Japan gets another round of Monster Hunter Generations plush dolls

The monsters in Monster Hunter Generations might be fearsome beasts, but Capcom also loves to show off their cuddly side. That's the direction they've taken with the latest round of plush dolls. There's actually 4 new ones on the way. You can check out the set right here.

The King of Games reveals another Splatoon shirt

Yet another reason to be jealous of Japan. Let's hope some import retailers pick up on this soon. Perhaps the North American version of The King of Games will supply it!

GameStop now accepting retro trade-ins at all stores nationwide

Looking for a quick way to make some cash to fund your Switch purchase? All GameStop locations are now offering the option to trade in retro systems. This was initially in a test phase for awhile, but it seems things went well enough to take the program nationwide. Bundle up your old goodies and lug them down to GameStop to see what you can get!

Sega 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage - preorder bonus

Looks like retailers in Japan will be offering up this set of keychains as a preorder bonus for Sega 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage. I'm trying to decide if this is a step up from the usual clear files and cleaning cloth preorder bonuses!

Dementium Remastered sale coming up soon

If you missed out on Dementium Remastered so far, it looks like you'll have a chance to grab it at a discounted price soon. We'll give you full details once they become available.

Pokemon Sun/Moon starter plushes spotted at GameStop

Looking for a place to show the Pokemon Sun/Moon starters more love? Head to your local GameStop and you might find these plushes up for sale. Of course, you have to pick your favorite one and tell everyone else why the other two are terrible choices. That's just how it works with starters!

ShopTo opens up Switch preorders

A lot of retail outlines and online shops have set up options to notify you when the Switch becomes available for preorder. ShopTo is going one step further and letting you preorder right now. ShopTo wants you to know that "a placeholder of £9,999.00 will show in your pre orders section. You willl be notified when the price is confirmed and will not be charged anything until dispatch."

Preorder here

Sonic X - Season 3 DVD due out this December

Sonic X Season 3 contains all 26 episodes of the second series.

Six months after returning from the parallel world, Sonic faces off against a mysterious metal warrior, eager to steal the Chaos Emeralds from him. Even in his golden Super form, Sonic proves no match, and has to use Chaos Control to send the Chaos Emeralds away. And that's only the start of his troubles!

More machines show up, making off with the "planet egg" from Sonic's world, the source of all its life energies. Without the planet egg, Sonic's home will perish, and there's no way he'll let that happen! Taking to space aboard Tails' newest invention, the gang heads out to fight this steely foe. But their new friend from another world, Cosmo, is worried. Even if Sonic is the last hope to defeat the Metarex, can he really do it?

Preorder here (Thanks Lars!)