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EoD - Backlog talk

GN Podcast #472

Xeodrifter diary #5

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GN Podcast #471

IGN Plays - Super Mario Bros.

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X - commercial

Direct link here

Game Boy World #12 - Revenge of the Gator

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Knapnok says Oct. release for Affordable Space Adventures isn't planned

Despite what Nintendo said earlier today...

Wii U eShop charts - Week 36 (France)

1. Fire Emblem (+5)
2. Rayman Legends (-1)
3. Child of Light (-1)
4. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (=)
5. Assassin's Creed VI Black Flag (-2)
6. Pokemon Rumble U (+9)
7. Zombi U (=)
8. The Lapins Crétins Land (+4)
9. Art Academy: SketchPad (+10)
10. SteamWorld Dig (N)
11. Mega Man 2 (-6)
12. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (+5)
13. The Legnd of Zelda : A Link to the Past (R)
14. Trine 2: Director's Cut (-6)
15. Just Dance 2014 (+3)
16. The Legnd of Zelda : The Minish Cap (R)
17. Mario Kart 8 (R)
18. Mega Man 3 (-7)
19. Mega Man 6 (-4)
20. Super Mario 3D World (R)


Nintendo of America - release schedule infographic

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X - more screens

More here

SDK Paint - details, promotional video

SDK Paint for Wii U is the successor to a collection of paint applications released for the browsers of DSi, Wii, and 3DS which all fit under HullBreach Studios' SDK Community umbrella. It utilizes Nintendo's Web Framework development platform and will launch inside Nintendo's Wii U eShop with a week long launch sale of $1.99 (Base price $2.99). It will be celebrated as the first Nintendo licensed game released from HullBreach Studios!

SDK Paint Launch Features:
- 4 Game Modes (Include: Painting Stencils, Galleries, and Sharing)
- Screens & Sharing (Includes 3D Anaglyph) With Discussion Via A Dedicated Miiverse Community
- Gyro Integration (Menu Parallax Layering)
- 11 Paintbrush Sizes
- 5 Layers
- 640×480 Canvas
- Onion Skinning Layers (50% Opacity)
- Hiding Layers
- Color Picker
- Eraser Mode
- Dropper Mode
- Paint Brush Mode
- Noise Brush Mode
- Blur Filter
- Flood Tool
- Noise Flood
- Texture (Flood on Solid Area)
- Noise Texture (Noise Flood on Solid Area)
- Flip
- Mirror
- Negate
- Bright
- Dark
- Feather (More Transparent)
- Unfeather (More Opaque)
- 3D Anaglyph (Depth & Convergence Options)

Additional Details:
- North American version releasing first, followed by Australia, then finally Europe.
- Explorable 3D Galleries with artwork mounted on walls in full resolution.
- 3D Galleries for SDK Paint include Art Studio, Hull Castle, Cottage, Sanctum, Space Station (Coming soon), and Catacombs (Coming Soon)
- HullBreach Art Studio, Hull Castle, Sanctum and Cottage will come with the initial release.
- Space Station will come with future additions the HB: Uncloaked Stencil pack.
- More galleries opening as DLC at a later time, combined with Stencils
- Stencils are starting as UV Maps and Grids/Guidelines. (Future packs include line art, cartoons, photographs, Renaissance paintings, etc).
- SDK Paint accommodates both left handed and right handed artists using the "Hand Flip" icon that switches canvas and toolbar around accordingly
- Slideshows on menus
- Rolodex effect of artwork on title screen, gyro controlled!

IGN - Fantasy Life gameplay demo

GameSpot - The New 3DS, Hyrule Warriors, and Fantasy Life

Direct link here

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