Battle Chasers: Nightwar on Switch close to being submitted to Nintendo

It's been awhile since we heard about the Switch version of Battle Chasers: Nightwar. In this instance, it seems no news was good news. The dev team has said that the title recently went through a few rounds of quality assurance, and it should be submitted to Nintendo soon. A proper update from the dev team should be coming shortly.

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

Scribblenauts Showdown being developed by Shiver Entertainment

Most Scribblenauts fans know that the series was the brainchild of developer 5th Cell. When Scribblenauts Showdown popped up, many figured 5th Cell would be developing while Warner Bros. would take on publishing duties. While Warner Bros. is indeed publishing, the developer behind this title is Shiver Entertainment. Shiver has mostly focused on creating titles for mobile/tablets thus far.

Nintendo listed as the publisher for The World Ends with You: Final Remix

Looks like Nintendo might be doing the heavy lifting of bringing The World Ends with You: Final Remix to both Europe and North America. Both hub pages for the game list Nintendo as the publisher. Nintendo actually has quite a deep history of publishing Square-Enix titles in the states, especially in recent years. To see that Square-Enix and Nintendo went from not talking for 10 years to this kind of situation is pretty damn great.

Minecraft sells over 144 million copies, hits 74 million active players

Helen Chiang, the new head of Minecraft, is a very happy woman. Minecraft is doing better than ever, and is showing no signs of stopping. The title just now hit an astounding 144 million units sold, and set a new record for active players at 74 million a month. Obviously the Switch has brought in some new fans to the franchise, as well as the New 3DS! How many of you are still jumping into Minecraft at least once a month?

Game cover artist Bob Wakelin passes away

We're sad to say that artist Bob Wakelin has passed away. You might not know Bob by name, but you've certainly seen his work. Bob was behind a bunch of game covers, including Contra on the NES. Bob also did a ton of work on various comic books. While Bob may be gone, generations will continue to enjoy his amazing artwork, and pass on his work for years to come.

Team Cherry discusses dropping Wii U version of Hollow Knight for Switch

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Team Cherry...

NL: How has the development of the game been going on the platform?

TC: Development has been quite smooth and Nintendo have been fantastic to work with, helpful throughout. The testing process in particular has been a nice change, playing on a couch, rather than just glued to our PCs.

NL: So when did development start for the Switch port?

TC: Way back in 2016 we were developing a Wii U version of the game, alongside the PC version. Eventually we shifted that version to Switch as the players moved across to the new Nintendo system.

3D-Print your own wall mounts for your Switch dock

Looking for a way to save some space in your entertainment center? Why not 3d-print a couple of wall mounts for your Switch dock? I wish I had access to a 3d printer. I'd like to try this out myself!

Grab the plans here

Pokemon Co. reveals Project Eevee contest for Japan

Are you a fan of Eevee? If so, you might want to move to Japan right now. Pokemon Co. is kicking off one heck of an Eevee contest, which is detailed below.

Project Eevee Twitter Contest

- to enter, follow the official Project Eevee Twitter account and retweet a “dating scene”
- choose the scene you would like to try out the most with Eevee
- 50 winners will be picked at random, and all of them will receive an Eevee’s Tail Cushion from Pokemon Center Japan
- one lucky winner from the pool of 50 winners will get to meet Eevee
- Eevee will personally deliver the Eevee’s Tail Cushion to the winner’s home,
- contest ends on January 31, 2018