The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - info on the Dark Palace, puzzles and controls

The following information may be considered as spoiler. Please read on at your own risk.


- free the seven sages who are trapped in the Lorule dungeons
- when you first enter Lorule, Princess Hilda saves you in person
- later she will communicate through telepathy
- travel between Hyrule and Lorule via painting cracks or portals
- these are marked on your map as you find them
- place your own markers to indicate places of interes
- fight the Helmasaur King in the Dark Palace
- this palace has three layers of security before you can even get to the entrance
- avoid detection or be thrown in jail
- turn flat and hide behind vines covering the walls to sneak past guards
- the lamp is necessary to get around in this dungeon
- floors and walls appear and disappear depending on whether the lights are turned on
- some labyrinths can only be navigated by finding hidden cracks
- includes enemies like the mirror-walking Goriyas
- use bombs to activate switches
- sometimes you need to throw bombs up a level to do this
- dungeons have unique music
- assign items to X and Y
- B and A are reserved for sword and context use
- L lets you run

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