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Project X Zone 2 producer talks collaboration challenges, interest in continuing the series

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Bandai Namco Producer Kensuke Tsukanaka ...

NL: Was it a notable logistical challenge to collaborate with both Capcom and SEGA in crossing over their respective IPs? And in terms of this sequel, has including Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft's characters added to the challenge when producing this game?

Kensuke Tsukanaka: We put as much care as possible into the IPs from Capcom and SEGA, and also had a lot of communication with them on how to handle their important characters and titles. Of course, Project X Zone 2 is a title which could not have been realized without their kind support. Moreover, characters from Nintendo titles join the rest in this game, which meant we had to be even more thoughtful - but including such great franchises from these three publishers gave us many possibilities and helped us realise this fantastic crossover in Project X Zone 2. We're really happy about this, and I believe this is one of the great cross-overs in recent years.

NL: Is this crossover franchise a series you hope to continue for years to come, or is there a finite plan for this run of games?

Kensuke Tsukanaka: I personally would like to continue such a cross-over series game even though this kind of game is not that easy to realize each time. Additionally, I would really just like all players to try the game and hopefully enjoy playing it – and as a result of Project X Zone 2, if players demand another crossover game, we're happy to start planning the next one!

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Shadows of Adam will hit Wii U even if stretch goal isn't hit

A portion of a Nintendo-Online interview with developer Something Classic...

NO: Why is the Wii U the first stretch goal?

SC: It's much easier for us to port to the Wii U than the Vita currently. If we made Vita our first stretch goal, and reach it, then we would have production resources tied up in the port and could very well miss our projected ship date for the game.

NO: What happens if you don't get the $20,000?

SC: The game will still get done, but it just may take a tad longer. We’d have to narrow the scope of some areas a bit, but rest assured this WILL get done.

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ZeNfA Productions explains how Nindies Love You came together

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Greg Wiggleton of ZeNfA Productions...

NL: When did you have the idea for this Nindies Love You sale?

GW: I truly had the idea for this group event sale around a year ago when the 1st and 2nd "epic indie sale" events were happening. I was curious if it was possible to host my own type of sale with other indies I'm in contact with and if Nintendo would advertise it on the eShop at all. It was around August 2015 that I finally started to get active in recruiting other Nintendo indies and contacting Nintendo directly about setting up one of these sales.

NL: What was the first step in making it happen?

GW: The very 1st step I took was taking charge of this idea and contacting Nintendo (already with a few select indies interested) back around August 2015. I was curious on how these group sales came into being. Nintendo would go on to tell me that these group indie sales were 100% created from indies and that Nintendo just helped set it up with the indies being in charge of it. From there I tried to gather a bunch of different indie Wii U games that would go well with this sale and show Nintendo that we were interested in doing our own sale. From here, I would go on to be Nintendo's main contact for our group and talk to Nintendo on what is required, type of banners needed, and deadlines for different parts were. Every few weeks I would send updates to all involved as well as keep Nintendo involved with our developments to help keep them informed that we were serious about doing this sale.

The original goal was to have this 2 week sale period occur sometime around Christmas of 2015. A few of us involved early on thought this might be a good idea. After all, the Christmas period can be very nice for sales. However, a problem with this plan was that this period is usually very crowded. Nintendo themselves even warned us that a sale like this in December was a bad idea and recommended January or February for doing this sale. By October we finally decided to officially make it a February sale. Since this would take place around Valentine's, we decided on that as a theme and came up with the "Nindies Love You" title for it.

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Nintendo Minute's Kit/Krysta share 5 reasons to be excited for Fire Emblem Fates

Krysta: Really excited this week. Guess why?

Kit: It’s “peach week” in your Fruit of the Week club?

Krysta: How did you know? I’m excited about that but I’m really excited about Fire Emblem Fates!! We started Fire Emblem FEbruary last week on Nintendo Minute and we’re doing a month of videos dedicated to this amazing game. So, since it’s occupying our hearts and minds, why not talk about it today too!

Kit: That IS more exciting than peaches! We’re both pretty deep into it, so we wanted to share with everyone this week a few of the things that we are absolutely loving about it so far. Deploy the list!!!

Krysta: NUMBER 1: The two versions of the game, Birthright and Conquest, are really different and each have unique qualities!

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Mega Man creator details how the series came to be

A portion of an interview from 2011, featuring Mega Man manga artist Hitoshi Ariga and Akira Kitamura, the creator of Mega Man...

Kitamura: I joined Capcom as a graphic designer, but very quickly I became seduced by the lure of game design, so I requested a transfer to the planning team. I found out, however, that I still had a lot to learn about games and hardware. After a period of study and working on various projects, the Mega Man development began. But as I thought about game design then, I started to wonder if designers had really thought deeply about enemy placement and behavior.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before, Ariga, but in an action game or platformer, there’s often that one part in a stage where you always die, right? And quite often in those parts, it’s the way the enemies act that’s totally unfair and absurd, don’t you think?

Ariga: Ah… yeah! That’s true.

Kitamura: In fact, no matter what game, it’s those difficulty spikes that become the bottlenecks for players, and leave them with the impression that the game was too hard. And yet, at the same time, it’s a fact that those tough parts also comprise some of the core gameplay in any game.

Well, in order to sort it all out for myself, I decided to play a bunch of different games and study just those difficult sections, replaying them over and over. In the Rockman Tanjou Densetsu comic, where you mentioned my character being locked away playing games all day, I guessed that you were referring to that experience.

Also, two of my personal goals for Mega Man were to create a game where all the stages could be cleared in an hour, and to make something that players would want to come back to again and again. To that end, I actually calculated the total number of stages by measuring Mega Man’s walking speed and seeing how long it would take to get through each stage. I then split that up so that the first half of the game would be the robot master stages, and the second would be the Wily stages.

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Former Activision dev claims he came up with Guitar Hero Live idea, wasn't credited

Coming from a Polygon interview with former Activision dev, Daniel Dilallo...

"I knew that the prototype belonged to Activision, but I had developed the animation-based filming in college. Then, when I joined Activision, I used those ideas in the innovations lab. When I left Activision I was still developing those techniques and expanding on them.

I was working with the mentality that I was going to re-pitch it to Activision as soon as I polished the prototype up and really had a full-fledged design. Not just one little feature. Really show them how it would work with the first-person perspective and the animation-based filming. I spent about a year really polishing it up for Activision.

I had this whole pitch behind this technique and why it lends itself well to crowds specifically, for concerts and for Guitar Hero. That's why I feel like a lot of it was sparked by my initial prototypes. They used the idea and the design behind the idea, the techniques behind the idea."

Live-action/animated Sonic film due in 2018

A portion of a TWP interview with Hajime Satomi, President and CEO of the Sega Sammy Holdings Inc....

TWP: On the innovation angle, what kind of next-generation concepts are Sega Sammy working on?

HS: Sega Sammy Group is currently planning with Sony Pictures to create a live-action and animation hybrid “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie scheduled for release in 2018. Like with this CG animation production, we would like to expand our business into other entertainment areas beyond what we are currently involved.

Thanks to Zippo for the heads up!

Attracting kids/women & making new game types will continue 3DS success, says Kimishima

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

First, I will address Nintendo 3DS software sales in this fiscal year. As I acknowledged in the presentation, the titles we have released this fiscal year have not had quite the same potential as titles such as Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that we released last fiscal year. To expand this business in the next fiscal year, reaching young consumers and women and expanding our sales of our evergreen titles will be key.

As I said before, we have sold over 54 million units of Nintendo 3DS hardware, but it would have been possible to sell more software if all 54 million systems were in frequent use. I believe there are two approaches we can take to improve this. The first is to release software that makes people want to play, and the other is to create an environment where people around you are playing. These approaches will spur people who have not played games recently to jump into our games again, and help our software drive hardware sales. For the next fiscal year, it will be important to release titles that are different from the ones we have released this fiscal year, so we will make efforts to provide a strong lineup.

The question asked about issues that we have had. One of our endeavors this fiscal year has been to release multiple titles for young consumers and women. There was some variance in the response to these endeavors across different countries. For example, each of the European markets has different characteristics, but we were able to achieve a great response with our promotions and advertisements aimed at women in France and Spain. Going forward, we will also focus on promoting sales in regions where we did not meet expectations for this period so that Nintendo 3DS will be well-received there, too.