Survey shows lack of interest in Wii U from Japanese gamers

This information comes from a study by goo Research in Japan, and includes survey information from 1,083 members of their online monitor group...

- less than 10% said they wanted to buy a Wii U
- audience surveyed was about 53% male
- 16.3% were in their teens
- 18.2% in their twenties
- 21.9% in their thirties
- 16.3% in their forties
- 27.3% were fifty or older
- 64% of them owned a games machine
- 62% of the 694 game owners had a DS
- 5.7% had a Wii
- specifically, 9.4% said they wanted to buy a Wii U
- 36.1% said they didn't want to buy, but were interested
- 54.5% said they weren't interested

We go through this every time a new console/portable is announced. A survey comes out that says people don't want the systems. I remember these same surveys from when the Wii and DS weren't out yet, and look at how those systems turned out!

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