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Pocket Master is the latest mobile game to rip off Pokemon

Some companies just don't care. Rather than just take the idea of Pokemon and try to twist it into something new, Pocket Master blatantly steals character design traits and names. Let's see how long this game lasts. I have a feeling Nintendo and Pokemon Co. are going to swoop in quickly.

Cutie Clash, Cutie Pets Go Fishing hitting Wii U in NA this week

Puke your guts out for glory!

Welcome to the swamp!

You're a lowly swamp chicken looking to become King. You need to vomit and bomb your way to the top. In this 5-player vomit brawler all rounds are one hit K.O. and matches go to the first chicken with five wins. Defend your swamp crown round after round! May the best chicken win!

Full hub page here

Off the hook!

Welcome to Cutie Pets Go Fishing!

Race against the clock as you try to match large schools of fish! Grab time bonuses, multipliers and combos to greatly increase your score! Feeling a little stressed by the clock? play Zen Mode and simply see how long you can match fish!

For every achievement you get, you also unlock a sweet stamp to post on Miiverseā„¢. You can make posts with our cool stamps or share screenshots of your high score! Get Fishing today!

Full hub page here

Yo-Kai Watch toy commercial - AUS/NZ

Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up!