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Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell edition confirmed for Australia

- confirmed by EB Games as an exclusive
- $99.95
- regular game will be $79.95


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No Avatar
06 Mar 2014 23:41

If exclusivity's the case, does that mean that EB can bring it to Canada?
No Avatar
07 Mar 2014 00:00

It's tempting, $20 isn't too bad, but im sure jb or big w will have the base game for 70 or less, so 30+ is a bit much. Time to preorder and then cancel if needed
User avatar
07 Mar 2014 01:50

Wait, this is actually cheaper than if I was to import it from GAME.

AU offering up a cheaper product? Has the world gone mad?
User avatar
08 Mar 2014 22:19

This is great, especially since we missed the Wind Wake HD bundle. I already preordered!

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