Europe - Pokken Tournament DX demo hitting Switch on Aug. 24th

A few days back, Nintendo told everyone that a demo for Pokken Tournament DX was coming to the Switch. Today we learn that our European friends will get the demo on Aug. 24th. It'll probably be the same case here in the states, but we don't have confirmation on that yet. As soon as we do, we'll be sure to update you!

Europe getting SNES Edition New 3DS XL on Oct. 13th

Well isn't she a beaut! So many great designs for the 3DS coming out lately. It's hard to pick which one you want to make your own! Ah, if only we had unlimited funds...

Pokemon Shuffle - content update for Aug. 22nd, 2017

- Shiny Diancie Escalation Battle stage which runs until September 5th 2017
- this stage gives various item including the DIancite
- stage for Toucannon has begun, also running to September 5th 2017
- Shaymin Land Forme and Regigigas stages have begun repeat runs
- Shiny Mewtwo is being distributed to all players

Possible Amazon link for SNES Classic Edition preorders surfaces

We can't be 100% certain, but this page Amazon recently made live certainly looks like where you should preorder the SNES Classic Edition. The wording is a bit off, and the images are absent, but everything else looks right. If you're feeling brave, you can click the link below to preorder. You can always cancel, so no worries!

Preorder here

Switch eShop now allows Paypal as a payment option

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has added a new way for gamers to pay for content on the eShop. As of right now, all regions have access to Paypal as a way to pay for eShop games. Pretty neat addition to see hit the service. While it's never fun shelling out cash, more ways to do so certainly make it easier for the consumer! Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!