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Interview with Ahmed Bin Fahad, owner of the world's biggest Nintendo collection

The following portion comes from an interview with Ahmed Bin Fahad on Nintendo Life:

It all began 20 years ago when I automatically started asking my parents to buy me the latest consoles and the latest games. Although I used to get them occasionally as presents, I made sure the old ones I had were stored in their boxes and were kept in a safe place; then I realized that I was obsessed with Nintendo.

Therefore a thought came to my head of collecting some clean copies of the old games of my childhood, as their memories are close to my heart.

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Mojang/4J came to Nintendo with their ideas for the Minecraft Mario Mash-Up pack

Coming from a Verge interview with Nintendo's Damon Baker...

“They actually came to us with what their vision was, and the extent of it, and blew us away. It still went through an official approval process through our art department at our head office in Japan, but it was really driven by them as the creative studios behind it.”

Indie devs share their NX hopes and wants, talk Nintendo competing with Sony/Microsoft

The following info comes from a GamesTM interview with Black Forest Games co-founder Adrian Goersch, DrinkBox co-founder and CEO Graham Smith, CTO Rebellion co-founder Chris Kingsley, and Zen Studios VP of publishing Mel Kirk.

What developers want from NX:

GS: The Wii U was actually a great platform to develop on. With Guacamelee, having the second screen on the GamePad was a perfect place to put the game’s mini-map, and made the game a great fit for the platform. Having the ability to play games right on the controller itself was an amazing feature for times when someone else in the household was making use of the television. While this was never a problem for Drinkbox, I believe that the limited power of the system made it difficult for some third parties to bring their games from PS4/Xbox One to the Wii U, causing the system to have less than ideal third-party support

CK: In general, I’d like to see a console that has comparable or more power than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and with familiar input systems. For an independent like Rebellion, you want to support as many platforms as you can, because you want as many people to play your games as possible. As a developer, of course it’s exciting to work with completely new paradigms but we all have to consider the economic realities too. I’d like to see Nintendo putting in more effort to work with other third parties so that the NX isn’t just a great earner for Nintendo, but can be a great earner for everyone else.

AG: Beside more power, which everyone assumes it will have, the main improvement we would like to see are on the side of the Nintendo submission processes, support and tools. Everyone who ever had to create a Wii U emanual knows what we are talking about.

MK: We are hopeful that whatever platform Nintendo makes takes steps towards the future in big ways. More horsepower, the integration of VR in some way, platform support for diff erent business models, and an easier publishing process would all be very welcomed. The Wii U certainly posed challenges for developers on a lot of fronts, but Nintendo is a company that the development community will support as long as the opportunity exists. It is hard to be critical, so I hope the new platform paves the way for success for everyone over the course of its lifetime.

All four developers were in agreement that having a strong Nintendo console is good for the industry – be it for the company’s history, risk-taking, competition, and uniqueness.

On competing with Microsoft and Sony:

MK: I don’t know enough to give a yes or no answer here. I do know that Nintendo is capable of creating some amazing, groundbreaking hardware that will get people excited and interested enough to at least consider a purchase. You know that Nintendo will bring their amazing games and franchises in a big way, and if they can get decent third-party support rolling then the games will be there as well. Things can change quickly; not so long ago everyone was saying consoles are dead and this generation would be a bust. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Other features the devs would like to see on/from NX:

MK: I would like to see Nintendo once again genuinely engage with third-party developers. Sure Nintendo has the characters we love and always will, but in today’s climate you must support the development community in order to have a healthy ecosystem. I look forward to seeing how Nintendo does this on NX.

CK: I’d love to see NX become a platform that publishers and developers can rely on, so they can invest and make great games on NX right now and so they can keep on making great games for in the future.

GS: Simply that it has powerful enough specs to compete with the current generation of consoles. This might prove challenging if they have a handheld standalone component to the console, but I really hope they can pull it off!

AG: I would like to see fewer gadgets, and a button smashing-only Mario Party.

IGN - Minecraft was greenlit for Wii U in Fall 2014, more collaborations possible

Coming from an IGN interview with senior manager of Nintendo’s third party relations, Damon Baker...

- Minecraft: Wii U Edition wasn't green-lit until Fall 2014
- fans should be vocal about what they want to see next with collaborations

Baker made it sound like another collaboration between 4J Studios and Nintendo on Minecraft could happen. What kind of mash-ups would you like to see in the future?

Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series coming to an end

Coming from a Game Informer interview with writer Brian Buccellato...

“We are currently in Year Five, marching towards the finish line of the comic series and start of the game story. I’ve spent much of Year Five setting the table for the big finale that will lead into the game and there are a number story threads that need to be sewn up as we get to the climax. My goal is to tie-up all the loose ends while giving ‘screen time’ to as many characters as I can. The entire DCU has been affected by evil Superman and I'm exploring how Clark’s actions have affected his allies, his foes, and society in general."

The comic series actually leads up to the game itself, so if you've been wondering how all the game craziness came to be, catching up on the comic book series is the only way!

StarFox Zero – Dev Team Interview: Part Two

Part Two: New Vehicles Broaden the Scope of the Gameplay

Sao: In Star Fox Zero, Fox McCloud’s ship can transform, and this is a major part of the gameplay.

Miyamoto: Yes, in this title, the Arwing can turn into the Walker, which can travel on land. The idea for this goes right back to the legendary Star Fox 2 which was in development for Super Nintendo but got cancelled once we knew the Nintendo 64 was on the way. In Star Fox 2, you could transform into a robot in order to get into narrow spaces like enemy battleships. Now in this new title, you can press the A Button whenever you like and turn your ship into the Walker.

Hayashi: But actually in the new game, you can play using the original Walker that was developed for the long-lost Star Fox 2.

Sao: Huh? What do you mean?

Hayashi: Well, if you tap a Fox McCloud amiibo on the Wii U GamePad, you’ll be able to use an Arwing from the Super Nintendo era...

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