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Cult County chat!

EoD - Missed chance?

EoD - Waluigi time?

EoD - Mario where?

EoD - Which to buy?

Smash Direct wrap-up

Mario Golf: World Tour - Putt Challenge and Speed Golf footage

Eggbusters - Mario Kart 64 REDUX AGAIN

Direct link here

LEGO The Hobbit - more off-screen 3DS footage

Direct link here

Smash Bros Gematsu Leak Discussion: Shulk, Chrom, Chorus Boys, & more

Direct link here

Kickstarter - "The Event Horizon: Episode 1" may land on Wii U

Kickstarter here (thanks EmberstoAshes!)

Tentative release dates - Smash Bros. 3DS, Harvest Moon: The Last Valley revealed

Once again, these listings come from Video Products Distributors...

Thanks to The Masked Fox for the heads up!

Mach Rider - Wii U VC trailer

Take to high speeds in a desperate race to save the planet! It's the year 2112. Earth has been invaded by the forces of evil. Battle the invaders as you race from sector to sector on your motorcycle, searching for survivors. Feel the incredible sense of speed as you zip past evil Quadrunners and zigzag between treacherous rocks, oil spills and other obstacles on the course. For a different challenge, create your own course in Design Mode, using the various twists, turns and straightaways the game has to offer. Remember, you are Earth's only hope—you are Mach Rider.

Check out the full page here (thanks Vernon!)

Kickstarter - Heart Forth, Alicia may hit Wii U

Vita and Wii U ports are platforms that we’re absolutely interested in porting to, and we’re working out ways to make it happen. We’re not yet able to say for sure we’ll be able to port the game to those platforms since we still need to secure a deal with Sony and Nintendo. We’re looking into getting those. But believe us when we say we’re looking forward to these ports as much as you are. It would be a dream come true to have our game running on those platforms!

Kickstarter here (thanks Matt!)

Kickstarter - Pixel Noir devs looking into Wii U release

Kickstarter here (thanks Matt!)

Game Theory: Flappy Bird, PewDiePie, and Pasta Sauce (what it means for Wii U)

Direct link here (thanks Daniboy!)

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