Sequence Breaking

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Sequence Breaking

Postby el_sean » 24 Apr 2007 00:28

Has anyone broken a sequence in a game before? I remember when me and my brother first played through Legend of Zelda OoT, we accidently broke the sequence where you had to go get the Fire Tunic. All you had to do was go up to the top of Death Mountain as Adult Link and drop from that high ledge onto the small platform in the lava with the Rupees on it. There, you could go into the temple and skip the sequence where you get the Fire Suit. We beat the entire game without ever getting the Fire Tunic on accident. :? Funny thing happened because we broke the sequence. We were never able to open that side shop in the Goron's Domain.

According to my brother, we beat the Water Temple first, and that's why we broke the sequence, because we thought that we couldn't go to the Fire Temple yet.
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