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Super Mario's franchise - Breaking down dev team size by game

I wonder why Super Mario 3D World saw such a big increase in dev team size. Perhaps it had something to do with making sure the title came out by a certain date? Thanks to Tobias for the heads up.


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24 Aug 2014 13:57

They needed extra skirt animators.
No Avatar
24 Aug 2014 17:43

I always wondered what had happened to Nintendo internally that things have become such a mess.

And this seems to indicate that HD and Shaders seems to have required a doubling in man-power to get the job done, which is why Nintendo is tapping outside help so much for Wii U.
User avatar
24 Aug 2014 17:54

Two letters help explain this doubling: HD
No Avatar
24 Aug 2014 21:35

@Elfteiroh There isn't anything special in HD development that requires doubling the personnel. Shaders can be done by just a single person or two. They just put more people in to lower their development cycles, since they have no third party support.
No Avatar
24 Aug 2014 22:55

from sunshine to nsmb u they were able to keep a similar size, It's very impressive, more impressive than the games in a weird way. At least, people should agree that it's better to do that than to hire and fire, like even the most successful ps4 sony's team had to . The one responsible for infamous.
Also not spending fortunes like ubisoft in useless motion capture (what a horrible looking horse in acreed), assets acquisition (just give a job to those people), celebrity voice acting, and other stupid things that make the budget explodes .... while still not providing just compensation for the workers or even job stability . Well that's another great thing about nintendo dev policies.
The way monolith is set up is quite smart, with a sister studio dedicated to create game assets I'm sure they were hard at work on numerous nintendo title. Still funny to me that they made the most sprites work for namco sega capcom project x zone.

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