The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX - opening vocal tracks for songs

- some songs allow you to change performers on a vocal track
- this alters the character showing up in the video
- they will also sing the song
- this option isn’t available immediately
- complete songs on multiple levels and with various control schemes to unlock each one
- you'll sometimes have to play a song up to six times to open up every option
- for the song “Animal Fortune-telling”, Miku, Rin, Luka, and Meiko are vocal options
- Miku is available at the start
- to get the other three, beat it on Easy, Normal, and Hard on Button mode and Easy on Tap mode

“Animal Fortune-telling” – Miku, Rin, Luka, and Meiko
“Terekakushi Shishunki” – Len and Kaito
“reverse rainbow” – Miku and Rin, Rin and Len, and Miku and Luka
“Sing & Smile” – Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko
“Mousou Sketch” – Miku and Rin
“1925” – Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko
“Romeo and Cinderella” – Miku, Rin, and Luka
“Snowman” – Kaito and Len
“Electric Angel” – Miku, Rin, and Luka
“Interviewer” – Miku and Luka
“Tricolore Airline” – Miku, Rin, Luka, and Meiko
“PianoxFortexScandal” – Meiko, Miku, Rin, and Luka
“Watashi no Jikan” – Miku, Rin, and Len

Top competitive Smash player thinking of stepping away from the scene

The following comes from top competitive Smash player, Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios...

After thinking long and hard about it, I’m not going to Paragon 2015 anymore.

Ever since EVO I’ve felt a tremendous burn out in the game. I constantly push myself hard, and hard, and it’s taking a toll on me. I just can’t take it anymore. It’s really hard for me to sit down and practice like I used to because I’m just burned out from long hours of practice every day for most of this year.

Check out his full statement here

Comparing the cost differences between Pokemon Shuffle mobile/3DS

Wondering what the monetary differences are with the mobile and 3DS versions of Pokemon Shuffle? Our friends at Dtoid have put together some handy comparison images to show you which version of the game is trying to get more pretty pennies out of your pocket.

Pokemon Shuffle

GameStop - New 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle sold out

Looks like our Animal Crossing friends joined up with Link. Just like the Legend of Zelda New 3DS XL that went live the other day, now the New 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle is sold out. Again, no word on any restocks at this time, but we'll certainly keep tabs on the situation.

Amazon Canada - Yoshi's Woolly World, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer preorders open

You can also go ALL out and preorder the New 3DS bundle as seen above. Click here to check that out.

Dementium Remastered - info on difficulty settings, saves and other upgrades

The following comes from Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham...

New gameplay difficulty options include Normal, Hard, and Demented. We've added a manual save system (adopted from Dementium II). Enemies no longer respawn; a dead zombie stays dead! A lot of time and attention has been spent on increasing texture resolution, adding specular, detail, and normal maps to enemies and environments. Cut-scenes have all been re-rendered using new remastered enemy/environment art (not autostereoscopic 3D, though, to save on ROM size)

Bplus involved in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs development

As a huge fan of the old Contra Games (Europe: Super Probotector) it was always my dream to create a game with that gameplay and feeling. Now with Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs I got the chance to make my dream come true with an awesome IP from the ‘80s.

Bplus is happy to develop Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs for Nintendo 3DS and Steam with the following features:

- Contra-style run and gun shoot-'em-up gameplay
- Real 80's IP and real 80's feeling
- Retro-Style Graphics based on the original Anime and original Artworks
- 12 differently themed missions full of oldschool action
- 4 playable characters with different abilities and vehicles
- Intense Mecha battles to fight the big bosses
- Game Soundtrack based on Dale Schacker's Original Series Score made by Roland Koch
- Voices from the Series featuring Peter Cullen and others
- Mission briefings with original cutscenes from the Anime
- Bonus Games and Highscore lists
- In-game music box
- Perfect playability with tight controls as you know it from Contra
- Tons of stuff to collect and many of secrets to discover
- Full New Nintendo 3DS support (+DualStick Control, +HeadTracking)