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Devil's Third - a look at some of the multiplayer characters

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12 Jun 2014 19:23

So many choices!!!! I think i'll be recreating Mr. T from the A-Team!
No Avatar
12 Jun 2014 19:36

I wanna make The Man With No Name
No Avatar
12 Jun 2014 19:52

I will kill my foes with a cat head on. Yep this is going to my why am I out of money fund. To many good ones are coming out of this e3 from nintendo.
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12 Jun 2014 20:13

Better diversity than Assasins Creed
User avatar
12 Jun 2014 21:55

"Women confirmed in Devil's Third MP. "

cant help but read this as an ACU jab.

Im not sure what the deal is with the furry guy, but I want to play him.
No Avatar
13 Jun 2014 06:55

See Ubi Soft? SEE.

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