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Itoi on Earthbound's popularity, no Mother 4, Iwata's passing

Coming from a Game.Watch interview with Mr. Itoi...

GW: What’s the reason for MOTHER continuing to be so popular?

Itoi: It’s the connection with modern day life and modern day places, I suppose. When you’re suddenly told “It’s dinner time!” right in the middle of playing “Dragon Quest,” you’re taken out of the setting, but it’s different with MOTHER. I think it’s good that it’s tied to modern day life.

GW: You strongly denied it when MOTHER 3 first went on sale, but what do you think about a MOTHER 4?

Itoi: I’d love to run a marathon while holding my breath, but as with MOTHER 4, that’s just not feasible. People in America are always saying that “4 is on its way to being made,” but that’s simply a rumor. (laugh) I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be now. Of course, only showing the very fringe elements and giving the impression that it was being worked on was something I did thoroughly with MOTHER 2… and 3.

GW: It’s hard to ask about, but what are you feelings on Mr. Iwata, who passed away in July of this year?

Itoi: Just the other day, I was talking to my staff and saying that “if Iwata were here, he’d say something like such and such in this case.” It was a conversation about how I’d love to have Iwata here in various situations, and he’s particularly needed in the baseball industry – stuff like that. (laugh) Sometimes I do an imitation of Iwata’s voice.

Iwata’s birthday is coming up, so I’ve been thinking that once more this year I’ll need to talk about some story I can share about Iwata. If I don’t, I feel like that grief everyone is feeling will simply grow.

I’d love to have a day where Iwata would come back to us and talk with everyone. I mean, he only passed away this year, you know? Even now I’m still filled with sadness. There’s been nothing like this, even among my own family.

EU - eShop Cyber Deals: Day 3

Japanese 3DS news tidbits - Saturday round-up

Raishi Konpeki no Syou

- coming to 3DS
- due out Spring
- ¥6,264
- preorder bonus will be a soundtrack CD
- official site here

Flyhigh Works delays

- Fairune 2 and Witch & Hero II delayed until 2016
- this was in order to ‘achieve perfection’

Bandai Namco free goodies

- free themes, characters, items as part of a Winter Selection promotion
- features seven games
- full details here

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Nov. 28th, 2015

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 2 sets of BOXBOY! badges return.
- 1 FREE play being given away.
- 3 sets of Super Mario Bros. (8-bit) badges return.
- Theme offer available until 11/30.

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails - new trailer, due out next month

This title has been a long time coming, but it looks like a release is right around the corner. Big John Games has confirmed that the title is due out early next month in North America and will carry a $8 price tag.

EU - Project X Zone 2 getting same preorder bonuses as North America

Same preorder bonuses that the states are getting, but with a different release date. Nice to see some consistency with releases!