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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: Tips for Dodging Every Final Smash (Part 2)

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Nintendo Wins Appeal: Creative Kingdoms' Patents Invalid

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today the federal appeals court confirmed Nintendo’s win in a patent infringement case brought at the International Trade Commission by Creative Kingdoms. The court affirmed earlier findings by the ITC that Creative Kingdoms’ patents are invalid and should not have been issued because Creative Kingdoms tried to claim more than the company invented. Creative Kingdoms had asked the ITC to block importation of Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U systems.

“We are pleased with the court’s determination,” said Richard Medway, Nintendo of America’s vice president and deputy general counsel. “Nintendo’s track record demonstrates that we vigorously defend patent lawsuits, particularly when the patents are being stretched beyond the inventors’ ideas. Nintendo continues to develop unique and innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”

For more information about Nintendo, visit http://www.nintendo.com.

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Atlus shows off Etrian Mystery Dungeon

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter update - 'Tis the Season for Backers and Bad Guys!

A handful of our Backers have taken on the awesome responsibility of designing an enemy for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. That can include the general behavior, look, and method for attacking or blocking the player’s progress. There are many things to consider when designing an enemy, such as:

· Number of game states, like walking, turning around, stopping, falling, jumping, cartwheeling, etc .
· Size and complexity, what it looks like and which areas of the game it inhabits· How it reacts to the various attacks from our playable characters

We will be there to guide the designer through each step in the process. We will advise, help keep it “on brand” within the Shantae universe and lore, and will create various sketches to help bring the idea into focus!

Here's a sample created by the WayForward team:

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

NoE - Out now: Super Smash Bros. Collection amiibo - wave 2

Power up your gameplay with amiibo: interactive figures that enhance your games in surprising new ways and bring all your favourite Nintendo characters to life! Simply tap an amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad’s NFC touchpoint while using compatible software and you’ll uncover surprising new features – you might be able to access extra content in your game, or see your amiibo spring to life as a powerful fighter!

A further six amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Collection are available now, featuring characters from across the world of Nintendo: Luigi, Diddy Kong, Zelda, Little Mac, Pit and Captain Falcon. Plenty more figures are on the way in the coming months, so pick out your favourites and build your own unique collection!

amiibo figures are already compatible with several Wii U titles*, with more compatible titles on the way in 2015. Certain amiibo unlock special Mii racing suits in Mario Kart 8 or give access to items in Hyrule Warriors, while in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, players can train a fighter to battle alongside them as a perfect partner – or their ultimate opponent! As well as working with Wii U, amiibo can also be used with Nintendo 3DS and 2DS via an accessory that is planned for release in 2015. Details about compatible software planned for Nintendo 3DS will be announced in the future.

Find out more about what amiibo can do in compatible software, and take a look at the complete line-up of figures, at our official amiibo website. The website has also been updated with a brand new section dedicated to frequently asked questions and further information about using amiibo.

amiibo are available in shops now.

*A software update may be required to use amiibo functionality in amiibo compatible games. A system update may also be required to use amiibo functionality.


Toys R' Us customer service says amiibo preorders cancelled due to lack of stock, more coming

Thanks to KingKoopa for the heads up!

Nintendo UK surveys parents to find out what gaming terms they don't understand

- study conducted by Nintendo UK in conjunction with Netmums, with 1700 people surveyed
- 63% of children across the UK consider themselves fluent in video game vocabulary
- 11% of parents consider themselves fluent in video game vocabulary
- 42% of parents surveyed have never tried to learn any gaming terms
- some parents say they feel too old to start or claim it isn’t important for them
- 57% of UK parents still enjoy playing video games with their children
- nearly one in five parents admitted to avoiding playing video games with their children solely due to their lack of gaming knowledge

The 10 most confusing gaming terms for UK parents:

MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – 53%
Twitch – Live streaming video platform / community – 50%
Blue-Shelled – Suddenly being knocked out of first place when you’re about to win (Mario Kart reference) – 50%
(J)RPG – (Japanese) Role-Playing Game – 43%
UGC – User-Generated Content – 39%
Backward Compatible – A newer gaming console that supports games or software designed for older models of hardware – 34%
Camping – Staying in one spot on a map in a game to gain an advantage- 33%
NPC – Non-Playable Characters – 32%
FTW – For The Win – 30%
FPS – First Person Shooter – 28%

- Nintendo has now developed a gaming terminology guide that parents can view on Netmums.com
- 57% of parents would find a gaming terminology guide useful

“Gaming terminology can make parents feel extremely alienated and perhaps a little scared about what their children are doing on line. It’s great to have this reference tool, which is live on http://www.netmums.com, to break down those barriers and help all the family get involved in the fun.” - Siobhan Freegard, Co-Founder Netmums
“Nintendo realises that not everyone is tech-savvy, however we are keen to make gaming as inclusive as possible. Along with the help of Netmums, we have looked to address this via the introduction of our gaming terminology guide. This will hopefully ensure that the whole family feels confident gaming together and can focus on having fun!” - Shelly Pearce, Marketing and PR Director at Nintendo

iJustine and Shigeru Miyamoto play Mario Kart 8

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Official Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing: Light and Dark Elemental Expansion Packs

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