Iwata on updates to the 3DS Mii Plaza, Mii content, 3DS sales, demographics and more

Once again, the following comes from Satoru Iwata...

- by the end of the year, the Mii Plaza will be updated with new features
- various titles are in development that will take advantage of your Miis
- this software will see release this year and next
- the original price of the 3DS was a challenge for third parties
- third parties would say "Even if they are interested in this game, they can't buy it," or "We placed a big bet that the 3DS would sell without question, and are a bit disappointed."
- now third parties are saying "We're extremely relieved" and "This will definitely sell."
- Iwata admitted that retailer revenue will go down, but there will be an overall benefit from more systems sold
- One retailer from America was so pleased that he said "It's like Christmas has come early!"
- Nintendo is holding a "Price Protection" program where to refund retailers that bought the 3DS in bulk at its original price
- Most at Nintendo feel that they missed a price opportunity with the Cube, and they don't want to miss that opportunity again with the 3DS
- the success of the Wii and DS have built up money for Nintendo so that they're in a position to take bigger risks, like the 3DS price cut and Wii U in general
- Iwata says the current 3DS software lineup is more targeted to young males, and this has to do with the system not launching during the holiday rush
- 3DS has a low adoption rate among females
- Iwata says usage among females is higher than sales indicate, due to one person buying and a family using
- the trend for young males purchasing the 3DS is even greater overall
- Nintendo is still working on spreading the information on younger players and 3D, as some people are confused about what is safe and what isn't
- this spreading of info will continue on through the year
- 3DS' adoption rate among young users is low due to the system not being available during a holiday season
- the price also made a hurdle for families that had more than one kid
- Iwata believes the current sales situation and demographic will change greatly in 4 months

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