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1001 Spikes hitting Wii U/3DS on June 3rd, loyalty discount detailed, patch incoming

- confirmed to hit Wii U/3DS on June 3rd
- loyalty discount available for 3DS version
- if you own any Nicalis title on 3DS eShop (VVVVVV, NightSky, Cave Story, Ikachan or Grinsia) you'll get 1001 Spikes for $10 instead of $15
- release date wasn't confirmed alongside the Sony platforms due to the process of working out the loyalty discount
- instead of pushing the game back, it will release on the 3rd with these issues included
- Nintendo says that an update could be issued within a couple days of release

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9 total comments (View all)
User avatar
30 May 2014 17:13

Well, at least they made the right choice and released it then. Wish Wii U could get the loyalty discount though.
No Avatar
30 May 2014 17:44

Aww.... I have Cave Story for the 3DS but I don't want 1001 Spikes on 3DS. I wanted it on my Wii U alongside Shovel Knight
No Avatar
30 May 2014 18:01

Works for me. I was hoping it'd be $10 or less and since I own Cave Story it is now.
User avatar
30 May 2014 18:10

Wait...what are the "issues"?
User avatar
30 May 2014 18:14

NightSky is so dammin great.
User avatar
30 May 2014 18:31

That's an interesting idea, but I don't have any of the listed games. Getting those listed games just so I could get the discount could mean that both games are $2.50-off, which would be nice... buuuut I'm not sure I want any of them. Yeahhhh... I dunno. VVVVVV is highly praised but it's more of a Youtube-game, and I've already seen it. Doing it myself wouldn't really make me feel any better about it. Cave Story I own on Wii and that's enough for me really. Ikachan's not really worth it last I saw of it. NightSky and the rest of his games are always a little spotty in the actual 'game' department..and Grinsia is still bugged last I heard. The only thing I know about 1k1 so far is that you will die a lot, which sounds cool in its own faux-La-Mulana sort of way, but given that, I'll need to see more of it to know whether five dollars more for Yumi's Odd Odyssey is a better deal or not.
No Avatar
30 May 2014 19:12

I have three of the other Nicalis games...too bad I don't get extra discount :lol: I am not entirely sold in the game for 10, but I will keep tabs on it.
User avatar
30 May 2014 19:22

I have 3 of those games too. There should be a discount depending on how many Nicalis games you have.

0 games = $15
1 game = $12.50
2 games = $10.50
3 games = $8.50

But I guess we should be lucky to get a deal at all. Plus, it should be cross platform. Would have preferred to get the Wii U version. And I'm holding off on getting it until I find out what these "issues" are.
User avatar
31 May 2014 13:25

frozenx07 wrote: Plus, it should be cross platform. Would have preferred to get the Wii U version.

I would love for this to happen! I think Nintendo should start that with Virtual Console games. But they won't...

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