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Momonga Pinball Adventures reconfirms for Oct. 15th release in NA/EU

Momonga is a unique pinball adventure in which Momo, a little flying squirrel, takes on the forces of evil to safe his fellow momongas from the claws of General Kuton and his devious owls. It has all the ingredients of good old action-adventure games, but with flippers.

Besides the story mode, there are three mini-games. In Panda’s dream, Momo’s chubby mentor floats through the sky to help himself to pizza, donuts and candy. Guachinko is a new take on the Japanese version of pinball, called Pachinko. The Arena is where the more hardcore Momonga players go for a round of survival mode pinball.

Originally launched on mobile, Momonga Pinball Adventures received praise from both critics and fans. The Wii U version is a complete HD overhaul of the mobile version of the game, with enhanced 3D visuals and button controls.

Experience pinball with an action-adventure twist
Join Momo in his adventure through 9 story mode levels
Enjoy the beautiful 3D visuals
Guide Panda through his candy-filled dreams
Survive the hardcore Arena mode
Get the best score in Guachinko
Complete 45 challenges
Climb the leaderboards

Release for Europe and North America on October 15.