Nintendo talks Zelda - Skyward Sword details, series' future, Wii U demo, timeline and more

The following information comes from the three video interviews we posted earlier...

- Majora's Mask was done in Japan before localization in the states started
- Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess both used simultaneous localization
- there were some finer details in the story that were changed in these projects
- Skyward Sword ties into Ocarina of Time
- Nintendo fears that if they put out an official timeline, they'll be limited with future Zelda ideas
- There is a a master document for the Zelda timeline, but it's kept under wraps
- it contains overall plans for the series
- Skyward Sword will be 'tremendously expansive'
- Nintendo says there's nothing else like it as far as motion control goes
- Looking at holiday release this year
- More details on Golden Wiimomte and other info later on
- More events and activities surrounding Zelda to come
- Skyward Sword blends overworld and dungeon elements
- more puzzle and exploration than before
- Bill Trinen hasn't finished the game yet, but he believes it to be one of his favorite Zelda games ever
- the Wii U tech demo doesn't necessarily show where Nintendo will go with Zelda on Wii U
- Skyward Sword starts off in Skyloft
- The game kicks off with a series of events that sets Link on an adventure below the clouds to save Zelda
- the game involves lots of mystery elements, including why you can't quite catch up to Zelda when trying to rescue her
- Link's female companion isn't the sword exactly, but a spirit in the sword
- she guides Link on his adventure
- Ghirahim is following Link at one point, but Link isn't aware of it
- The E3 battle with Ghirahim is the first time Link comes in contact with him
- You don't know why he is going after Zelda
- there are a lot of new character races in Skyward Sword, more than what we've seen at E3
- you will visit familiar places in Skyward Sword, but they may or may not be part of Hyrule


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