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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

Finnish retailer lists various Nintendo Switch accessories from ORB, pictures included

The following listings come from Finnish retailer Konsolinet, who started listing Nintendo Switch accessories from a company called ORB...

ORB Essentials Travel Pack (Black hard shell protective case, car charger cigarette lighter, in-ear headphones, screen protector, cleaning cloth and a protective cover for game) - €29.95

ORB Game Card Holder 16 - €12.95

ORB Screen Protector & Cloth - €9.95

ORB Silicone Grip & Protector - €16.95

ORB Stand - €14.95

ORB Thumb Grips - €9.95

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Tags: switch


So getting the first one but would be nice if they have silicones just for the JoyCon itself.

The Silicone Grip & Protector seems more fit for if you are planning to keep your Switch in Portable/Handheld mode or plan to keep the JoyCons attached. Kind of defeat the At Home & Go slide on/slide off ease they been adverting of the JoyCons.

Mon Jan 09 17 09:37am
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I'll wait for the Hori stuff, if anything. I do really hope the switch comes with some dope Nintendo earbuds (secretly made by HTC)

HTC does make some killer earbuds.

I wonder how the Switch will fit in the dock with extra bulk from a case.

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