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Animal Crossing devs share love of Ultima Online/Monster Hunter, talk about Animal Crossing' future

Coming from a Giant Bomb interview with Nintendo's Aya Kyogoku and Katsuya Eguchi...

“Rather than going into dungeons and fighting monsters, I would go into the neighboring field and go harvest some cotton or mine some ore. I would spend a lot of time doing that. It was starting to affect my personal life, as well. [laughs]. As I got into game development, I realized that I can’t spend all this time playing games if I’m going to try and make games, as well. That was my graduation out of Ultima Online.” - Kyogoku
“Of the recent games I’ve played, I know it’s a different company, but I enjoyed Monster Hunter. With movies like Lord of the Rings, I feel like the archer is the coolest. [laughs] Me, personally, I’m more like a dwarf... I really think playing together with friends is a big element. In order to play with friends, you have to be at a similar level. Because of that, you tend to play a little bit more by yourself to reach that level, so you’re not left behind by your friends. At the same time, just getting together, whether it’s local or wireless or over the Internet, really drives me to play a lot more. It’s a similar way in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.” - Eguchi

The pair also discussed what they see in the future for Animal Crossing.

“It’s hard to say what Animal Crossing is going to look like in 10 years, but I do hope it’s still around and it’s reached out to an even wider range of audience. At the same time, I really hope it stays as franchise that’s both enjoyable to newcomers and people who’ve enjoyed the franchise for all this time.” - Kyogoku
“In 20 [or] 30 years, when the users in that time are playing, I would like to say “when mom and dad were young, we were playing Animal Crossing, too!”. It would be great if we could say something like that. It might actually turn out that I’m more of a grandpa or grandma, but even then, it’d be great to say 'back in my day, we used to play like this!'" - Eguchi

Thanks to Lucas for the heads up!


NES Remix 2 - Classic NES Challenges trailer

Direct link here

Star Wars Pinball - Masters of the Force

Direct link here

Mario Golf: World Tour - Castle Club footage

Direct link here

Random Time! - Wii Balance Board with a VR headset allows for a hoverboard-like experience


IGN - Nintendo open to the idea of 3rd party Remix games & GBA/SNES Remix, but need to see fan interest

The following comes from an IGN interview with NES Remix director Koichi Hayashida...

“Well personally I'm a fan of those games (Mega Man, Castlevania, and Contra), and I like them a lot. If there's a big enough outpouring of support for these titles, it's something I'd like to take a look at. Well, personally, I have a large desire to explore that very idea (SNES, GBA versions of NES Remix), but it really harkens back to the answer I just gave. Does the marketplace want it or need it? If we get a big enough cry for that, with a lot of people saying, 'Hey, we'd love to see more of these perhaps for the SNES, Game Boy or Game Boy Advance,' then it would be something we can take a look at.”


Hot-Blood Magic Tale - details on abilities, collectibles and more

- Kunio is joined by a warrior with light equipment, a knight, and a mage
- characters have different special attacks depending on what weapon (sword, staff, throwing item or bare hand) they have equipped
- the mage can use spells like summoning a ghost, Fireball, Invisibility, and Whirlwind
- the game has more than 40 skills
- 60+ items to collect
- this includes the Ghost Sword, which damages ghost, but is ineffective against tangible enemies
- there's also the Pig-Headed Old Man’s Cane that hits an enemy with lightning
- over 100 quests like recovering lost items and eliminating monsters
- due out in Japan on April 30th for 994 yen


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty dev discusses updated cut-scenes

A portion of an Oddworld.com interview with dev Mauricio Hoffman...

O: How much have the new cut-scenes been influenced by the old?

MH: A lot, we want this to still be recognized as Abe’s Oddysee, we wanted to keep its essence since we all love the original game. So we had to balance out where we stay close to the original, like the RuptureFarms opening; and where we can come in and improve drastically, like at the Shrykul transformation. Other shots like Paramonia and Scrabania, both the area and the temple introductions, are new scenes that just give us a chance to see Abe getting into trouble as he progresses through the game.

Full interview here

Smash Bros. series comparison - character models

Next Resident Evil movie officially underway

- confirmed by director and writer Paul W.S. Anderson
- work on the sixth Resident Evil film has officially begun.
- writing for the film will begin shortly
- Li Bingbing will reprise her role as Ada Wong
- movie will “definitely be 3D”
- title may be “Resident Evil: Rising”


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