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EoD - Happy release!

EoD - Too big & loud

Smash Wii U review

Adventure Time rev

Pokemon AS review!

EoD - Instagram fun

Fatal Frame: Nuregarasu no Miko - more footage

Direct link here

IGN video - Unlock every character in Smash Wii U

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

Smash Bros. Wii U - list of all stages

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

The Legend of Legacy - monster screens

More here

Random Time! - The amazing cake Nintendo Canada has on display at the Pokemon/Smash midnight launch

Fan-Art: Bayonetta package art time-lapse

Random Time! - Natsume explains how to pronounce Natsume

Coming from a fan that asked the official Natsume blog how their name is pronounced...

Well, I can settle this argument equitably, because the answer is actually neither. It’s actually Not-Soo-May (Not-Sue-May may be easier to understand?). Nat-Sue-May is also cool.


The Homebrew Channel dev calms fears of the exploit leading to piracy, talks region locking

Coming from a TinyCartridge interview with hacker Smealum...

- this 3DS exploit does not allow users to run commercial or pirated software
- this is not a limitation Smealum or anyone else put in place
- it’s just technically the state of the matter with the exploit
- Smealum doesn't believe Nintendo will be able to fully patch out the exploit
- circumventing the region lock is more than likely possible
- if region locking was done away with via the exploit, users would have to go through the homebrew launcher every time they to play a game from another region


Another look at The Homebrew Launcher for 3DS


Hyrule Warriors - Second DLC pack: more details

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

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