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Check out the G20, a Chinese console that blatantly rips off the Wiimote

Skim by that image quick enough and you might not think anything strange is going on. Stop to take a look and you'll realize that this is a Wiimote ripoff. It's part of the G20, a Chinese game console coming from a collaboration between the Alibaba and Xiao Bawang companies. Some people have no shame...

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08 Apr 2014 03:07

My translation for those interested - no big surprises (except for the button to the right of the HOME button)

First column:
1P手柄 shǒubǐng - 1P Video Game Controller
返回 fǎnhuí - Return

Second column:
手柄电源关机键 shǒubǐng diànyuán guānjī jiàn - Controller Power Turn On / Turn Off Button
方向键 fāngxiàng jiàn - Direction Buttons
确认键 quèrèn jiàn - Confirm Button
开关空鼠键 kāiguān kōng shǔ jiàn - Toggle Air Mouse Button*
HOME键 jiàn - Home Button
游戏操作键 yóuxì cāozuò jiàn - Game Operation Buttons

Third column:
游戏确认键 yóuxì quèrèn jiàn - Game Confirm Button

*My guess is that it activates an on-screen cursor?
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08 Apr 2014 05:02

Does it come with a lanyard?
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08 Apr 2014 05:46

(secretly wishes the wii remote had the 4 button set up at the bottom) What a shameful ripoff!
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08 Apr 2014 07:22

Communist countries usually don't have copyright laws.... in fact they don't allow any private property ownership.

Intellectual property is still considered private property here in the west, but in China, the state holds the rights to all property.... I'm still flabbergasted as to why are some voters in the west are in such a rush to fundamentally transform America into a similar sociopolitical system as China. We certainly have a president that would LOVE to move us into that kind of system (and is making great progress towards it too with the ACA, NSA, Dodd/Frank)
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08 Apr 2014 09:34

Cheesus wrote:(secretly wishes the wii remote had the 4 button set up at the bottom)

I've thought about that to for a long while.
No Avatar
08 Apr 2014 10:15

Yeah the face buttons on the bottom are pretty sweet.

Funny how they're ripping off the Wii now of all times. Does anyone remember back in 2007 when there were a bunch of Wii rip offs like the Vii?
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08 Apr 2014 22:18

OmnipotentSwine wrote:@element187
Please don't start this.

Truth is heavy

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