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SEGA dev says no plans for Wii U VC support, suggests fans speak up if they want it

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User avatar
10 Jul 2014 03:11

I want Saturn and Dreamcast on the Wii U Virtual Console!!!!
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 04:55

@enigmaxtreme This [Dreamcast]!

SA1, SA2, SoA HD, Shenmue I and II HD etc. - come the hell on [the first two were even done already, albeit on sub-HD systems]!
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 06:30

Sure, Saturn. And maybe finally release all three installments of Shining Force 3 in English, while you're at it. :P
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 06:53

PANZER DRAGOON SAGA! Thats all I want!!!!
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 07:45

32x contra hard corps!!!!! so many have not played this and i need more!!!!
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 09:21

I just want master system games
No Avatar
10 Jul 2014 10:39

welp, time to start pestering them until they cave. Lack of VC support on the Wii U is a travesty.
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 10:51

We need Saturn support on VC. I must have Burning Rangers, Fighters Megamix, and Dynamite Deka on my Wii U. It's never gonna happen, but it doesn't mean I don't need it.
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 11:06

Sega needs to be bought by Nintendo.
It does not seem to realize that its old IPs have value beyond making remakes.
No Avatar
10 Jul 2014 12:28

did anyone else see this coming due to the lack of castle of Illusion HD on wii u? NO? JUST ME!?
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 16:01

I really don't care, I'm not much of a Sega fan. The only game I'd probably buy if it got on wii u is ristar
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 17:36

I wonder if the lack of 3rd party support for VC has anything to do with how it's handled when buying a game you already own on Wii VC? Maybe 3rd parties don't want to put in the effort only to see a $1(or is it $1.50?) return on their work. Maybe 3rd parties could be bitter that Nintendo gave Wii U owners the option to import their Wii purchases which means less money to be made on the VC this time around. If that is the case, the incentive should still be there to bring out new VC games that went unreleased on the Wii.

I guess this only makes sense though if 3rd parties handle their own VC releases. Do they? Or does Nintendo handle everything internally once they make a deal to release it?
User avatar
10 Jul 2014 19:51

That's impossible isn't it? I read years ago they lost the games coding or something.

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