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SEGA wishes they could have ported Virtual Racing to 3DS

A portion of a Game-Watch interview with SEGA's Yosuke Okunari and Naoki Horii...

GW: Is there a title you wish you could have converted?

YO: That would have to be the arcade version of Virtual Racing for me. It hasn’t ever been faithfully ported. There’re four ports to date: Mega Drive, 32X, SEGA Saturn, and Playstation, but none of them stayed true to the original.

The Mega Drive and 32X versions were amazing at the time, but I wish more attention went to Virtual Racing rather than Virtual Fighter. I wasn’t too impressed with Winning Run (racing game developed by Namco at the time), which was released earlier, but Virtual Racing really caught my attention. The 30 FPS framerate gave it a smoother effect compared to other games like Hard Driving and Winning Run.

There was also a Grand Prix mode, where people could play 15 rounds for 200 yen when popularity started to die. I remember having so much fun playing with three other people and figuring out when to replace the worn out tires at the pits. I do feel that I want to re-experience that some day. Many have told me that there’s no reason to bring it back when there’s so many amazing racing games out there, but I’ve got a lot of great memories associated with that game, so I’d love to bring it back if I had the chance.

NH: I got to say, I agree. I’d say Virtual Racing since I like to work on those primitive era games.

SEGA discusses the struglges of creating Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for 3DS

A portion of a Game-Watch interview with dev Yosuke Okunari...

GW: It seems like the base porting was a hassle in itself, but what would you say was the most difficult aspect with 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2? Was this an overall difficult port?

Yosuke Okunari (below YO): As I mentioned in the previous interviews, Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic 2 were all Mega Drive titles that we wanted to include for Batch 1, but we held off on them because M2 considered them to be technically challenging at the time.

Out of the three titles, Sonic 2 looked as if it would have the most technical issues during development, so we’ve decided to have it as the bookend of the series. If you just casually think about it, you might make the mistake that converting Sonic 2 would a simple task, considering Sonic The Hedgehog has already been worked on. However, there were several new hurdles we had to overcome for Sonic 2.

First off, there is a monumental increase in volume. There’s not much of a difference based on the number of stages, but there are nearly double the amount in terms of zone variety. Sonic 1 consisted of six zones, with three acts per zone, totaling to about nineteen levels plus special stages. Sonic 2 consists of eleven zones, with two acts up to Zone 7 and only Zone 8 having three acts. There are also Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, and Death Egg, which all totals up to twenty stages. On top of all of that, we needed to turn the special stage into 3D, so there were lots of hurdles to overcome.

Full interview here

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final devs are out to make the best 3DS RPG ever

The following info comes from a Famitsu interview with Producer Kazuyuki Yamai)...

- team members were wondering what to do for a Maniax-like release for Shin Megami Tensei IV
- the team realized they had to make a completely new title
- the devs wanted to make “everything clear”, which is why they put “Final” in the title
- the story is told in an ambiguous way
- players will wonder whether they should bond with others or kill them all
- the devs really wanted to see Navarre return this time around
- the devs expect he will be able to “expand” on the drama, which is why they brought him back
- devs improved on everything they could in the game (including conversing with demons)
- fan feedback was used and every single aspect that could be tweaked via that input has been
- devs are out to make the best RPG on Nintendo 3DS

Wales Interactive on considering 3DS support, appreciating Nintendo fans

A portion of a Nintendo Insider interview with Wales Interactive...

NI: Unity has recently announced support for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. Having found success on Wii U, would you be open to exploring that as another potential platform to support?

WI: Definitely. Actually, weirdly enough when we were out in Cologne we were talking to some of the developers of that. It is something that we want to actually try, because we’ve created a handheld version of Gravity Badgers for PlayStation Vita a while back which kind of did quite well. We know the 3DS is such a massive market. We’ve been to Japan a few times now as well, and we couldn’t believe people were playing it all the time. It will be something we definitely want to try out. For us especially, we like to develop and it would be a nice one for us to do.

NI: We’ve had Gravity Badgers, Master Reboot and now Soul Axiom. Do you feel Nintendo’s audience has been receptive to your games on the eShop?

WI: They have been brilliant, actually. We have published on every single console, Steam and PC, and, by far, Nintendo fans have been the best. We’ve had some great feedback, great conversations, and even with Twitter when we check it’s just been amazing. As developers you try not to read too much, because you’ll either depress yourself or be really happy depending on what hour you read Twitter! [laughs]

NI: Has that encouraged you to continue supporting Nintendo’s platforms moving forward?

WI: It’s one thing that we always plan for now. As a smaller developer especially, we have to pick and choose our battles. We can’t do anything physically, and time-wise we don’t have the resources. What has been solidified from the games we’ve released already and the reception we’ve had from the Soul Axiom demo which came out… four months ago. Jesus, time’s flying! The reception has been great, we want to support it and Nintendo has been great itself in supporting us. We can actually talk to people which is nice, face-to-face conversations or actually sending emails and getting a reply within a good amount of time! [laughs]

Tomorrow Corp talks Little Inferno sales, Human Resource Machine features

A portion of a NintendoEverything interview with Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gabler...

NE: Were you pleased with how Little Inferno’s performance on Wii U from a sales perspective? Did the game’s reception encourage you to bring Human Resource Machine to the eShop?

KG: The Wii U was a perfect platform for Little Inferno, and sold well! All three of us have been Nintendo fans since we were kids, and so bringing our games to Nintendo consoles is also a nostalgic decision as well as a business one.

NE: Will Human Resource Machine take advantage of Wii U in any particular ways? Are there plans to use functionality such as off-TV play or Miiverse?

KG: We’re big fans of off-TV play. TV’s are so hard to use. Does it have the right input source selected? Is it on channel 3? Is the VCR passing the signal through? Is the aspect ratio preserved? Is the frame rate multiplier disabled? Ugh TV’s. So, yes, Human Resource Machine is fully playable on the GamePad all by itself, just like Little Inferno was. We also discovered that the stylus is a perfect input device for this game – I wish I had one on my laptop!

Platinum talks StarFox Zero delay, 60fps, obtaining that 'Platinum feel'

Coming from a GameSpot interview with Platinum's Yusuke Hashimoto...

"Those two screens, you can't find that anywhere else. When we were doing Bayonetta 2, we just used that screen as a touch pad. With Star Fox, Miyamoto originally had the idea that he wanted to create a shooting game that used both of these screens, and then we said, okay, how can we combine this with Star Fox? Just having to use those two screens makes things interesting.

We've got them both moving at 60 fps, which is big for a lot of people, I think. But I think that it's kind of a milestone in gaming, in a way. It's not something that we have done ourselves before at Platinum, and it's just not even something that has been done in gaming before. So it's a lot of new challenges.

We've been working with action games long enough. We understand how the players play an action game, how they respond to an action game, how they'll move, what they'll do in the situational stuff. What we're making here now, it's totally a new learning experience for us, which is kind of fun to find out. We want to make it feel as great as possible (and give it that Platinum feel). It's easy to say [it was delayed] to increase its quality, or whatever, but that entails a lot, whether it be visuals, or controls."

Platinum reveals that Xbox One exclusive Scalebound started out as a Wii game

Coming from Platinum's Hideki Kamiya...

"When they first started, the idea was for a Wii game and we wanted to use a Wii remote to do the orders for the dinosaurs. You were in control of the dinosaurs, you were ordering the dinosaurs around, and they'd do cool things. Then after we made Bayonetta, we started the prototype. The first thing that I made a change to was making it a dragon game. We changed the dinosaurs to dragons, but at that point the lead character was even weaker than [current protagonist] Drew is in the context of Scalebound. She was actually a little girl who was with these dragons. As we were making this prototype, I realized that I didn’t want to just be watching the fight, I wanted to be more participatory in the fight. And I started talking with the staff about how maybe we should change this to be a swordsman or someone a little bit older. This was when the prototype got put on the backburner, so to speak, and the project was halted. Then we made The Wonderful 101."

FreakZone Games still working on getting AVGN Adventures to EU, talk sequel release plans

Coming from FreakZone Games...

We're incredibly excited about the sequel and can't wait to share more information on it! The game will initially launch this winter for PC and MAC and while we haven't announced a home console release... Let's just say we've had a great experience with Adventures on home consoles and we'd hate for the first game to get lonely. As to the European release, we have been continuously working on this and it's currently in lot check for both 3DS and Wii U.

Nintendo still wants to create another 'adventure-style' Chibi-Robo

Coming from a USGamer interview with Nintendo's Risa Tabata...

USG: Do you think there's still a future for full-scale Chibi-Robo titles, or has the series shifted to smaller games like this and Photo Finder?

Tabata: I actually wouldn’t call this “smaller” at all, especially in terms of the game’s scope. I think a lot of people will be more than satisfied with it. Personally, however, I think it’d be great if we could release another adventure-style Chibi-Robo.

Full interview here