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ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions! - review

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For all its updated and additional content, ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions! is still a basic package that doesn't do enough differently to stand out. The European release and free update for NA fans has brought some fantastic changes - most notably the improved frame rate of 60fps, a new game mode, online leaderboards and 6 new levels - but the basic game just falls short regardless. It's like a candy bar with sprinkles of goodness on top, but a bland, vaguely familiar filling that leaves something to be desired. At a low price though, it can deliver some entertainment on a budget.

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Pixel Slime U - review

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Pixel Slime U needs variety and polish, but the core gameplay is fun if you're a fan of reflexed-based games. The presentation leaves much to be desired (as many Nintendo Web Framework games do) and gamers will likely play through two or three times and never pick it up again. If you're absolutely starved for something to do on your Wii U, Pixel Slime U offers a few minutes of diversion, but it's unfortunately too bare bones to garner a full recommendation.

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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson - review

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Fans of previous games in the over-sexualised teenage girls ripping each other’s clothes off series will find a lot to enjoy in this game about over-sexualised teenage girls ripping each other’s clothes off. In fact, from a pure gameplay perspective, this is probably the best game about over-sexualised teenage girls ripping each other’s clothes off released at this point. That said, people who are uninterested or offended by teenage girls ripping each other’s clothes off should probably avoid Senran Kagura 2. On a serious note, Deep Crimson’s diverse range of characters, fast-paced action and sheer absurdity did hold my interest but I felt awfully ashamed of how much I enjoyed this trashy experience. Sexist as it might be, I like that D-list shlock like this can still see a retail release. Those after a solid brawler for the 3DS will find an embarrassment of riches here, albeit with a big emphasis on the embarrassment part.

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Devil's Third - review

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I can't call Devil's Third one of the worst games I've played, but because there are a few redeeming qualities. The developers have put some legit work in the multiplayer options, but the variety on offer is greatly appreciated. I don't predict a long life for these options as everyone will be mostly spread out and tackling one or two at the time. There are also balance issues, which could badly hurt the effectiveness of the weapons. The singleplayer is the bigger mess here though as I barely enjoyed myself throughout. There were a couple of cool scenes, but outside of that, there is nothing there to truly hold you over for long. With just five hours on the counter, barely nothing gets time to truly sink in. Add to this the technical issues and the inconsistencies of the presentation and you have a game that could have benefited from a bit more playtesting.

G.G. Series VECTOR - review

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G.G Series VECTOR is unfortunately just another "me too" block puzzler that you'll likely grow bored with after a few extended plays. The basic gameplay is sabotaged by being a little bit too complex and the presentation is nothing more than passable. We'd still recommend this one to you, but be aware that there are plenty of better alternatives on the eShop to scratch that puzzler itch.