Comparing Hyperkin's Hyper Click SNES mouse to the original Mario Paint mouse

Chances are, your hands have grown since you first played Mario Paint. If you're still feeling the need to play Mario Paint, you might find that your original mouse is a bit tiny, and a bit out-of-whack. That's why Hyperkin has come in to release the Hyper Click mouse for SNES. If you want some hands-on impressions, check out this feature right here.

Ubisoft says Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition demo wasn't indicative of the final product

Coming from a Ubisoft rep...

“We're aware that Rayman Legends Definitive Edition went live for a short time on the Nintendo eShop. This was an early version of the game, which doesn't include the latest Switch developments and not a representation of the final product - this was an error which is why it has been taken down. As mentioned in yesterday's launch announcement, a free demo will be launched this summer ahead of the game's launch on September 12th.”

We'll have to see how the official demo release measures up to the one that was accidentally released in Europe. One thing worth noting, the final game will include touchscreen support, whereas the demo did not.

Kid Tripp Switch dev blog - Part 2

What is Phase 2?

The first area of the Nintendo Switch implementation of the engine at the core of Kid Tripp, the nagEngine, that I need to tackle is called nagEngineCore. This imaginatively named library is the core of the engine and provides the basic functionality that pretty much any application that might use the engine would need, whether that was a game or a command line tool to convert images into texture files for the renderer.

The Visual Studio project files

The first task is to set up a couple of Visual Studio project files. This should be a simple process, however Visual Studio has some strange ideas about folder structure. It likes to assume that you want your project files, all source code files, all config files, all temporary build files and the executables you build all pretty much in the same folder. Well, I don't. So I have to spend time keeping them neat.

Full feature here

Shakedown Hawaii - another quick gameplay GIF

I am so ready for this game! I really can't wait for Vblank to nail down a release date. Let's hope it comes up soon!