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Xenoblade Chronicles X director says team aimed for 'the next evolution in JRPGs'

Coming from a GameSpot interview with executive director Tetsuya Takahashi...

"Since we're aiming for the next evolution in JRPGs, I have to admit that our original goal was not to aim for simplicity. We were looking for new directions and so that means adding new elements to an existing structure that people might have an innate understanding of. As such, I have to be honest, there is going to be some complexity that comes in, but I feel that we've created a really compelling experience from that.

The way that we think about an open world game is that there is so much space and so much to do that if there were no limitations, it would be very easy for the user to get lost or to not know which objective they need to pursue next. From a designer perspective, we think about what steps can we add that will act as limitations to ease people into the experience of this large world. We ease the player into varying objectives and limit their access to certain parts of the map.

Certainly there are a lot of different approaches to open world games of this type, and I think one of the big distinctions between us and [others] is that we're trying to consider the needs of the Japanese market as well where, I think, most players are not necessarily as familiar with that kind of approach to open world games.

The experience that works the best in our market is to have these steps by which the player becomes stronger, and that in turn opens up new areas for them. There definitely was some thought and some sensitivity going around the needs of our market as well, considering what Japanese players like to do and how to give them the best experience."

Full interview here

Monster Strike - character profiles, quest info


Mizusawa Aoi: one of Homura Ren’s classmates. She used to know him when he was younger, but since Ren lost his memories, he doesn’t remember her when he first meet her.

Nikaido Jun [new character]: she’s the president of the student council. She has a strong sense of duty, and since she’s the president of the student council, she’s always on the look out for misbehaving students.


- when you finish the main story, you can head to the Coliseum in order to take on some quests
- quests require powerful monsters
- to strengthen your monsters, you need materials, which can be obtained via Daily Quests are for
- rewards you get depend on the day of the week
- the attribute of the materials you get will change every day
- Voucher Quests will get various items, but you need to use a voucher

Monster Hunter X - two more collabs, more footage, screens & art


- special “Dengeki” Switch Axe will be available on March 25th
- Magi special quest will get you two weapons [available in March]

More screens here

Japan - Nintendo merch hits Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

- available from December 1st (9AM JST) to January 4th
- meet Claude in town and take on his request (making a home that looks like a game store)
- completing Claude's request unlocks the following items:

Disk Writer
Wii U Demo Station
Big GameBoy
New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS XL
Wii U + 2 Wii Remotes
Nintendo 3DS Station
stand with Nintendo 3DS games
stand with amiibo figures
stand with Wii U games

SteamWorld Heist blog update - Appear In The SteamWorld Heist Launch Trailer

We’re currently editing the SteamWorld Heist release trailer and we need your help! Game trailers usually feature in-game scenes plastered over with cut-and-paste quotes from reviews and previews. I bet you’re familiar with those. The quotes easily take much of the spotlight, so we’ll use them sparingly. But that won’t stop us from leaving one spot open for you!

The challenge is to write a quote for the SteamWorld Heist launch trailer. Since you haven’t played the game we don’t expect you to come up with something that sounds like you have. Instead, it could be your personal description of the game or what you hope to get out of it when you play it. Whatever you think would make sense to put in a game trailer.

Oh, you’re in a hurry if you want to enter! Check the deadline below “Rules and how to enter”

Full details here

CoroCoro debuts Splatoon comic strip

CoroCoro debuted a Splatoon comic strip in their December issue. If you want to check out what it's like, you can hit up a download here. The comic is still in Japanese, but I'm sure someone out there will end up translating!

Monster Hunter X gets Ushio and Tora collaboration

- Ushio and Tora collaboration offers a special “Beast Spear” Insect Glaive
- wen the Beast Spear is equipped, Tora becomes your Kinsect and your hair grows super long like Ushio’s
- obtain the Insect Glaive via a quest launching January 27

Judge dismisses Billy Mitchell’s lawsuit against Regular Show

There's no denying that Regular Show's Garrett Bobby Ferguson is inspired by real-life gaming personality, Billy Mitchell. Mitchell is most well known for his appearance in the documentary, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. It seems that Billy wasn't a fan of Regular Show's Garrett Bobby Ferguson, the character seen above. Mitchell took Cartoon Network to court, claiming that the Regular Show character was an 'invasion of privacy and a misappropriation of his likeness for commercial gain.' As most would guess, the court ruled that the character is protected by parody laws and Mitchell's case was dismissed.