Pokemon GO - Where has Team Instinct's leader gone?

Spark, the leader of Team Instinct in Pokemon GO, has been missing for almost a week now. Niantic hasn't said a thing about where the leader has gone off to. There's no explanation for his disappearance at all, with Candela stepping in to handle Pokemon rating duties for Instinct players. What could be in the works for Spark?

ThinkGeek selling NES Classic Edition via bundles, say they have "thousands" of units

Still looking for an NES Classic Edition? ThinkGeek has 6 different bundles available. You don't have the option to buy the system alone, so these bundles are your only choice. According to ThinkGeek, they have thousands of units available.

Phil Harrison, former Sony/Microsoft game exec, says Switch shows the future of mobile gaming

Coming from Phil Harrison...

"you only need to look at the performance of the Nintendo Switch to get a view into what the future of mobile is going to be like"

It's true that Switch is changing the mobile game in some big ways, but I think we need the platform to be on the market a bit more before we start making statements like this. The Switch is off to a great start, but I want to see how things are at least a couple years in. I definitely want the platform to be a success, but I'm not ready to call it that until some more time has passed.

Pokemon GO glitch has Lugia looking a bit different

We're not exactly sure what's causing this glitch, but there's no doubt that Lugia is really feeling the effects. Let's hope Lugia gets to feeling a bit more normal soon.

Europe - Retro City Rampage DX, Phantom Trigger release dates bumped back

The following titles have received new release dates on the Switch eShop in Europe.

Retro City Rampage DX

- Aug. 3rd

Phantom Trigger



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