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Galaco Vocaloid character being added to Daigasso! Band Brothers P

The Vocaloid character Galaco is going to make an appearance in Daigasso! Band Brothers P. It seems she'll be added in on April 2nd, 2015. If you want a sneak peek at what she sounds like, hit up the video below.

Thanks to Mr_Raccoon for the heads up!


GrubberGamer's Game Deals: Wii U Spotlight (03-27-2015)

Wii U Spotlight

Look for the post-jump deals and discounts to return in a future update - thanks for reading!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - more Link DLC footage

Direct link here

Splatoon Discussion: Splat Zones, No Voice Chat, Story Mode, & More! - Thoughts & Impressions

Direct link here

Nintendo of Canada's March Break Mario Party 10 Event on March 18, 2015

PokemonRumbleWorld.com has been registered

While Nintendo isn't mentioned in the information above, the registrar lines up with a company Nintendo has used in the past. Looks like this project is moving along quickly, so perhaps we'll see an official reveal soon.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - another 12 minutes of footage

Direct link here

Bravely Second - more info on Ayame, Cu Chulainn and Asterisk Holder jobs


- Black Shrine Maiden
- Wizard job’s Asterisk Holder
- works under the Grantz Empire
- 22 years old
- eerie lady that dresses in all black and likes to carry around a mysterious doll
- shares a master-and-servant relationship with Cu Chulainn
- uses a new kind of magic called “Spirit Magic”
- seems to hold some sort of deep grudge against Y

Cu Chulainn:

- serves under the Grantz Empire
- the Asterisk Holder for the Chariot job
- age is currently unknown
- carries all kinds of weapons on his back
- rather different being with a centaur-like body
- tireless combat spirit
- takes orders from Ayame, who he considers his master
- considers himself a soldier of the ancients
- has a very old-fashioned way of speaking
- who is he and why is his body half-horse are unknown

Asterisk Holders jobs:

- Wizard
- Chariot
- Performer
- Pirate
- Swordmaster


ACB - A pair of classic NES titles rated

ACB ratings update

- Hogan’s Alley
- Dig Dug II

Obviously both of these are coming to the Virtual Console, but we're not quite sure what platforms yet. We'll be sure to update you when that info comes in.


Affordable Space Adventures - EU file size

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