GoNintendo Thought - Last week's video content from GoNintendo

Lots of videos to share with you guys this round-up. Let's see if you caught them all last week. I mean, it was a pretty busy week for Nintendo fans, wouldn't you say?! See you in a few, short hours.

Believe it or not, we've got 4 videos for you from the last 7 days. Yes, 4 videos for you to attach your eyeballs to! Have you seen them all? Check out the roundup below to see!

First up, we have my parents reaction to the Nintendo Switch trailer. I didn't tell them a thing about the trailer, nor did I answer their initial questions. I wanted to see how well the trailer did with explaining what the Switch was. See how it went below.

Next up, I did a silly social media video for the Switch. I've seen a lot of videos in this style over the last few months, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Next, I did a really strange video for the Switch. It's a very niche joke, so don't be surprised if it makes no sense to you. I asked you guys on Twitter if I should run with a stupid idea I had, and most of you said yes. This is the result!

Finally, we have the 584th episode of the GoNintendo Podcast. It's jam-packed full of Switch news and discussion from all different angles. Don't worry, the usual humor and stupidity is in there as well. Hope you enjoy this super-sized show!

This week's European downloads - October 27 (Gurumin 3D, Corpse Party and more)

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft, available October 28) - €49.99/£39.99
Just Dance Unlimited - 24 hours access (Ubisoft, ticket) - €3.99/£3.29
Just Dance Unlimited - 1 month access (Ubisoft, ticket) - €4.99/£4.00
Just Dance Unlimited - 3 month access (Ubisoft, ticket) - €9.99/£7.99
Just Dance Unlimited - 1 year access (Ubisoft, ticket) - €29.99/£25.00

Dance your heart out to the worldwide hit “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Just Dance 2017 is more fun & easier to play than ever! No camera needed, simply download the free Just Dance Controller App to your smartphone and you are ready to dance!

Permanent Bonus: Get 90 days access to Just Dance Unlimited from within the game with purchase of Just Dance 2017.

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Circle Ent.) - €3.99/£3.99
In search of memory to find the truth of the world! The protagonist of the game-Mr.Pumpkin adventures in the strange vegetable kingdom only to find his memory.

Solitaire (Sanuk Games) - €4.99/£4.49
The card game that everyone loves. Rediscover the classic card game, finally in a digital version that everyone can play! Arrange the cards from Ace to King in the 3 most popular game modes and spend an enjoyable moment indulging in your favourite pastime. A classic brain-teaser in which you will need all your concentration to earn as many points as possible. Only those making the fewest moves will have their names inscribed at the top of the international rankings.

Runbow - Shantae (13AM Games, Add-on Content available October 24) - Free

Minecraft: Wii U Edition: Battle Map Pack 4 (Mojang, Add-on Content available October 26) - €2.99/£2.39
Minecraft: Wii U Edition: Campfire Skin Pack (Mojang, Add-on Content available October 26) - €1.99/£1.59
Minecraft: Wii U Edition: Halloween Battle Map (Mojang, Add-on Content available October 26) - €1.99/£1.59
Minecraft: Wii U Edition: Spooky Bundle (Mojang, Add-on Content available October 26) - €6.99/£5.59

Includes Halloween 2015 Mash-up Pack, Camp Fire Tales Skin Pack and Halloween Battle Map.
Minecraft: Wii U Edition: Builder's Pack (Mojang, Add-on Content available October 26) - €16.99/£12.79
Includes Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1, Candy Texture Pack, Cartoon Texture Pack, Pattern Texture Pack, Plastic Texture Pack and Greek Mythology Mash-up.

Spooky Halloween Deals
Available until November 3

3Souls (Red Column) - €2.50/£2.20 (normally €3.60/£3.20)
Zombie Defense (Teyon) - €3.99/£3.56 (normally €7.99/£7.19)

Special offers
Discovery (Noowanda) - €4.89/£4.19 (Ends November 24, normally €6.99/£5.99)
Double Breakout (nuGAME) - €5.00/£4.50 (Ends November 24, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Family Tennis SP (Shin'en Multimedia) - €3.74/£2.99 (Ends November 17, normally €4.99/£3.99)
Word Puzzles by POWGI (Lightwood Games) - €6.99/£6.29 (Ends November 3, normally €8.99/£7.99)
99 Moves (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.49/£1.37 (Ends November 24, normally €2.49/£2.29)
Abyss (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.49/£1.34 (Ends November 24, normally €1.99/£1.79)
Rock 'N Racing Of Road DX (EnjoyUp Games) - €4.95/£4.46 (Ends November 24, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Defend Your Crypt (Ratalaika Games) - €2.54/£2.29 (Ends November 3, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition (Ratalaika Games) - €2.54/£2.29 (Ends November 3, normally €2.99/£2.69)
TITANS TOWER (RCMADIAX) - €1.00/£0.93 (Ends November 10, normally €1.49/£1.39)
TAP TAP ARCADE 2 (RCMADIAX) - €2.00/£1.80 (Ends November 10, normally €2.99/£2.69)
JACKPOT 777 (RCMADIAX) - €1.00/£0.93 (Ends November 10, normally €1.49/£1.39)
PANDA LOVE (RCMADIAX) - €1.00/£0.93 (Ends November 10, normally €1.49/£1.39)
SHOOTY SPACE (RCMADIAX) - €2.00/£1.80 (Ends November 10, normally €2.99/£2.69)
TOUCH SELECTIONS (RCMADIAX) - €2.00/£1.80 (Ends November 10, normally €2.99/£2.69)

Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure (Mastiff) - €14.99/£14.99

A fun, colorful, and fast-paced Action-RPG from legendary Japanese developer Nihon Falcom, Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure follows Parin, a strong-willed girl sent to live with her grandfather in a small mining town. She is quickly drawn into a battle between the monsters and Phantoms, evil fiends that want to destroy the monsters and cover the world in Dark Mist.

Bonus Code: Get a free Gurumin theme for every purchase of Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure.

Corpse Party (XSEED Games, available October 26) - €29.99/£24.99

Kisaragi Academy student Mayu Suzumoto is transferring to a new high school, leaving behind a sizable group of friends and countless lovely memories. To help her cope with this move, her friend Ayumi has devised a seemingly innocent plan: the whole group will come together to perform a charm she found on the internet called “Sachiko Ever After,” which is supposed to bind all of its participants together as friends to the end. This does not go as expected.

DISNEY 2-PACK FROZEN - BIG HERO 6 COMBO (GameMill) - €29.99/£19.99
Every day is a snow day with Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest, the new, puzzle platformer video game based on the upcoming animated movie of the same name from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures!

Following on the heels of their super hero debut, the Big Hero 6 team has targeted a dangerous gangster named Yama and his legion of out of control fighting robots!

Fairune 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €6.99/£6.89
Fairune 2 is a fantasy puzzle-solving adventure RPG. Which has you explore the map by solving puzzles, tricks and beating monsters. In this adventure, you encounter the wonderful girl that may lead you to the truth of the world.

Spooky Halloween Deals
Available until November 3

The Legend of Dark Witch 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €4.99/£4.99 (normally €6.99/£6.99)
Witch & Hero (CIRCLE Ent.) - €1.99/£1.99 (normally €3.99/£3.99)
Zombie Incident (Coderchild) - €1.49/£1.49 (normally €1.99/£1.99)

Special offers
Darts Up 3D (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.49/£1.34 (Ends November 24, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Football Up 3D (EnjoyUp Games) - €1.97/£1.56 (Ends November 24, normally €2.99/£2.36)
Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition (Ratalaika Games) - €2.54/£2.29 (Ends November 3, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Defend Your Crypt (Ratalaika Games) - €2.54/£2.29 (Ends November 3, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Word Puzzles by POWGI (Lightwood Games) - €6.99/£6.29 (Ends November 3, normally €8.99/£7.99)
GLORY OF GENERALS (CIRCLE Ent.) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends November 10, normally €6.99/£6.09)
Mercenaries Saga 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €3.99/£2.99 (Ends November 10, normally €4.99/£2.40)
Samurai Defender (CIRCLE Ent.) - €1.99/£1.99 (Ends November 10, normally €2.99/£2.99)
Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D Download Version (Zordix AB) - €4.99/£4.99 (Ends November 3, normally €9.99/£8.99)

Nintendo eShop (New 3DS)

Box Up (RCMADIAX) - €1.49/£1.39

Can you BOX UP? Guide the box up the screen without hitting any of the platforms. Levels are randomly generated to add an extra challenge. How high of a score can you obtain? Easy pick up and play action for all ages. Try BOX UP today!

Special offers
BRICK RACE (RCMADIAX) - €1.00/£0.93 (Ends November 10, normally €1.49/£1.39)

Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop
All themes are available on October 28

Pokémon: A Sinister Organisation - Team Rocket (Nintendo) - €1.99/£1.79
This theme features artwork of Giovanni and his underlings by Hitoshi Ariga. Scroll the Touch Screen to see the Grunts move.

Pokémon: A Sinister Organisation - Team Galactic (Nintendo) - €1.99/£1.79
This theme features artwork of Cyrus and his underlings by Hitoshi Ariga. Scroll the Touch Screen to see the Grunts move

Mario's Halloween (Nintendo) - €1.99/£1.79
Scroll through characters in spooky fancy dress and use Mario pumpkin folders. Hear Boo cackle when waking from Sleep Mode.

Sonic series: 25th Anniversary Theme (SEGA) - Free
Special Theme for 25th Anniversary with three different Sonic models.

Sonic series: Classic Style (SEGA) - €1.99/£1.79
Themed on Classic Sonic in the early days.

Sonic series: Boom Style (SEGA) - €1.99/£1.79
Theme of the latest Sonic series; “Sonic Boom”

Sonic series: Sonic Style (SEGA) - €1.99/£1.79
Themed on our well-known blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Sonic Bundle #2 (SEGA) - €4.99/£4.49
A set of three Sonic themes: Sonic series: Boom Style, Sonic series: Sonic Style, Sonic series: Classic Style

Shaun the Sheep Timmy (Aardman Animations) - €1.99/£1.79
Brighten up the HOME Menu of your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system with the mischievous Timmy!

Shaun the Sheep (Aardman Animations) - €1.99/£1.79
Brighten up the HOME Menu of your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system with Shaun the Sheep!

Gurumin Heroes Theme (Mastiff) - €1.39/£1.19

Watch shadows dance as you scroll.

Gurumin Monster Pals Theme (Mastiff) - €1.39/£1.19
Play at night with Parin's monster pals.

Gurumin Night Parade Theme (Mastiff) - €1.39/£1.19
Scroll to see the beautiful night sky.

Gurumin Orange Twist Theme (Mastiff) - €1.39/£1.19
Orange swirls pan across the screen.

Gurumin Monster Bundle (Mastiff) - €3.49/£3.49
Bundle includes 4 Gurumin Themes: Gurumin Heroes, Gurumin Monster Pals, Gurumin Night Parade, Gurumin Orange Twist.

Magic HalloWinx (Rainbow) - €1.99/£1.79
The Winx are ready to celebrate HalloWinx with their fairylicious costumes!

Hello Kitty Halloween (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty wears a witch costume for Halloween.

Square-Enix 'committed' to releasing more Dragon Quest games in the West

Coming from an MCVUK interview with Square-Enix producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto...

We’re committed to bringing more Dragon Quest titles in the West as we believe it truly has potential to succeed even better. So watch this space.

Inti Creates shows interest in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Coming from Director Yoshihisa Tsuda

- wants to make a title “that continues the series with Gunvolt at the helm as the main protagonist.”
- believes this can happen with fan support
- has “a rough idea for what I would want the potential sequel to be.”

Coming from Producer Takuya Aizu

- Azure Striker Gunvolt “is incredibly near and dear to us.”
- “any discussions about when the next game will be coming out are probably a pretty long way away.”

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 584

I think you know what this episode is all about. That's why it's such a supersized episode! Come on in and enjoy all the Nintendo Switch chatter you can stand!

Download the show here!

GoNintendo Video - The internet's reaction to the Nintendo Switch

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Switch rumors - motion control, multitouch screen, dock secrets, Beyond Good & Evil 2 & more

All this info comes from Laura Kate Dale, who has proven herself extremely trustworthy with information. She has gone through multiple sources to get this information. Still, it's all rumor until Nintendo confirms. If you hit up the source link, you can see just how Laura got all this info.

- Switch will be region-free
- Joy-Cons will support motion control & rumble
- Switch dev kits support Wiimotes
- motion support will be confirmed closer to launch
- the Splatoon and Mario Kart games will support motion
- Breath of the Wild will support motion control for things like gyro aiming, steering, use of the magnet ability
- the past six months have been legal and pre-development discussions between Ubisoft/Nintendo for Beyond Good & Evil 2
- discussions included budget and direction, project scope, and how much of previous development efforts could be salvaged
- October art teases were the result of the project reaching a point where all parties were confident they could re-announce it
- Switch screen is a multitouch screen, used for menus, for drawing, for certain games
- all Switch games need to be playable with the handheld in the console dock, all Switch games will be playable without touch
- dock will have additional processing power
- maximum battery life of three hours
- price, release dates for regions, launch software and spec press releases are essentially ready for release

RUMOR - Switch will not be the successor to 3DS, replacement coming much later

I am keeping this marked rumor because we don't have an official translation of the information. With that said, I'm quite surprised to see that Nintendo plans to release a dedicated portable system that will succeed the 3DS. With Switch being a console/portable hybrid, I figured it would take the place of both hardware lines.

Nintendo Switch - comments on succeeding Wii U, backwards compatibility and more

These translations come from Perfectly Nintendo, who translated a recent Famitsu article...

- Famitsu asked whether Nintendo was positioning the Nintendo Switch as the Wii U successor
- company replied that its new console didn’t really fall in the usual “(stationary) home console” category
- not really appropriate to call the Nintendo Switch the Wii U’s successor
- their new console is a first and foremost a home gaming system
- on the question if the Nintendo Switch would be compatible with Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, Nintendo replied that it wouldn’t be the case, as it’s not a successor to either platforms
- clearly specifies that you will not be able to use Wii U game discs and Nintendo 3DS cards
- included in the box are the main unit, the Dock, the Joy Con detachable controllers (Left and Right)
- full details about what will be included in the box will be revealed at a later date
- Nintendo didn’t give any details regarding the game cards, outside that they are called just that
- battery wise, Nintendo confirmed that it was designed so that users could play as long as possible, “comfortably”, even in places where you don’t have access to a power outlet
- on whether the Nintendo Switch would be able to play games for smart devices, Nintendo said that they couldn’t answer the question now

GoNintendo Video - My Parents React: Nintendo Switch reveal trailer

My parents had no idea that Nintendo revealed the Switch today. They thought they were coming over to play a game for the usual Parents Play feature. I plopped them down on the couch and hit them with the trailer. Check out what they have to say during the trailer, as well as the discussion that follows after. I hope you enjoy!