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Pokémon Puzzle Revolution - REAL pokemon wii fan game

Postby Pokeky » 04 Jan 2009 20:26


0 - Introduction
PPR is a puzzle/action game, focused in the characters interaction (such as Card Captor Sakura: Card Friends (GBA) and so many other games like that).The game storyline is fully directed to a new Pokémon country (without name and info by the way). There, Ash (in a new journey), meet Roxy, a young excoordinator, and Pokémon Trainer from Jotho Region. They decide to travel together around that huge and amazing new world collecting GYM Badges and making new friends.

1 - Game Mode
After thinking about it, we finally decided which game modes won't be relevant to the game amusement and to the players' satisfaction . Here comes the full list (maybe we would add any other if you give us a good idea!).

1.a - Pokémon Puzzle Revolution : Unleashed Adventures!
I know! It's a wonderful name! This game mode is based in GYM Battles and sinple/funny stories with the characters and Pokémon! This mode is divided in 52 episodes as a real anime full season. It include even a Pokemon league with the most hard Puzzle Battle ever!

1.b - Pokémon Puzzle Revolution : Dawn of Darkness
It's a movie-like game mode. It starts when Ash and Roxy arrived at a town (without name by the way), where were built a huge and mysterious tower. The people of that village seems scared and worried about their futures, because that tower fulfill an old rumor about the moon of darkness. The moon of darkness was a important piece of the local folklore and it was mentioned in an old legend that tells: "after the fade of the dark moon, will be only misfortunes on the earth". After battle with a strange Pokemon Pikachu starts to change its form, becoming a Dark Pokémon . Now Ash and Roxy have to solve the mystery of the moon of darkness and bring back Pikachu's old form, before the dawn and the fade of the moon of darkness. This is more deep and interactive game mode. There is so many other things around that villege, such as Team Rocket and even Mewtwo! But we can't tell anymore!

1.c - Pokémon Puzzle Revolution : VS
Simple and classic game mode! You just have to choose your character, the puzzle type (it will have 8 puzzle types, (they are actually done)), following the stage and even Background music chooses.

1.d - Pokémon Puzzle Revolution : GYM Leader Island
The GYM leaders and Elite four are all waiting for you in it's Island to hard and cool Puzzle Battles. It works as at Pokémon Stadium Series.

1.e - Pokémon Puzzle Revolution : Pokémon Paradise
Like a Pikachu & Friends OVA. Ash and Roxy are in a tropycal island to rest from its adventures. But Pikachu and the other Pokémon decided to explore that amazing island! They will face Gorgeous Beaches, walk through Deep Forests, Dark caves, Frozen picks and even Hot Volcanos!! All with really fun minigames!

1.f - Options
Common options

some screens



Test on WII

game play video
http://pokemar.deviantart.com/art/PPR-F ... O-84471331
http://pokemar.deviantart.com/art/PPR-U ... O-84503713
http://pokemar.deviantart.com/art/PPR-s ... O-84999877

Wii Channel Screen
More info at http://pokemar.deviantart.com

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