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Hyrule Warriors RV

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Xeodrifter diary #7

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Cubemen 2 review

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate getting Animal Crossing crossover content

More screens here

We don't have the specific details just yet, but as you can see in the image above, there's going to be some Animal Crossing content in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'm sure this will be announced for NA/EU versions soon, but as of right now we only have confirmation on the Japanese version.


IGN - The New 3DS LL in the Wild

Road Redemption - more footage

Direct link here

Smash Bros. 3DS - returning character: All Moves, Taunts, & Final Smash

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Ep. 1 DLC detailed

Episode 1 DLC

- will feature three short stories
- brings back characters from past Monster hunter titles
- special rewards await players who beat the quest
- Nyanjiro, the black Felyne with a red eye-patch, blue cape, and small barrel, was in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
- he returns for this DLC
- the Guild Sweetheart from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Yukumo Village will also return
- she has a special reward waiting for you
- Kayamba who appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate returns
- he has an event about an impactful mask
- Cha-Chat will act as some sort of bait against the stinky Congalala

More screens here

Bayonetta - Wii U Vs. PS3 footage

Direct link here

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - a look at the Limited Edition Remix CD

Igarashi puts dream game on hole, gets job at mobile dev to make money, considering Kickstarter

Coming from an IGN interview with Koji Igarashi...

“It’s kind of an unusual agreement. I have a special carve-out that allows me to work with another publishing partner or find other routes to fund my dream game. I’m a normal person just like anybody else. Unless I have a salary, I can’t feed my family. Not that this is a tale of woe is me…but ultimately you need to find other solutions to get by.

(Making mobile games) is something I’m going to enjoy as well. It gives me the opportunity to feed my family and and ultimately gives me the option in the future to pursue my dream if I’m able to find a separate partner in funding the game.

I have a concept, I have an idea of the game I want to make that I’m pretty sure fans would like…I really like tight action games, so having a game that would require a controller to enjoy it is definitely key to make a dream game.

I think I’m perhaps a little more old school. If it would make fans happy. Is this what they want? (taking the project to Kickstarter) That’s the question I would pose toward the fans. I think I have a direct intuition of what my fans want. If I made it, the fans would definitely play it and enjoy it.”


Bayonetta 2 - full playthrough series (Japanese)

Direct link here


Bayonetta 2 - over an hour's worth of footage

Direct link here

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