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Target - Mario Kart 8 preorder bonus, extra gift when the game releases

You might want to consider Target for your Mario Kart 8 preorder, as you'll walk away with the fancy keychain you see above. Not only that, but you'll also net yourself a $5 Target gift card when the game actually launches. Not too shabby if you ask me! Thanks to Tom for the heads up!

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User avatar
02 May 2014 13:59

Maybe I should go ask about it ... Since I preordered there a while back.
No Avatar
02 May 2014 14:04

the only thing that sucks about eshop DLs is no preorder bonuses. Guess I'll have to ebay it.
User avatar
02 May 2014 15:03

The keychain comes with the newer style MK8 preorder card that costs $1. The additional bonus is the $5 Target GiftCard you get when picking up the game.
User avatar
02 May 2014 15:11

Is this available online?
User avatar
02 May 2014 16:22

That seems like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

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