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Nintendo comments on Captain Toad delay in Europe

This statement comes from Nintendo, after we asked for a comment...

''To make the best launch timing possible in Europe, it is now confirmed that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is delayed in Europe until January 2015.''

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User avatar
01 Aug 2014 08:51

They wouldn't want November to be so packed with quality Wii U exclusive games like... uhr... Sonic Boom?
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 09:14

I bet this has something to do with NOE's restructuring.
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 09:32

@TimmiT Smash Bros.? Hopefully?

But that explanation really makes me wonder...
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 09:41

At least there is no way Smash is delayed now. Not that anyone should Think so anyways, of course.

Still, was looking forward to Treasure Tracker this Winter. Oh well.
No Avatar
01 Aug 2014 16:49

Meh, I wasn't planning to buy it day 1 anyways, but it sucks for the people that were. Still, unfortunately, this is why region locking sucks.
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 18:37

What a non-answer...

Why is the US still getting it this year then?
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 18:53

Chosenoneknuckles wrote:What a non-answer...

Why is the US still getting it this year then?

Real answer: Restructuring of NOE requiring them to push resources to "high-profile" releases and putting some on the backburner or giving them less attention, perhaps.
Fake answer: America bribed Nintendo of Japan once again to get a release before Europe.
User avatar
01 Aug 2014 22:46

Why are people complaining?? EU received several high profile games last year before North America. And by several weeks too. It's not the end of the world.

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