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Kimishima - Big 3DS games coming, NX work continues, mobile goals detailed

The following comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima ...

- 20 million 3DS units in Japan and 54 million units worldwide
- development on 3DS software continues, including large-scale titles that can’t be announced just yet
- believes that 3DS will remain a big pillar in the next period
- for Wii U, Kimishima hopes to release more titles like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, as they were big movers
- Nintendo will go more in-depth on plans for new enterprises when they share their forecasts for the next period
- Nintendo is currently progressing on considering various developments and plans towards the NX’s release
- Nintendo is wondering how customers will evaluate their smart device apps
- Kimishima finds it important that the company’s various IPs should be recognized by consumers
- Kimishima says it's unlikely that their mobile push will make for big business with just a single swoop

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - Bayonetta shares very similar moveset to Kat from Playstation All-Stars

I mean, those moves are pretty damn spot-on. Obviously this isn't the entire roster of moves of either character, but the ones shown above are definitely very similar. Think it's a coincidence or is there more to it than that? Thanks to Darlux for the heads up!

RUMOR - Insider source says key partners in possession of NX dev kits, late 2016 release looking plausible

This info was obtained by MetalDave, a source we at GoNintendo have been using for years and years now. MetalDave has indeed gotten inside information correct multiple times in the past. There have also been some details that ended up incorrect. With that said, I believe his overall track record makes this information worthy of sharing.

For those wondering, MetalDave managed to get this information from an unnamed PlayStation 4 dev, and that source provided all sorts of proof to verify his identity/claims.

- Nintendo has key partners they are working with that already have Dev Kits (Second & Third party)
- this dev is working on a graphically demanding PlayStation 4 game that they would like to bring to NX
- this studio does not have Dev Kit’s themselves and have not received details on specs
- Nintendo has informed this dev of a date at which they can order an NX dev kit
- Nintendo is screening early Dev Kit access before the public developer date
- this process is extremely complex with a lot of paperwork to complete by both sides
- the dev kit timing/NDAs involved lead the dev to believe that a late 2016 release could happen

Another look at the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell figurine

Thanks to Led-Mirrorknight for the heads up!

Massive amount of new Nedoroids and figurines announced

Nintendo World Store - 'under construction' footage

Thanks to KirbyGCN for the heads up!