This week's North American downloads - December 8 (Demon's Crest, Fire Emblem SD and more)

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo – There’s more to discover than ever before in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf—Welcome amiibo game. This updated version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf adds new features and activities, as well as support for all Animal Crossing series amiibo figures and cards. Discover new villagers, explore the Campground, and interact with characters—all with the tap of compatible amiibo cards or figures.

Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS
Demon’s Crest – Firebrand must set off to recover the six magical stones of the Demon Crest before the realms of humans and demons fall into the hands of his evil nemesis, Phalanx. In this Super NES action platformer, breathe fire, claw walls and hover across seven intense levels as you fight to save the realms from eternal unrest.

Virtual Console on Wii U
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon – Discover the origin of classic character Marth in this Nintendo DS retelling of the original Fire Emblem game. Alternate turns with the enemy and shape your army to suit your strategy by selecting from dozens of units with unique spells, abilities and weapons. Each unit has its own strategic benefits, so guide them wisely or risk losing them on the battlefield.

Wii Retail on Wii U
Metroid: Other M – Join Samus for an action-packed space adventure that takes the best elements of first- and third-person gaming to create a seamless blend of gameplay, storytelling and cinematography. Players hold the Wii Remote controller sideways while navigating and battling in third person. However, at any moment, players can switch immediately to Wii Remote pointer controls to examine and explore the environments in a first-person perspective.

Nintendo eShop sales:

Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Great deals this week include Brunch Panic, The Keep and Rorrim, plus several more. Check out the full list of deals on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U available this week at http://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals.


My Nintendo Celebrates The Legend of Zelda – The latest My Nintendo rewards are inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Fans can redeem My Nintendo points for discounts on digital games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS) and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii U). There is also a commemorative 30th anniversary Home Menu theme for the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system. On top of that, enjoy the incredible music of The Legend of Zelda with orchestral music videos. Head to https://my.nintendo.com to check out the rewards.

Theme Shop on Nintendo 3DS:

New themes this week include:
Disney Tsum Tsum
Mickey & Friends Holiday Season

Also new this week:
GALAXY BLASTER (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Teslapunk (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
Bridge Constructor Playground (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

Momotaro Dentetsu 2017: Tachiagare Nippon - details and screenshots

Genre: Board Game
Players: 1 (Single Player), from 2 to 4 players (Local Multiplayer)
Save data files: 5
Save data file sizes: 170KB
File size: 866 blocks / 108MB
Stereoscopic 3D: No

More pictures here!

Latest South Park episode shows love for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch & more

In the latest episode of South Park, we get to see a bit of Ike's internet browsing history. In the frame above, you can see mention of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There's also a screen where you can see mention of the Nintendo Switch as well. There's even a callback to South Park's spoof of Pokemon, Chinpokomon, by a search for Chinpokomon Sun & Moon. Thanks to Golfdude for the heads up!

Monster Hunter XX - new info round-up on monsters, Renkin style and more

Deviant monster info:

– Deviant Diablos: changes color when in Rage state, and will also have new moves during that, like jumping, burrowing, and thrusting from the ground.
– Deviant Glavenus is Hellblade which also already appeared in Generations; has a sword-like tail that also has high heat
– Deviant Gammoth: has a hardened body after living in harsh environments for a very long time; said to be the cause of blizzards and avalanches in cold areas
– Deviant Mizutsune: can launch blue bubbles which seem to be more powerful than Mizutsune’s ordinary bubbles
– Deviant Astalos: normally shrouded in green electricity, but during battle that may change color to blue
– Congalala: can release gas that causes inflicted hunters to be unable to use some items; can also perform a breath attack that will change elements depending on the food it ate beforehand, such as becoming fire or poison

Renkin Style

- also called Alchemy Style
- style specializes in creating special items
- when you choose it, a bar with a maximum of five stocks will appear above the player’s name
- when at least one stock is filled, you can accomplish alchemy by selecting and using the Great Alchemy Barrel item
- after using the barrel, you’re given three options with buttons
- you can press “A” or “X” to produce the specified items, or if you have more than one stock available in the Alchemy gauge, you can press “Y” for further alchemy that will change the item set that can be produced
Items from one-time alchemy:

– Alchemy Food: can be eaten faster than ordinary food
– Alchemy Whetstone: other than sharpening weapons, also gives temporary effect of raising fill rate of Hunter Arts gauge
– Alchemy Hunter Arts Bullet: Fills more Hunter Arts gauge when hits enemy; works with all Bowguns
– Alchemy Hunter Arts Bottle: Same with above but for Bows

Items from alchemy done twice:

– Alchemy Vitality Medicine: Gradually recovers health; can be eaten faster than the ordinary one
– Alchemy Sonic Bomb: This version will definitely repel small monsters away

Items from alchemy done three times:

– Alchemy Earplugs: One-time use that protects against large monster roars; after that it will break
– Alchemy Speed Medicine: When used will temporarily raise the speed of Alchemy

Items from alchemy done four times:

– Alchemy Increase: Adds amount of another Alchemy item when this is combined with that
– Alchemy Bazooka: Shoots an explosive projectile from the alchemy barrel

Items from alchemy done five times:

– Alchemy Healing Barrel: Spreads healing effects that also heal nearby allies’ health & conditions
– Alchemy Spirit Up Ball: When used will temporarily raise fill rate of Hunter Arts gauge of nearby allies

Other gameplay features include:

– SP (Style Powerup): Hunter Arts: Obtained Hunter Arts can be equipped as SP Hunter Arts; when the SP version is used, the user and surrounding allies (including Felynes) will enter SP state; each style will have different effect during SP state
– Guild Style: Use some items faster
– Striker Style: Hunter Arts gauge gradually fills without even attacking
– Aerial Style: Stamina consumed from Stomping Leap is recovered faster
– Bushido Style: Allows longer input frames for Just actions like Just Guard and Just Evade.
– Brave Style: Brave Gauge fills faster
– Alchemy Style: Alchemy Gauge fills faster*
– Felyne Hunter: Reduces consumption rate of Support gauge when activating Support
– Palicoes: Raises frequencies of Supports

*Alchemy Style can also enhance SP states further up to four levels with producing alchemy items

SP state II: Slows down reduction rate of max stamina
SP state III: Gradually recovers health
SP state IV: Easier to make targets flinch

Felyne Hunters new support

- new Support type called Beast
- use it to turn into a Beast which has enhanced close-range attacks
- three power-up phases for the Beast:

– Phase 1: Activate skills Felyne Brace and Felyne Safe Fall
– Phase 2: Raises critical rate
– Phase 3: Activates SP state (reduces consumption rate of Support gauge)

Locations and fields.

- Dragon Signature Ship is a flying ship that also acts as a lab to investigate monster activities in various locations
- has a laboratory room for research like monster livelihood
- a girl is the quest receptionist, a boy is the captain of the investigation team, and a felyne is a lab staff
- the Dragon Signature Ship is also connected with Flying Merchant Ships that has shops and a blacksmith
- Assembly Bar is run by two people who used to be hunters
- this is where you take G-rank quests
- a lady is the bar master, and a bald man is the quest receptionist
- Jungle field is making a return, having originally appeared in Monster Hunter 2