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Best Buy offering 20% off on Nintendo eShop cards, kicks off February 23

Best Buy will be offering discounts on Nintendo eShop cards once again. The deal will kick on February 23rd and it will end on March 1st. $50 cards will be reduced to $40, $35 cards to $28 and $20 to $16. More deals can be found in the image above!

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User avatar
14 Feb 2014 22:26

I knew it! When GS had Rayman Legends for $25 during Black Friday, jump on it!
User avatar
14 Feb 2014 22:42

Canada? I don't know if it is, that's why I don't want to go or not...CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF IT IS IN CANADA THANK YOU GUAHIMAS OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT. :p
User avatar
14 Feb 2014 22:59

I might actually be able to take advantage of these deals for once.
User avatar
14 Feb 2014 23:02

Good. I might get a couple. I'm currently trying to decide if I want to go for the digital version of Mario Kart 8 when it releases.
User avatar
14 Feb 2014 23:35

What with Inazuma Eleven, Weapon Shop, Steel Diver and more coming out, I'm extremely grateful for this.
User avatar
15 Feb 2014 01:28

Think I'll be snatching up 2 $50 eShop cards
User avatar
15 Feb 2014 02:48

This is so awesome. I've gone fully digital on 3DS and buy the occasional digital game on my Wii U as well. Bought 150 dollars worth last time and regretted not getting more. Will probably go for $200 this time if not more. Hope that tax return is beefy this year!! Lol
User avatar
15 Feb 2014 11:19

Trying to decide between 4 $50 cards or 5.... I went all digital when it comes to Nintendo published games. And that's all this system will really have. Should be enough cash for all of the big releases this year. Love saving money :lol:
User avatar
16 Feb 2014 16:00

I'm all digital too (mostly for the extra 10% back on Wii U.) I'm going to do 5 $50 cards for the price of 4.

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