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Former Arkedo dev trying to bring F-Zero-style game, 'The Next Penelope', for Wii U

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04 Mar 2014 14:18

This looks really cool, I'd definitely pick it up for Wii U if it came out. Very interesting gameplay, and the twist on the Greek epic is pretty neat.
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04 Mar 2014 14:22

Consider me impressed. The game looks really good!!! I would definitely buy it if it came to Wii U.
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04 Mar 2014 14:33

The more the merrier. I hope we get a huge batch of indies soon. Also [not likely] Nintendo should promote them better than what they've done with the 3rd parties.
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04 Mar 2014 15:09

This looks REALLY cool. :shock:
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04 Mar 2014 15:18

It doesn't look like F-Zero at all. Only similarity is that it's a sort of racer and futuristic.

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