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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Last week's video content from GoNintendo

Still fighting off this cold...or dealing with these allergies. Such a pain in the butt! I long for the days where I wasn't all stuffed up and enduring sinus pressure. Damn you, body! Get your act together! See you in a few, short hours.

Time once again to recap the original video content we shared with you guys over the last 7 days. Hopefully you'll enjoy some of it! We certainly had fun making it. Of course, thanks to all of you that have been digging what we're doing so far!

First up, I had my parents check out Kirby's very first adventure. I thought Kirby's Dream Land should be easy enough for my Dad to handle. I knew my Mom could take it no problem. How did things turn out?

Next, we have the 563rd episode of the GoNintendo Podcast. We've been lucking out with great podcast crew support these last few weeks, which always makes the show that much more of a blast. Hopefully you feel the same way!

Finally, we have the newest episode of Eggbusters EX, where Austin takes us through a pair of Shovel Knight glitches. Austin will stop at nothing to uncover every single glitch in existence!

Nintendo LINE account - update for June 1st, 2016

Nintendo LINE

- Kinopio-kun promoting the new Lime × Black and Pink × White New Nintendo 3DSLL colors

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time hack adds in 4-player co-op dungeon play

The love for Ocarina of Time continues to pour out. This time around, we see a hack that turns the game into a 4-player co-op experience, much like Four Swords Adventures. Now this is an idea I can get behind! I wonder just how deep the experience is.