Nintendo has over 5,100 employees

As you can see, the height of total employees came back in 2014. If you look at Nintendo's number now and see how it's been growing, Nintendo could see its highest-ever employee count come the end of next fiscal year.

Genyo Takeda retiring from Nintendo

Genyo Takeda, who has been with Nintendo for quite awhile now, is going to be retiring. Nintendo put out a notice as part of their fiscal year 2016 report. Mr. Takeda has had his hand in all sorts of works at Nintendo, being one of the main minds behind the creation of the Wii. Takeda will be replaced by Ko Shiota, who is currently the Executive Officer and General Manager of Platform Technology Development Division.

Happy 25th anniversary, Kirby!

I remember getting Kirby's Dream Land like it was yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home with it and play. I plugged in my power brick for my Game Boy, ran over to the rocking chair by the window for the best viewing angle, and spent hours playing. I instantly fell in love. Kirby screaming into that microphone used to make me laugh like crazy. Actually, it still does to this day.

Kirby is definitely one of Nintendo's most utilized and unique characters out there. If Nintendo has a strange idea for a game, Kirby is usually the one that gets to tackle it. I love that about Kirby. His lineup of games is so incredibly diverse, and I'm sure that traditional will carry on for a long time. Happy 25th anniversary, Kirby!

A detailed look into TOSE, a game dev crucial to the Japanese side of the industry

Have you ever heard of TOSE? If not, you might be surprised to learn that they've been around for nearly 40 years and have had their hand in creating 2,257 games. That includes multiple titles released by Nintendo. TOSE has been contracted by numerous Japanese developers over the years, both big and small. Just how and why is this company so often utilized, yet remains behind the scenes? This recently-translated Famitsu feature gives insight into that and much more.

Feature here

First sign of Super Nintendo World construction at Universal Studios Japan surfaces

Looks like Universal is about to get started on the construction of the Super Nintendo World part of Universal Studios Japan. While the park isn't set to open until 2020, there's much work to be done! Universal Studios Japan has already put up the white construction walls in the specific area the park is set to be built. 2020 might seem far off, but we imagine work on the park is going to continue right up until opening day!

Nintendo America opens official Reddit account

Oh boy, here we go. I can only imagine the bad stuff that's going to happen here. Never-ending private messages about all sorts of insane things, but I'm guessing Nintendo had an idea that would happen. Nintendo has officially opened up a Reddit account. I don't know how often they'll use it, but it's at their disposal now. Right now, there's just three responses from the account. You can check them out here (thanks Microtic!)

REPORT - Vivendi moving forward on Ubisoft acquisition

French media giant Vivendi will accelerate acquisitions in video games and advertising this year to allay investor concerns about its strategy, mixed results and poor share performance, two sources close to the matter told Reuters. Advertising group Havas and video games maker Ubisoft are expected to be the first targets as Vivendi moves into the next phase of its expansion, the sources said.

Full report here

Inti Creates set to announce two new titles

Inti Creates is set to reveal two new titles at the 5th of BitSummit event on May 20th/21st. No details on what will be announced, but Inti Creates has been a great supporter of Nintendo platforms. I would imagine that at least one of their games is going to head our way. Also worth pointing out, Blaster Master Zero's DLC is going to be discussed.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 announced, no platforms revealed yet

I don't want to get into specifics here, since no platforms were revealed, but Jackbox just announced the Jackbox Party Pack 4. With the third installment hitting Switch recently, it's pretty likely we'll see this installment as well.