Preparations for Super Nintendo World moving ahead at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is moving ahead on plans for Super Nintendo World, and it seems preparations are already kicking off. The KidZone section of Universal is already being prepped for teardown, and complete demolition could happen as soon as early 2018. For those worrying about the fate of E.T.'s ride, you can rest easy. E.T. is going to survive the demolition. Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 627

It was a two-person show today. Mom Brain had to deal with me for over an hour. I feel so bad for her! She also had to take on the NPD challenge by herself. She's such a trooper!


Download Episode 627 Here!

Nintendo World Champions 2017 Qualifiers (New York) - photo gallery

Nintendo World Championships 2017 NY Qualifiers

I am so stoked for the actual championships. I am going to make it my mission to be there to watch the finals live! Looked like a blast at E3 a couple years ago. I'm not missing out on this one! Thanks to Magitroopa for the heads up!

Sakamoto would love to make another 2D Metroid as long as fan support is there

Coming from a Game Informer interview with series producer Yoshio Sakamoto...

“Through the development of Metroid: Samus Returns, I was able to really grasp the possibility and fun of a 2D Metroid. Like when I finished the first game, if there is another opportunity to make another Metroid, that is something that I would love to do. Of course, that really depends on how much people really want to buy a 2D Metroid.”

Obviously you can show your support for a 2D Metroid buy buying Metroid: Samus Returns. I'm guessing plenty of you are looking to do that!

Fan working on Super Mario 64 online multiplayer mod

The Super Mario 64 love continues on with yet another fan-made mod. The goal of this one is to add online multiplayer, with 8 players in total when all is said and done. Certainly an ambitious goal, but one I'd definitely be interested in checking out. Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Pokken Tournament DX demo coming to the Switch eShop

Looks like all the excitement from the Pokemon World Championships is spilling out to the rest of us! I'm pretty surprised the game is getting a demo, considering its a port of the Wii U/Arcade game. Still, a free demo isn't anything I'm going to complain about! Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

Amazon is the latest retailer to list Batman: The Enemy Within for Switch

Okay, this is getting a little silly now. We've had multiple retailers show that Telltale's Batman series is coming to Switch, yet Telltale themselves remain silent. Now Amazon has added a listing for Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch, with a date of Oct. 31st. I mean, it seems like this is a done deal. Why on earth would Telltale keep holding back this info?

Hover: Revolt of Gamers' Switch version being shown at Gamescom

We've known for awhile that the game was coming to Switch, but it's certainly nice to see an update. Still no word on when the game will release. We know the developer was considering a physical release on Switch as well, so hopefully those plans are still coming together. Thanks to _digital_ for the heads up!