Square-Enix's Dragon Quest event - DQX to Wii and Wii U, online, 3DS interactivity

First video is the trailer
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Video streaming by Ustream

We're hearing that the event is indeed about Dragon Quest X. This business blog even has it listed as so. Let's hope the game doesn't jump ship to another non-Nintendo platform. I always get nervous about that sort of thing!

I'll be here to cover any/all news that crops up. I'll update this post with text blurbs as the night goes on. Let's hope for a fun event!

More pics here and here

- Slime meat buns will be released at convenience store Family Mart in late November
- Slime Tower Speaker will be released in November by Hori

Dragon Quest 10 site open

- Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3 hitting Japan in November 2nd
- Itadaki Street Wii due out in Japan on Dec. 1st

- Dragon Quest 10 trailer shown
- Horii seems to have confirmed it for Wii
- Online RPG
- first internally developed Square Enix DQ game, and the opening movie will be by Visual Works

- Check out more screen grabs from the trailer here

- game is set in Astortia, which has five continents and five races
- game will still feature a huge story
- 5 races are ogre, elf, dwarf, pukuripo, and Wedi
- create your own character
- don't have to play with others
- game can be cleared 100% on your own
- this can be done using NPC characters
- similar commands to previous games
- Yosuke Saito is in-charge of Dragon Quest X: Awakening of the Five Tribes
- Saito was announced as the producer
- job system that allows you to change occupations
- One of the jobs briefly shown was alchemist
- game will have events that tie into different seasons, such as holidays
- added quests post release
- expect these at the same pace, if not faster than Dragon Quest IX
- some quests span multiple volumes
- crafting professions exist
- Alchemy doesn't create new items, but adds attributes to existing items
- Gain "fame" by having other players equip items you crafted
- player housing both outside and inside customizable
- take things like weapon and accessory maker jobs
- Players can help other players who've fallen
- see other players fighting in the world
- characters have job and race
- go to the pub to assemble a party
- let your character be used by other players in their parties
- other players who are in your area as you fight appear translucent and show their support for you
- all new DQX music from Sugiyama
- create weapons that are used by other people
- Wii U version in the works, will look better and be powered-up
- players on Wii and Wii U play in the same world
- some StreetPass features for 3DS owners as well
- Apply for beta online, you will need USB storage
- Bring your character on 3DS for StreetPass content
- 3DS interactivity is being considered, not confirmed yet
- for the battle system, after a set amount of time, your character will be able to attack
- select skills from menus
- 4 players shown in battle, but that may not be the limit
- greet other online players with emotes
- chat bubbles pop up overhead when you talk
- customize characters by allocating skill points when you level up
- sewing system where players can create clothes
- looking to release sometime 2012
- play on Wii and continue on Wii U

Square-Enix stock after the announcement

Dragon Quest X site update with beta confirmation, USB needed for Wii beta

- Wii version may include USB memory for DLC and patches
- full official name is "Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online"
- Wii version's media is listed as "12 inch disc and USB Memory"
- Wii U version's media is listed as TBA
- Wii version's release date is listed as 2012
- Wii U version is listed as date TBA
- create up to 3 characters
- official site lists this as a single-player game
- supports Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro and USB keyboard
- General Director: Yuji Horii
- Character Design: Akira Toriyama
- Music: Koichi Sugiyama
- Director: Jin Fujisawa
- Producer: Yusuke Saito
- details on beta test coming soon
- details on controls for NPCs in your party aren't confirmed. Level of control over their attacks hasn't been detailed.

- Price / usage fee: TBD
- breakout (non-random) battle sequences

More slides here and here



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