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The Game Bakers comment on the cross buy promo, not in NA at launch

This comes from Emeric Thoa, from The Game Bakers, when we asked him to comment on the deal...

"We are very excited by this promotion as it's the first time this happens - as far as I know. It's a proof that Nintendo is making efforts in giving more control to the developer on its pricing and promotions. I'm glad that our players will be able to play on 3DS and WiiU for the price of one game. It's a shame that it's only in Europe yet but hopefully this cross buy operation will be appreciated and the technical contraints that prevented it to happen in the US will be fixed."

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30 Jun 2014 07:21

So, there are really different servers between the three different regions.

I guess it was really a technicality after all.
Hope to see cross buy worldwide soon and those problems that prevent it solved soon.

Nice step ahead nonetheless.
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30 Jun 2014 08:56

Now if we could get this for Another World and Shovel Knight, I would buy them instantly. The way it is now, I can't decide which version I want.
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30 Jun 2014 10:48

I wonder if this is just a temporary promotion or a permanent one? It being listed under "Special Offers in the press release makes me question it but it's still cool either way.

I really hope more devs take this on in the future. If I had to guess I'd say it's highly unlikely anyone will buy a game on 3DS and go on to buy an identical version on Wii U (and vice versa) so it's not like developers would be losing anything by keeping them separate because people wouldn't be double dipping anyway. The only thing not having cross buy does in these instances is it makes it harder to choose which version to get, at the very least cross buy just sweetens the deal and makes a sale of either version more likely (in theory at least).

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