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Are playable Octolings set to invade Splatoon?

We've been seeing hackers play as Octolings in Splatoon for quite some time now, but we've all been wondering if Nintendo was actually going to make this happen. Now we're finally starting to see some hints that this could indeed be part of a future update.

The official Splatoon Twitter account in Japan recently tweeted out mention of the ongoing battle between the squid and octopus factions.

This battle/invasion is also present on the SplatNet website, where players recently started seeing octopus icons floating around in the background. That seems a little too convenient to happen by mistake, especially with Nintendo talking about the fierce battle between the two sides.

These are admittedly small findings for right now, but they do seem to be teases. Do you think we'll be seeing playable Octolings in the near future? Thanks to J22 for the heads up!

Telltale & Mojang discuss the process of building Minecraft: Story Mode

"For the last year we've had a specific private Telltale Minecraft server. We've tinkered around in Telltale town and built all kinds of contraptions and buildings, and we've been documenting everything that's been going on in there." - Job Stauffer, creative communications director at Telltale

"We're not going to go out looking for something desperately in order to expand the narrative. It's not like we sat down and went, 'Hey, we need more ways to make narrative in Minecraft.' But if something cool comes along and it kind of fits, and we feel like we could do a really good job and do justice to the game, I don't see why not." - Owen Hill, creative communications director at Mojang

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