The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Mighty No. 9 delay into 2016 looking more likely, but still not confirmed

The following comes from Game Informer...

- the game does not have a new release date
- pushed to 2016
- GameStop says that notification of delays such as this one are initiated by the publisher
- placeholder dates that are put in place when a game is first listed or, in this case, delayed.
- this indicates that the 2016 placeholder was driven by Deep Silver and Comcept
- Deep Silver declined to comment on the matter
- Comcept did not return request for a statement

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 520 records Live at 2:50 PM ET

Just as I said last night, we're recording the podcast today! By 'we', I mean me. Weekend plans have pushed the podcast to today and I'm also going it alone. Time for me to be a brave boy! Still, I'd love to have you all join me. Watch live below and hit up our chat room to talk with me during the show, as well as other viewers/listeners!

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