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Mario Kart 8 trailer airing before Godzilla

Looks like Nintendo is showcasing Mario Kart 8 prior to Godzilla in various movie theaters. If you happen to get to the theater early and catch the commercials prior to trailers, you might just see a Mario Kart 8 spot! Keep in mind, these spots may only be shown at certain theater chains. Thanks to NintendoWiiBoy for the heads up.

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User avatar
22 May 2014 20:38

Good choice. I haven't seen it yet ( I was going to), but it was good they went for a broad movie.
User avatar
22 May 2014 20:46

Smart. They should probably keep doing this. It's a big summer.
User avatar
22 May 2014 20:52

Hope these commercials sell systems. IF it doesn't, what a waste of cash that could of been spent on another exclusive :D
User avatar
22 May 2014 21:23

even though it's probably just the same ad you see on the web I kind of want to see a bootleg recording of the ad playing in the theater just for the heck of it.
User avatar
22 May 2014 21:28

Now if it's only put on before X-Men.
User avatar
22 May 2014 21:49

KingBroly wrote:Now if it's only put on before X-Men.

guess I'll find out tomorrow
User avatar
23 May 2014 01:56

Can confirm it played before X-Men (an AMC Veterans). Amazing Spider Man 2 also (a cheaper local theater under the Touchstar cinemas branding). Looks wonderful in that big theater resolution. I was very happy to see actual ADVERTISING too. :lol:
User avatar
23 May 2014 04:38

It played before Godzilla at Regal Cinemas in Honolulu.

Actually I see Nintendo commercials often before movies.

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