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I can't wait until the next Nintendo Direct. I don't have too many hard core Nintendo friends out there to discuss hopes/predictions for the next direct. So I am going to post what my hopes/predictions are in hopes that I can have a discussion with you all about the inevitable hopefully April Nintendo Direct.
-Release Dates to pad out the rest of the year for Arms, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Project Octopath Traveler, and Skyrim.
-Information on the upcoming roll out or Zelda BotW DLC.
-Virtual Console News (NES, SNES, N64) to start with.
-Information on the online structure.
-Release Dates for Detective Pikachu, Bye Bye Boxboy, and Lady Layton.
-Fire Emblem for both Warriors and Valentia as well as information and upcoming DLC plans for both games.
-Virtual Console games announced (NES, SNES, N64, GCN, GB/GBC, & GBA and they carry over from Wii U/3DS with a $1.00 upcharge.
-3rd parties jump on board and announce upcoming games (Resident Evil 7, Tales of Berseria, Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5/2.8, Mass Effect, Batman Trilogy, Batman Tell Tale, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Tomb Raider. I know that Tales of Berseria/Persona 5 are long shots in fact probably all of the games I mentioned are probably long shots.
-Online system update that includes patch for achievement/trophy system.
-New Golden Sun game.

Thu Mar 30 17 06:40pm
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I don't think we'll get a traditional, all-inclusive Nintendo Direct before E3. Since Iwata's passing, it seems the new president is dead set on getting the bigger market share they once had. Which is a good thing in its entirety, but I am certain he curtailed the traditional Directs back simply due to timing.

If we do get a Direct before E3, we'll probably see something in form of something more, for a lack of a better wording, direct to a franchise or piece of Nintendo's plans. My money would be betted on 3DS eShop future releases, with some announcement about the last BOXBOY! game and its amiibo's future in the states.

I actually do expect a 'normal' Direct before E3, and probably very soon at the start of April, I feel. They will of course wanna give ARMS a lot of focus, being their new IP, and I think a Direct would talk a lot about ARMS, and some reminders for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, some things about the upcoming 3DS Titles (Ever Oasis, Pikmin 3DS), and more footage of Fire Emblem Warriors, Switch and 3DS footage. I'd also expect at least something about Zelda's upcoming DLC, if only just a teaser.

A new Splatoon 2 Trailer would be possible, to keep it's momentum going. A few Third Party games footages and reveals, and then end it with a 'ARMS Testfire' thing in the upcoming weeks.

That'd make for a good Direct without taking away much from E3.

Fri Mar 31 17 07:21pm
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If a direct is coming soon-soon, I'm expecting it'll be more a reminder of 3DS games with maybe a little of bit of Switch reassurance. I think they should save their ammo for E3 week. I'm more interested to see how they'll do E3 this year with more games and other stuff in the pipeline than in years past.

I agree with MR_RY.

While I've been a HUGE fan of the directs, we are close enough to E3 that I don't want one. I would rather have a strong E3 presentation where they can really take advantage of the large public interest in the switch to blow the doors off.

I will say though, a "Spring Release + 3DS Future" Oriented Direct would be nice. Focusing on whatever small details they may have on Mario Kart, giving us an info dump about ARMS, maybe something Splatoon related, a little more info on the FE Warriors game and a tiny teaser of a future game to be revealed properly at E3. And then just detailing what the 3DS plans for 2017 are, because I want them to get that out of the way so they don't waste too much time on it at E3.

I agree that we probably won't have one being so close to E3 but I hope they do because a lot of smaller games and VC/Online updates for the Switch will be buried with all of the other E3 news. I know that they need to hold most of their bigger announcements but the smaller games and updates on announced games would be a blip on the E3 hype train. I have never been this excited in my gaming life since I was a kid who just got my NES and SNES then I have been for the Switch. I am so hungry for more information and I just can't wait.

Wed Apr 05 17 05:28pm
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I can understand that. Although a part of me want to see them maximize the Switch hype train by going all out during E3 week. I know the feeling that E3 isn't as big as it used to be but it can't be denied that many eyes are on the gaming industry during this time. I kinda want to see the same approach that they took for the Wii U back in 2012. Have a pre-E3 direct a couple of days before their usual timeslot and then go back to a live stage presentation. They can use the pre-E3 direct to go over details for their online service, VC games, OS upgrades, etc. The stage time will be for the release dates of big games and third party announcements. They can also do a separate presentation for 3DS games at the Treehouse. That's what I want to see but I wouldn't be opposed if they release new details for some of those stuff in a direct sometime this month or even May.

I think you just about summed up exactly what I want to see as well. Throw in a tournament of some kind like they have been having along with Treehouse streaming games after the presentation and into Wednesday and that would be a pretty good way to structure E3.

I think we have a greater chance for this to happen with Kimishima. He seems to have the company a lot more focused on utilizing major events (such as the super bowl) and less so on trying to make their own hype (with Directs).

I really do feel it is about 'time' for a Direct. It worries me a bit since we are getting Splatoon news so much now. Which is awesome by itself, but I feel it is time for at least one new game announcment (in a Direct) before E3. If no Standard-Direct, then we should at least get a ARMS Direct, right?

Plus they have to reveal the three amiibo that were leaked.

That too. As well as restocks of all the recent Zelda Amiibo (right, Nintendo?!). I just want some new news overall right now, haha. With the Switch launch hype dying down, there is not that much known to be hyped for, so a Direct would be very good right about now.

We at least need one (or a PR) confirming VC plans and the new amiibo. The Switch is starting to run dry on content and this would be a good time to confirm it.

It would be a wise move for Nintendo to wait a couple of days until the Scorpio buzz calms down a bit and attack the gamers with a new Direct. They need some announcements before E3, it's 2,5 months away!

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