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GN Podcast #471

Random Time! - Bayonetta will pole dance with new AR app

- uses the Junaio augmented reality app for iOS or Android
- download the app and search for "bayonetta2" to get dancing Bayonetta
- if you put her near a pole shaped object she’ll do a pole dance
- 20 fans that post images to the Bayonetta 2 contest page will win QUO cards worth 1,000 yen


Fan-Art/Random Time! - Texas Chainsaw Massacre turned NES boxart

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!


Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection Kickstarter cancelled due to copyright disputes

I started this project after speaking with friends with colleagues in Japan, who work within the games industry and by looking at copyright here in the UK with regard to derivative and non-derivate copyright photography and how it differentiates in each country. Japan has two types of copyright, author’s and neighbouring and each is different. They also have a software copyright law that (on the gaming side) is focused more on the ill-use of screenshots and captured footage of games – particularly footage used on commercially based platforms, such as monetised YouTube channels and websites.

After speaking with the guys I know in Japan as, well as contacting Nintendo Europe, I’m still no further in the minefield of international copyright. I thought I had enough clarity with copyright, especially when I had people supporting my own research, So it’s with great sadness that I have to announce that I’ll be closing the Kickstarter pledge. I’ll be completing the book as planned and I will spend the next few months finding the VG publishers who are left to seek permission. I’ve had offers from some publishers who have taken a keen interest in the book outside of Kickstarter and hopefully my book will reach you that way.

Full update here

Super World Karts Kickstarter update - 10 days to go

I can't believe there's only 10 days to go already, the time has quite literally flown by! I wish I had set the project length to 100 days just so I could interact with you all for longer! :(

If you're keen on seeing some of Battle Mode in action, I've added to the project video a few seconds of footage from the Fist Of Awesome arena, and the Toto Temple Deluxe arena, which I hammered together this week. I'd like to show more, but there's still too much to iron out right now.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

IGN Plays - Mario Kart 8

Smash Bros. 3DS - French commercial

IGN - Playing Through Gamings Generations - Adventures of Pip

Final Fantasy Explorers - battle, abilities and trace mode details

- when you’re not in combat and the battle theme isn’t playing, your health will regenerate rapidly
- Flash ability will work similarly as the way it does in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
- auto-saves and manual saves
- crystal located in the middle of town is where you’ll acquire Abilities
- these can be purchased by using CP points that you’ll get while going out on quests
- you won’t be able to learn too many at once
- you won’t be able to use every single skill from all the Jobs
- you’ll be able to learn them as long as they make sense for your Job in some way
- example: Dark Knights will be able to learn various Black Mage spells
- example: You can have White Mages that don’t really heal as much, but instead they specialize in damaging opponents
- it’ll take about an average of 20 minutes to complete a quest
- Ranger can use Trance mode, then follow with “Legend Character” transformation and turn into Cloud
- Cloud has been shown using a bow instead of his regular Buster Sword
- Trance mode and transforming into a Legendary Character aren’t exactly the same thing
- Trance mode is more of a power-up
- an indicator on the top-left part of the screen shows when you can go into Trance mode
- it takes a certain amount of enemy kills to fill up the meter
- some sort of system that lets you break parts off boss monsters to acquire materials


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal rated for Australia

Aegis Defenders Kickstarter update - 125k + Final Day Livestream

You amazing dudes & ladies did it. You broke our brains. You, collectively, have managed to pour $125,000 into this game, to help turn this dream into reality. This also means that we get to implement the one feature we really, really wanted- Local Co-op! So much of Aegis Defenders is inspired by sitting on the couch with a controller in hand, arguing and laughing with our friends as we conquered a digital adventure. The chance to give that back to someone else is priceless. You’re all awesome.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

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