Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - another round of details


- starts in Traverse Town
- Sora has new clothes but doesn't know why
- he's been separated from Riku, and calls out for him
- this is when you meet Neku
- Neku tells Sora to shut his noisy mouth and asks if he is a participant in the "Reapers' Game"
- Sora doesn't have the countdown stamp on his hand like Neku
- Sora offers to help Neku, Neku turns him down
- X button on the 3DS is your "freeflow" button used for fast maneuvers such as bouncing off of walls and swinging around poles
- this can be tied together with the attack button for unique attacks
- cycle through abilities
- use one, then wait for the cooldown before you can use it again
- Sora fights a boxy boss with long arms
- boss attacks from a distance by shooting it's arms into the foreground
- Sora's companions are described as a panda-like creature and a smaller more "squirrely" companion


- starts with Quasimodo carrying Esmerelda towards the cathedral of Notre Dame
- takes place in Le Cité des Cloches (The City of Bells)
- fight inside the cathedral
- Riku's companions are described as something resembling a unicorn and a bat
- reach the top of the cathedral for a boss fight
- winged flying boss
- for this fight Riku is able to fly
- jump up to the roof and chase it in flight around the cathedral



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