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Nintendo feels Kerbal Space Program on Wii U is the definitive version, thanks to the GamePad

Coming from Nintendo's Damon Baker...

“We feel we have the definitive version on Wii U because of our interface. You’ll be able to utilize the touchscreen and the GamePad in a number of different ways from actually building the spacecraft and navigating the spacecraft and even getting different perspectives. You’ll be able to fly the spacecraft from the cockpit utilizing the GamePad as a different viewpoint.”

RIVE single-player, game length/price, Two Tribes hoping to continue working with Nintendo

A portion of a NWR interview with Two Tribes...

NWR: Is the game solely a single player experience?

M: Unfortunately, yes. For us, it makes it easier to focus on the solid single player experience rather than shift focus around. Ultimately, if this game sells well, I'd like to make a multiplayer version of it but it's very difficult, you can't just hit a button and suddenly there's a multiplayer version - it's too difficult. On the same console, on the Wii U, it's possible to have multiplayer on the same device, that's a lot easier, but we want to guarantee we have a steady framerate of 60 frames per second then it's very difficult to do. For now, it'll be only single player. Depending on how it sells we might do something else with it.

NWR: How large is the scale of the game? Is it going to be small but impactful?

M: When we were making this game, when we set our goals almost two years ago now we wanted to make a small game partially because we didn't want to spend too long on the game. Originally we wanted to spend 6-9 months, now we're pushing the two year limit. In that respect it's a long game, but you're aiming for the content - what we're aiming for is 4-5 hours, people should be able to do it in 4-5 hours. The game will be priced about $10, for that amount of gameplay for that price it should be reasonable. That's always what we're trying to think of.

NWR: You've been always supporting Nintendo systems - how will that be in say, a couple of years?

M: If they still make consoles then, and I hope they will especially after the NX, I'll always support them. I'm not just saying that because I want to please them, we've been working with them for 15 years and it just feels right. If they're still making consoles, we'll be there.

Pokemon marketing director says there may be big plans for the franchise's 20th anniversary

A portion of a NWR interview with Pokémon Company International’s Director of Consumer Marketing, J.C. Smith...

NWR: 20 years. February 27th, 2016. What kind of plans you got, other than Pokkén Tournament?

JS: [Laughs] Wish I could tell you but I can’t!

NWR: Are there big plans for it?

JS: There’s always big plans for it. And obviously, you’re seeing some big product stuff for it that’s been announced that’s exciting for the year and we always want to keep fans on their toes, but nothing I can reveal at this time.

NWR: Are we going to hear more soon? I know CoroCoro is talking about some stuff that’s going to get revealed soon. Maybe involving a green blob…

JS: [Laughs] CoroCoro – I love ‘em! Maybe…

NWR: Might hear something in three weeks?

JS: We’ll keep you on your toes!

NWR: Might see one of those minute-long trailers with the green blob and a new Zygarde form?

JS: [Laughs] You ask good questions. Nothing I can say.

NWR: So nothing on Pokémon XZ, YZ, X2, Y2? Because, it would be real nice if something came out next February!

JS: I appreciate your enthusiasm and you ask a lot of good questions but nothing I can reveal at this time.

13AM Games talk Runbow EU release, 3DS interest, sequel chances and more

Coming from 13AM Games...

On EU release:

Runbow is coming to the European eShop VERRRRRY soon. We actually just got the game approved for the NOE store today, and we will be able to announce the date on Sunday. I can confirm on sunday if you follow us on twitter, but let me just hint... it's very soon.

3DS interest:

We had such a good time working with other Indie Devs... what a great community to be a part of. We would of course work with people if the opportunity came up. We'd love 3DS, but we've got to wrap up this console first.

On a potential sequel:

We're still sore from making this one... but anything is possible. We would love a chance to build this thing from the ground up as opposed to in a post-jam hurricane.

On new content:

We're planning new content right now and we'll be making announcements very very soon. Suffice it to say we will continue to fix issues if there are any, and we want you guys to know that we are appreciative for all of your support. Definitely new costumes and levels down the road.

Full interview here

The Swindle dev says Curve didn't request a single change to the game

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Dan Marshall...

"Curve haven't insisted on a single change to The Swindle. There's no, 'You can't do that, you can't do that, you need to change this thing.' The Swindle is exactly 100 percent my game, and they've been amazingly supportive throughout the entire process. To me, that takes away a lot of the negative side of stuff that publishers always had. A lot of them are doing quite a good job in straddling the line between being the heroic force for good that some indie developers need and staying away from that old, publisher stereotype image of being problematic for the industry."

Full interview here

Pokken Tournament arcade machine may not come stateside

A portion of a NWR interview with Pokémon Company International’s Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith...

Nintendo World Report (NWR): So the whole Dave & Buster's thing…

J.C. Smith (JS): Mhm.

NWR: How that’s moving towards arcades presumably next year. We’ll see how that goes. Was that organized by The Pokémon Company International also?

JS: It was not actually. In fact, I haven’t been involved in that, but I’ve been told that the arcade machine is not coming to the U.S., so I don’t know exactly what the plan is. But that was a long while ago, so who knows what may have changed. You know, you can’t stop someone from buying an arcade system so who knows what’s down the road.

NWR: So last you heard, there were no plans.

JS: Yeah, I haven’t been working closely on the arcade side at all because, really, I never worked on the arcade side but we’ll see. I think that will be handled by Bandai Namco. But I’d have to follow-up with you on that.

Disney Infinity 3.0 dev explains the process of choosing characters to include

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Jeff Bunker, VP of art direction for Avalanche Studios...

“You know that really comes from our community. We really try to pay attention to what they’re telling us. We watch the forums and we have the community leaders that we’ve hired internally that listen to the fans. We just try to draw as much of our selection from our fans. That’s the number one places that we try to get our information.”

Full interview here

Disney Infinity 3.0 producer talks about picking characters for the game

Here's an excerpt from a Vooks interview with Matthew Solie, the producer of Disney Infinity 3.0:

“Oh, dude! Every time we talk about figures – you would love this! We just get in constant debates. It’s like ‘Oh, let’s get Darkwing Duck!’ ‘But wait, do you want him before Goofy?’ ‘OH, good point! But… what about King Mickey?’ ‘King Mickey!? King Mickey’s awesome, he’d be a great character to have! …but we’ve already got two Mickey Mouses!’ ‘Ok, fair enough…’ It’s literally just all of us in a room debating about what kind of figures we want in the game. We try to first find out if there’s interesting gameplay around them, if there’s something cool going around the company with that character – synergy! Not to get too corporate on you! And then just in general, do people WANT that character? So it’s a sort of multi-level debate that happens with every character we add which is great… but it’s also TERRIFYING, at the same time! [laughs]”. And what about playsets? “Oh, god, playsets are even more cutthroat! But again, it’s super fun because we always debate about what we should do”

Read the full interview in the source link below!

Extreme Exorcism devs on the importance of local co-op, paying tribute to the NES/SNES

A portion of a GamesBeat interview with Golden Ruby president Mike Christatos...

“A lot of game developers now grew up playing games with their friends or family on the same couch. If you’re losing and in the same room, there’s something special about being able to reach over and unplug your brother’s controller so you get the highest score. It’s more of a bonding experience: the trash talking, the laughter, the conversation. You can get that over the Internet for sure, but being there in person is just different. The great thing about Extreme Exorcism is that there’s not only 4-player local co-op, but Deathmatch too. So there’s a mode to suit whatever mood you’re in, depending on how you feel about your friends that day.

The whole team wanted to pay homage to the games we all enjoyed growing up, so the NES/SNES era of games was a big influence. Our artist Johan Vinet is a huge fan of that era and was such a blast to work with. He was right there on the same page when we talked about our love for local multiplayer and [our inspirations]. We told him to have fun with it and throw in his personal touches, which you can see throughout the game in the various attack animations and their design.”

Pokemon Company says there's 'lots of stuff planned for 2016'

A portion of a NWR interview with Pokémon Company International’s Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith...

NWR: Will Pokkén Tournament be…is that your main plan for the early part of the 2016 anniversary?

JCS: No. ...I’m splitting hairs. No, there’s lots of stuff planned for the 2016 year but nothing I can talk about now.