Yo-Kai Watch 'sales skyrocketed, doing 'really well', says Nintendo

A portion of a GameSkinny interview with Nintendo of Canada...

GS: So before we begin, could we maybe talk about Yo-Kai Watch and its popularity here in North America? I originally didn't think that it would actually be popular enough to get a sequel release here.

NoC: Right. So as you probably know, Yo-Kai Watch is already very popular in Japan right now. When we first launched the game in North America the game started off slow as not many people knew about the game. However, similar to Japan, the games and merchandise really took off after the TV show aired in North America. Almost overnight the sales skyrocketed, and the series has been doing really well ever since.

Shin'en talks FAST Racing Neo sales, no plans for physical release in North America

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Shin'en...

NL: FAST Racing NEO has now been available on the Wii U for a little while, so have you been happy with its reception, the number of players online and so on?

S: We have been very happy with the reception. Sales have been pretty good and we get a lot of feedback that people love the game. We don't have numbers for online players but we felt that FRN did fairly well when compared to other 3rd party games.

NL: With respect to NDAs, confidential data and so on, are you willing to comment on how happy or otherwise you have been with the game's sales?

S: We worked for three years on the game. It was a major investment for us but it worked out perfectly in the end. The game still sells nicely and when we showcase the game on occasions like Gamescom we see there is still a lot of interest out there.

NL: Are there plans to bring the retail version to North America?

S: Currently not.

Drinkbox talks potential for Severed, Guacamelee sequels, dev challenges & more

The following comes from a Reddit AMA with the Drinkbox team...

- added a new mode to Wii U/3DS to make it more accessible for casual players
- considered adding a hard mode, but ran out of time
- game was originally going to be a "short" project for Drinkbox with a 1 year development, but it took over 2 years
- content was cut from the original idea, including additional areas and bosses
- not thinking about Severed 2 at this moment
- would love to work on a 2D Metroid
- inspiration for Severed came from team member Augusto and his experiences being away from family
- it was challenging giving the story real meaning and impact and marrying that with gameplay
- 'always a chance' of a physical release for Severed
- as far as a Guacamelee 2, the team would 'love to return to the Guac world at some point in the future'
- last-minute issues cropped up with the 3DS version, which temporarily halted it from getting through certification

The team also shared a look at the original pitch video for Severed, which you can check out for yourself below.

Gurumin 3D confirmed for EU release

Coming from Mastiff...

Yes, Gurumin 3D will be releasing on the eShop for PAL territories, but it will likely be releasing shortly after the North American NTSC version. The two releases won't be too far apart though. :)

Thunder Lotus Games details the animation work that went into Jotun: Valhalla Edition

A portion of a PurePlaystation interview with Thunder Lotus Games...

PP: The way the animations bring these drawings to life is something that really impressed us when playing Jotun, how difficult was it to bring the drawn concepts to a playable state? How similar was this process to, say, animating a TV cartoon?

TLG: It’s not too dissimilar I suppose, except that you’re doing it all from multiple angles due to the interactive nature of the game. There’s a lot of work involved, we had two animators and some of the work had to be drawn literally frame by frame. We had some puppet animations as well, but we’re talking about 5 angles for your character, 2 for bosses – which is then mirrored to give you 4, and then other elements as well like the vines that pop up and attack in the first area. Add to that the fact that we’re talking about 5-6 hours of animation [runtime of the game], as opposed to the standard 1-2 you would find in an animated movie, and you can see how big a job we’re talking about.

Playtonic aiming for simultaneous Q1 2017 Yooka-Laylee release, no plans for NX

A portion of a Digital Fix interview with Playtonic's Mark Stevenson...

The Digital Fix: Firstly – the question that everyone wants the answer to: do you have a release date yet?

Mark Stevenson: There’s no set in stone date yet, but we are aiming for Q1 2017.

TDF: And is that a cross-platform or staggered release?

MS: No, that should be on every platform simultaneously.

TDF: The delay to 2017 has meant that you’re going to be launching potentially close to the release of the Nintendo NX, meaning that Yooka Laylee may be one of the last games to hit the Wii U. Is there any plan to relaunch the game on the NX at a later date?

MS: At this stage we’re aiming to just release on what we promised on Kickstarter - which is a lot for us as a team of twenty people!

LEGO Dimensions producer discusses their swift with the story packs

This comes from a Eurogamer article, where producer Mark Warburton discusses their blueprint for LEGO Dimensions' second year...

''We wanted to try something different [with Story Packs] and tell the story of those movies. This year is going to be a great barometer of what the appetite is out there, to see if people like our story or want something else. We’ll see if the preference is that they want to play the whole Ghostbusters movie or Fantastic Beasts movie.''

Read on over here!

Dragon Quest X localization not likely, but might happen with enough fan requests

The following information comes from Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto...

- translating the game would be a very big undertaking
- from a business standpoint, it's hard to justify localization
- if fans speak up enough for localization, there's still a chance it could happen

Miyamoto on Super Mario Run - Making new Mario fans, working with Apple, embracing mobile & more

Coming from a Pocket-Lint interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

Creating an experience for someone that's never played a Mario game before

"Our intent has always been that the side-scrolling new Super Mario Bros games would be simpler - games that more casual players could be able to enjoy. But what we've found is that even though they are designed to be simpler and easier to understand, the controls can still be difficult for some players and they have a hard time controlling Mario or making him run and jump at the same time. We wanted to ask how we can make the experience even simpler for somebody who had never played a Mario game before. That's been the focus with Super Mario Run: a game that's even easier to get into and play."

On embracing mobile

"For many years our mission in approaching hardware has been our goal of expanding the number of people playing games. Now, people are having these interactive experiences through their smart devices and so that's accomplished this great mission of helping to turn more people into gamers. We're using this opportunity to bring our characters to this audience and let them experience the fun of our games and hopefully bring them back to our platforms."

On wanting to incorporate GPS features/network connection aspects in DS games

"Even when we were working on the first DS system, we were thinking about opportunities to incorporate GPS or how to use a persistent network connection. We didn't do it then, but now with a mobile device we're looking into functionalities like the persistent network connection."

Sharing similar philosophies with Apple

"The iPhone and iOS are great to work on because it's stable. In terms of working with Apple, we found we shared a lot of philosophies and we found from early on it was easy to work with them. It's Apple's hardware of course, not ours, but that just means it's a framework in which you try to be as creative as possible - it's not a limitation, I look at it as a lot of fun."

Working with mobile, but staying true to traditional hardware

"We'll continue to look at the opportunities smartphones bring and when we see one we'll continue to design for that hardware in a way that takes advantage of the functionality there. But we'll keep designing for our own platforms as well."

LEGO Dimensions producer talks Supergirl going multiplatform, chances of Disney content

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with producer Mark Warburton...

On Supergirl eventually being available for other platforms

"I keep stressing it's a timed exclusive.... The exact specifics of that is something for [publisher] Warner Bros. I'm sure there will be more things to come..."

On Disney content coming to LEGO Dimensions

"We talk to them all the time - Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out there, we just released new Lego Marvel DLC. With my Lego Dimensions hat on? We have two different streams on the go - Dimensions is one, then we have our Marvel game and Star Wars... We're happy with the trajectory of Lego Dimensions."