for localization
- team believes self-publishing is the best way to distribute the product
- now includes eight pieces of Lumen’s song, as opposed to just two
- team thought that could only include two songs due to the lotcheck deadline
- these will be in the Euro release as well


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Batman of Zur-En-Arrh revealed

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